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  1. Well. I had another Morgan on hire last week -. Sunshine. Roof down. Flies in the teeth. Excellent. Factory tour - jolly good. The new Plus 6 has a bonded aluminium chassis (like the Plus 8 and the Aero 8) onto which an aluminium clad wooden body tub is bolted. Morgan will be using BMW straight 6 engines (not sure of capacity). That should be a right hoot. The Plus 8 has been discontinued because they cannot get the engines (or so we were told by our tour guide). And herewith a picture of the chassis of the Plus 6. (Morgan have a quaint approach to photography in the factory - just about anything can be photographed).
  2. Most Morgans do not have a wooden chassis. What the classic models have is an aluminium clad wooden body tub. The chassis is steel on thos models and aluminium on the Plus 8 and Aero models. I don't know about the Plus 6. I am going on a factory tour next week so I will pay attention. Why would anyone buy one? I rather suspect most people who regurgitate the old cliches of Morgans have never driven one. I hired a Plus 4 for 3 days last year and I didn't stop grinning for 3 days. Brilliant fun and far better than I could ever have imagined (and I own a modern Jaguar XK). OK, not as fast as my Jaguar but what fun. Different but absolutely brilliant fun. So much so I am having another one next week. If I had a garage I would have one like a shot.
  3. I use a CCA into a Beresford DAC (a "caimanised" 7520). I feed the CCA FLAC files wirelessly from my Synology NAS controlled by HIFI cast (an android app which is fabulously easy to use). The difference between the sound via the external DAC and the 3.5mm jack into the amp is chalk & cheese. The sound quality via the DAC is very good - it is CD quality after all. I see there is a Beresford Bushmaster for sale in the classifieds for £85 - a bit of a bargain which could be sold on with little or no loss if not to your taste.
  4. I have a pair of Castle Richmond ii from the eighties. No foam grilles. The rubber surround are good because the drivers were replaced with genuine Castle drivers a few years ago. Can't remember exactly when. These are proper Yorkshire Castles in teak all though there are a couple of marks on the cabinets and what looks like a minor watermark on the top of one cabinet. I have the original box and some of the original packing but I would add bubble wrap to make sure they travel safely. Unfortunately, I am near Manchester. I have no idea what a courier might cost you. They weigh 15kg. Yours for £40 plus courier. I should add, I also have a pair of stands for the Castles. They originally had castors although I took the wheel part off to leave 4 spikes. I have no packing for these but would wrap appropritely and box seperately. £20 plus courier.
  5. Sorry, late to the thread. I have "back to the invoice cover" albeit with a £10k claim limit (for a modest car). Cost £113. for 3 years of cover. For that kind of money I reckon it was worth it. But the premium probably indicates the risk of a claim. I used This lot I found their service to be excellent. Certainly, I would not buy this cover from a car dealer. Much cheaper to obtain the cover elsewhere.
  6. Bencat, I have a Sound Organisation 5 shelf rack with black ash shelves if that is any good?
  7. I know I know someone who has had his car treated with one of these ceramic finishes and it seems a bit of a pain when it comes to cleaning - he is always very anxious in case he scratches the coating and he seems limited to what he can wash the car with. I can see no difference in the shininess/gloss of my friend's car with the ceramic coating and my own car when that is clean and waxed. As to what is the best car wax/polish - I think that is a bit like asking on here what is the best wire. There almost certainly isn't a single answer - each will have qualities a user prefers such as ease of application and removal, cost, residue, quality of beadage and so on. On a new car, I rather doubt that one wax/sealant is very much better than another but I appreciate that could be a heretical view.
  8. Can't comment on the new iteration of Autoglym Super Resin Polish but I found it leaves white dust and leaves white residue in indentations such as sharp corners and the like. This is a real pain to remove. I have tried Poor Boy's Natty paste wax which I found good and less prone to the white residue and Code Carnuba Wax which was very easy to apply and remove and left a good finish. Have a look at somewhere like where you will find endless discussions about car polish and wax and stuff. And remember that wax and polish are different things designed for different jobs. If you think we are a bit geeky here, wait to you start reading about car wax and polish.
  9. That is what I find on mine.
  10. Vacdac - many thanks. An excellent and well-reasoned reply. I use a j model and your description of it streaming faultlessly applies to my situation. I have not experienced inordinately slow library re-scans but I don't upload huge quantities of new material and tend to do re-scans when time is not of the essence. Otherwise, I have found my Synology NAS an excellent bit of kit. It just does its thing. If/when I update the NAS and I will avoid the j model.
  11. Why avoid J and play versions of the Synology NAS'
  12. Going back to the original issue, for a moment. I have my CDs stored on a nas (synology as it happens but I don't think that is imperative). My CDs have been ripped to FLAC (lossless) files. I use a Chromecast Audio (£30 - but sometimes reduced to £15 like mine was) to feed the signal from my NAS to my DAC via an optical cable between the Chromecast Audio and the DAC. The Chromecast Audio has an analogue output which could by-pass the DAC but the sound quality from the optical out into the DAC is clearly better. I use BubbleUPnP or Synology's own DS Audio software on my phone and/or tablet to select and control which tracks I play. This set up required an outlay to buy the NAS, the Chromecast Audio and the optical cable. Set up was very straightforward and I was playing muisic within about 10 mins of connecting it all up. The NAS is very quiet but it could be stored away from the listening room if so desired - which is what I do. What I don't do is stream from Spotify or Tidal because I don't have a subscription but I can stream from Deezer which I installed on my phone as an experiment. I imagine if you have a Spotify subscription you could stream from that via my set up. I have considered a one-box streaming device with built in DAC for a simpler set up - others in the house find my set up a bit fiddly and for £400 it is possible to get the Mitchell & Johnson streamer which looks like a good option but others are available for similar money.
  13. Thanks Springer Spaniel. I have not tried a dedicated streaming seperate device. I have no way of measuring or even assessing the jitter.
  14. Can you explain that for me please. I use a CCA as a streamer from my NAS. I use an optical out into a Beresford DAC. The sound quality (to my ears) is excellent. As I understand it it, the CCA is simply a "controller" to get a digital single from the source to the DAC. Either the digital single (0s and 1s) gets to the DAC or it doesn't. But if a stable digital single gets to the DAC why should the CCA not be "good"? I accept the quality of the signal might impact on the eventual sound quality so a low bit rate mp3 isn't going to sound like a FLAC or am I missing something?