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  1. I moved my 4.2s on a while ago when I got the B&W 800Ds. I still miss the Kefs on certain albums/genres - a full/lush sound that filled the room. Similar with the car - went from 996.2 to 997 Turbo and miss the ‘bite’ on turn in. In an ideal world I’d have kept everything but life doesn’t work that way. Those SFs are beautiful to behold. Heard a pair with a Krell KSA100 a long time ago. Fantastic but out of my reach back then. Definitely not polite sounding!! Lovely.
  2. After a bit of a break I missed my bike, missed the rideouts, the trackdays, making any excuse to take the long way via twisting B roads... YOLO and all that jazz. Meet my new bike that I won’t get near 50% of its potential (no change there then). (stock image - hasn’t stopped raining since it was delivered a couple of days ago )
  3. You’re not joking about the cost especially if you’re using the DSP/EQ function or have a huge library as they recommend the nucleus+ ! I wasn’t suggesting trying the 212J as that would really struggle. A couple of years ago I had the 213J and that never seemed to receive updates either - as a simple server/UPNP device they’re still great but things move on. Let us know what you eventually go for.
  4. Which model Synology are you using? Im not a Roon user (and have no real interest in it) but I’ve read recently of happy Synology 718+ users with Roon installed. The app installs on the NAS with an external USB3 SSD for the directory and the Roon control app on a tablet.
  5. Never really gave this any thought until spotting this thread but all my main kit is from the U.K. Even my ‘spares’ are Chinese built copies of Quad designs.
  6. Now sold, thanks Ian.
  7. Moral of the story: once you’ve bought/sold stop searching.
  8. No PMs received from you but I’ve got a couple of messages from others through this morning. Im waiting to hear back from an interested wammer. If there is no further interest or no response, it’s all yours. I’ll try sending you a PM, might have been a glitch in the system.
  9. Cracking little DAC that has played everything I’ve thrown at it including 192/24 PCM and DSD. Bought from Andy on the Wam recently for a small second system that isn’t going to happen anymore - slotted into my ‘big’ setup and the ESS DAC sounded excellent. Still in the same excellent condition as I received it and it’s surprisingly weighty for such a small little box. Great little OLED display on it, excellent build quality. Thread here for pics that Andy posted. I’ll take more recent pics and add them to the thread tomorrow (or PM an email address and I’ll send them over). https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-topping-d50-dac.2403/ Comes with a power lead but you’ll need a phone charger plug - there’s a chance I have a spare kicking around if you need one. £90 collected or a small contribution towards insured delivery.
  10. It’s frustrating. I don’t have the answer but as already mentioned starting from scratch and adding a component at a time makes sense. I did this trying to trace a distortion in one channel. After hours of moving heavy kit around and trying different amps, speakers cables etc etc etc I definitely, absolutely pinned it down to one monoblock amp and/or the shared PSU. Dragged it down to a dealer who soak tested for 10hours a day for 5days - no fault. Within 10minites of getting it home the fault reappears. Pissed off I need to get 150Kg of amps and PSUs to Oxford from the NE - I’ve put it off and put it off, bought replacement temp. amps (system working perfectly with the replacement) and now need to wait till this virus passes.
  11. legzr1

    Amp advise

    I wonder what one of their new streamer/DAC/pre boxes would sound like with the QMPs? Amps hidden behind speakers with a single box on show...
  12. legzr1

    Amp advise

    This was one of the amps I bought, tried, and quickly sold on (back to the original owner!). Theyre great bridged driving subwoofers. For hifi though I’d look elsewhere. Massively powerful, cheap and efficient but that’s about it in my experience. Granted, at considerably higher cost, Nord monoblocks are in a different league - goes to show that digital done right can be great. I don’t think Crown XLS CoreDrive is ‘done right’. I so hoped it would work - four of them bridged to bi-amp my speakers giving around 1Kw per channel and all for the cost of a boutique interconnect. Alas,....
  13. legzr1

    Amp advise

    Interesting and something KrellMad mentioned last week when listening to my system with the (similar) QMP quads - how much of the lovely Sounds I’m listening too (imho) are down to the pre (I too use an MF pre - kWP with matching PSU)? Doesn’t really matters too much I suppose - the QSP, QMPs and 909 are massively underrated when used with quality pre’s. I’m actually in discussion via PM with someone who praises the Quad 606 when used with a CJ pre. Maybe Quad pre’s aren’t up to the quality of the current-dumping poweramps.