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  1. Car SOS is enjoyable. I think it's set around the Midlands.
  2. I trust you both yodelled along to Focus.
  3. The reflections aren't very convincing IMO.
  4. Not mushroom to get another one in the frame.
  5. The worst outdoor sound I've ever heard was at the annual fireworks festival at my local park. It ran for a few years with the CBSO there but the whole effect was ruined by loud echoes from the huge firework display.
  6. Perhaps he was there to use Dirac Live on the system and room. That should sort out/compensate for a few issues.
  7. DIN inputs, retro. Reminds me of the A&R Cambridge A60 I had. Simple but sweet.
  8. Good advice there. I often take a CD out to play in the car and on opening the case, discover there's no disc.
  9. In the US are they called thrift stores?
  10. I know Dean. Who are the others in this pic?
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