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  1. Thanks. I need lots of inputs so ruled out many amps early on like the Gato. I need a tape loop which is getting rarer these days.
  2. Thanks for your input, that's useful to hear. I could buy a 2500NE then never use the digital side so that puts me off.
  3. Because I foresaw your comments so put 'analogue' in quotes and italics but it happened anyway. I have read it described as an anologue amp purely due to it having no digital inputs per se.
  4. Maybe someone has an older PM-11 or 12? My experience with Marantz and Denon amps is limited.
  5. The Model 30 integrated is an 'analogue' amp whereas the Denon has digital inputs. I'm mostly an analogue user but the Denon's versatility appeals. Anyone experience of either amp?
  6. One of your ATC amps in special offers is listed as higher than the RRP.
  7. In my top 10 albums of all time.
  8. I've had some interest in this release. There are a few copies on discogs and there are a few variations from the US and Canada. It's from 1980. I checked the run-off info on mine and it doesn't exactly match any of the entries on discogs but I find that's usually the case.
  9. Don't believe the hype, setting up a run of the mill turntable isn't rocket science and within a couple of hours you will be smashing the whole tt on the floor!
  10. Released on this day in 1975. Before computers so you actually set a man alight and photographed it.
  11. Have you bought any new records since 1995?
  12. This is the woist idea for a thread in the history of the wam.
  13. TIU

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Yes. This all analogue amp (digital shmigital) with the matching SACD/CD/network player are EISA products of the year.
  14. TIU

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    No, keep guessing.
  15. 2LP + CD, signed limited edition nebula vinyl.
  16. TIU

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Guess the gear. One point for the brand and one point for the model.
  17. Cheeky records? Like those 70s Top of the Pops records?
  18. An enigma. No personal info and no wigwam info. He's lightweight now but will become heavyweight soon.
  19. Bedspread, is that you?
  20. Not really. You want a solid support, that's all. Just don't tell the speakers.
  21. If you make them they will buy them.
  22. A guy on telly this morning has a collection of 23,000 milk bottles!
  23. I bought my first separates system from a catalogue. A Sharp system. The catalogue was a neighbour's down the road. It was a Dustin Hoffman kind of thing when I went to pay her. Ah no, I'm back to 70s smut.
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