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  1. I have a Karousel installed and a Cirkus spare John. Pm me if you wish. D
  2. Following the Karousel upgrade, my Cirkus is for sale. It is fully boxed, so should be no problems posting. I am based in Northern Ireland. Asking price of £300 plus postage.
  3. Perfect. Many thanks. D
  4. Thanks for the link, but I don’t see the specific album there. I may well be missing something of course! D
  5. Hi all I’m looking for a mint or NM vinyl copy of Softs, if anyone has one going spare. Cheers. D
  6. I think I may have one here Tim. I’ll have a look later today, unless you have sorted something in the meantime. D
  7. Firstly, I had posted these for sale around a year ago, but decided to keep them with the intention of setting up a second system. However, this didn’t materialise. Secondly, apologies to those who expressed an interest at that time. I have also made a significant reduction to the original asking price. Rarely seen for sale.... Bel Canto Pre3 VBS including LNS power supply - this is a factory supplied VBS version and not an updated Pre3 Bel Canto Ref 500S power amplifier. Both in unmarked condition from a smoke-free home. The sale will include original packaging, power cables and remote control. These have given unfailing service. The power amp has driven my Kef 207/2 with ease. I would prefer these go as a pair, therefore I am pricing them as such at £1600 plus insured delivery. Payment by BT or cash on collection from Northern Ireland.
  8. Your local fish pet shop should be able to supply RO water for around £2.50 for 25 litres. That’s about as cheap as you will find for water that has 0 TDS. Or, if you have a chum who keeps fish, they may have their own RO unit. D
  9. How is everyone getting on with their test cd? D