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  1. I have the 7" single, Stay With Me Till Dawn. And I had an early LP of hers. I'm sure I have a tape of it too.
  2. Don't call me Frankly. I have sat in the Bham Symphony Hall right at the top and I have never felt so disengaged from a show. I wonder if the Bham Arena is any better.
  3. Just looked at the ticket prices for the Birmingham Arena. One seat right at the back on the top tier is at least £201. If you want three tickets it's £436 each and a seat on the ground level is around £676.
  4. I picked this CD up in an Oxfam shop. What a great album!
  5. They are larger than my Dyns. Other measurements I don't bother with. Some of the best hifi has measured poorly. In this instance you have brought up measurements to comment unfavourably on my new speakers.
  6. My midrange and treble are just fine thanks. Different system, different room and different ears. Well, my midrange has increased during two lockdowns.
  7. I haven't read the whole thread in detail but I believe Dom changed his system after initially not getting on with the ATCs. That is the significant change, not things changing in a positive way after 'run-in'. I would love to have some ATCs here. I can appreciate the utilitarian appearance although I prefer the look and finish of other brands.
  8. It's that old chestnut. Did the components change or did you become more accustomed to them? If components change over a brief period, by how much? It must be miniscule if at all so how can our ears detect it? Do manufactures voice speakers in a way that allows for changes after a run-in period? 'OK, we've got them almost how we want them considering they will change after a run-in.'
  9. The difficulty is not being able to demo the majority of used speakers. Specs and user reviews can be considered in addition to design aspects (are they multi-driver or not, rear ported or front? etc ) and finish. I will usually go for best bang for buck but you have to consider, if a deal looks very good, how long have they been up for sale and if a long time, why are they not sold?
  10. A few options here: https://2ndhandhifi.co.uk/product/neat-acoustics-motive-sx2-loudspeakers-black-oak-2/ https://2ndhandhifi.co.uk/product/proac-studio-125-loudspeakers/ https://2ndhandhifi.co.uk/product/wharfedale-reva-4-loudspeakers/ https://2ndhandhifi.co.uk/product/usher-be-178-dmd-loudspeakers-rws-708-stands/
  11. Last night I remembered that review and his '10 of BEST HiFi SPEAKERS COMPARED! Costing Under £1300' series and thought someone had probably posted it previously so I scanned through 20-odd pages and didn't see it. There is nothing underhand going on here. I thought you would want to view it. I am puzzled about you not getting on with the SCM11 and then doing a complete u-turn the day after. Here's some quotes from 21st July:
  12. Did you see this review and his comparison with other speakers at this price point?
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