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  1. I reckon my family will bury me with my system all my records lol.
  2. What do you like the look of presently? How large speakers look can be important too.
  3. You need to get a few sets in your new room. How you do that if your preference is buying used, to get the best deal, is tricky. Perhaps Midlands Audio Exchange who specialise in quality second hand gear can help. He may offer you a good price for your B&Ws too.
  4. I love standmounts so would be looking at the Diapason Karis III or Spendor Classic 4/5.
  5. I just dont like multi driver speakers. Why over-complicate I complicated design problem?
  6. I would group together the arcam alpha range with the older cambridge audio gear. Similar house sound as is sony with pioneer. Regards, Flower.
  7. Keep revealing your charming personality and you'll get more offers.
  8. Eh? They use the same components as other brands. Have you heard their more expensive amps?
  9. The older Marantz will be ok. Getting a complete starter system including stands and a rack will add up. Just waiting for any more offers.
  10. I wouldn't expect you too, that's a very good price.
  11. Thanks Anil, I'll let you know shortly.
  12. Hi Phil, too rich for me right now but thanks.
  13. What would you take for the CD42?