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  1. I saw that video. He buys a lot of new vinyl too but I'm sure a lot of limited editions are simply given to him. His life's work consists of other people's work.
  2. I agree, he should have a sort out and give some to charity and sell others but collecting is an addiction and he has it bad. He realises that and now wants to enjoy some of the money from his lifelong hoarding.
  3. I believe so. It's a long video and I cannot remember in which part he mentions it. The part I keep finding is where he talks about wanting straight hair as a youth and the lengths he went to in an attempt to get it.
  4. Yes he gets given stuff. It doesn't mean he should give it away.
  5. Anyone like to offer him a bond to secure his vinyl collection? He must have some extremely rare pressings.
  6. I have a powered FM/AM indoor aerial. I could have just used some spare basic speaker cable and grown a mullet.
  7. Is your speaker cable an antenna or a filter?
  8. Wasn't she a fictional character from Willy Wonka? She had a brother named Bunion.
  9. TIU


    I go on parcel2go and choose one from the quotes. I don't think any one carrier is beyond reproach.
  10. I am no longer posting items the next day but waiting for ebay to release my money. Buyers can wait now.
  11. Who said Facebook Marketplace is dodgy?
  12. A PG instrumental mix tape. I post on a few tt and tape based fb groups. Someone posted up their clearaudio statement tt and a poster claimed he wouldn't be able to hear a difference between that and his £350 tt. Naturally lol.
  13. Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways, LP.
  14. I have a half decent Arcam amp (probably) and I'm very annoyed they didn't even think about what would power it in a domestic setting. There is so much noise, bangs and whizzes every time I switch it on, I'm thinking of sending it back. My Mrs keeps saying, 'are there fireworks outside?'
  15. Elvis Costello - Get Happy! Short tracks suitable for adjusting the speed on an Aiwa walkman I'm restoring.
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