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  1. Go direct to Richard, the AS engineer. He will help and fix it.
  2. The T+ and Jays will be here in about a week and then a few weeks burn in, so all should be good for mid-late September. I need to hear enough of it to write some werds.
  4. Excellent review. I have asked for one for review, but not by me, but one of our lucky reviewers.
  5. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0821/Revisit_NPS_1260_3D_Enhancer_Solution_Review.htm
  6. Well Ivor and Gilad Tiefenbrun visited the Wam Show as punters and looked around the rooms and I believe they thought the whole concept was great (And it is!!!). When Linn appeared at the Show at Scalford I think they were a bit busy doing the demos of the new active software/equipment to visit others rooms. But they were in the bar after the day's events and not skulking off to some other hotel and keeping themselves to themselves. They were open to discuss any issues (within limits) and I was really surprised about their approach to the balance between measuring and listening. They believe this new DSM is a major improvement, but maybe they would anyway. Only one way to hear if it is, within the limits of a Show.
  7. To make life interesting I should have a Denafrips Terminator + and a Jays CD3 Mk 2 here soon as they are coming over on a slow boat from China. If it is burnt in by then it would add an interesting dimension. Depends on supply.
  8. How good is Linn's new DSM? Is it the best digital front end in the world or not? Come and hear it and find out. Linn have confirmed they will be at the Wam Show and they will have the new Linn DSM. Not only that, but they have also confirmed they will bring a system that will really show what this new streamer can do. They are bringing it all in a large van/small lorry, so expect one of the best systems around. And real people from Linn who KNOW the product and what engineering means. Obviously, Linn will also have their very high quality recordings so you can really hear the system in full flow, in a large room and set-up by experts. You lucky Linnies
  9. Oh yes, quite a coup. And Linn will be bringing a system to match the Klimax and that consists of a small lorry of Linn's best equipment. And of course they will bring high quality recordings of their music. If this is not the best system you hear this year, it will be very, very close. And they will have people there who will be able to answer questions, not superficial salespeople. You know it makes sense.
  10. Or is the best the new Linn DSM? Come to the Show and see it in a great system as well. The Linn ENGINEERS will be there to chat and a salesman or two.
  11. Their amps are guaranteed for 20 years. Speakers, digital have a shorter guarantee like 5/6 years. https://bryston.com/service-and-warranty/ Of course in the UK PMC should be able to carry out the repairs if any are needed. I can ask them when I next talk to them.
  12. And to round it all off I have some really inexpensive cables made of silver that are giving other cables a real run for the money. £1,000 vs £200. But enough of this teasing. I have approached Accuphase but they are not interested in reviews, so bake-offs it is to hear them. I have just sold my Esoteric SACD for a cheap(ish) price. USA amps and other imports suffer from inflated prices but Bryston do not tend to go for super glitzy cases (which cost more than the rest of the amp), offer a 20 year guarantee and give a realistic, natural sound. They have not in the past. And they are powerful beasties.
  13. Straight for jugular there!!! Different, he said evasively. The 3B3 is very neutral and Ref 110 has a slightly more forward sound. Not bright, but it is more exciting. The 3B3 is neutral to a 'fault' being transparent with no part of the frequency response emphasised. It is very low noise and very 3D. The Ref 110 produces more solid human 3D images with voices being a forte. They are both as dynamic as each other, but it is not their forte, which was the preserve of the Vitus. The Brystons sound more accurate, clearer and the Ref 110 more exciting, fun with solid 3D images. If you are a purist and want a clean, clear sound then the Brystons are for you, if you accept a slightly changed sound but one that has more realism and it is more exciting go for the Ref 110. The Ref 5 goes well with the Ref 110 and the two Brystons go well together. They work swapped around, but they are not well-matched. Remember that the Ref 110 was £10K RRP and the Bryston 3B3 are £5,600, although I would be more tempted by the 4B3 at £900 more.
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