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  1. Michael my issue was with the analogy and your definition of digital being measurement and analog not. My mention of older CD technology was to highlight the overselling of digital as Perfect Sound when it clearly was not. A lot has been learnt and digital has improved significantly both in the studio and in the home as people became more familiar with the 'new technology'. As you are aware there was even some CDs released which had RIAA equalisation and other great episodes. That would never happen now. If valve amplifiers can be made/operated and add no audible distortion, then why do p
  2. Audionote Cobra Review by George Sallit I have never formally reviewed an Audionote product despite 75% of my system being Audionote. I was therefore determined to persuade Audionote to let me loose on one of their products. And my chance came at the Bristol audio show last year. This show is an event for me as I normally meet up with a good audio friend and we go to Bristol and make a weekend of it. So, before the 2020 Bristol Show I thought what product should I ask for? A nice Ongaku, a Gaku-On or a Tomei? During the Saturday evening at the Show we went off for a g
  3. Michael, firstly welcome to the Wam. My issue with your analogy is that rather than clarifying it was confusing and gave the impression you wanted but not what I believe is the complexity of this issue. Taking your analogy of measuring the height of a child. I give you a ruler to measure their height, it is divided into units of 2". You measure and the result is 21. Excellent. You can now copy that number hundreds of times and the numbers is always 21. Is it perfect? The analogue is a stick with a mark on it. I can now make a ruler with 1" units. Problem I cannot do anything about my perf
  4. The title gives it away: Bookmaker. Make the odds to ensure they always win. The industry likes putting out tales of scruffy fellas turning up, putting out a few bets and winning fortunes. Encourages people to join in and lose. But a lot of that has gone to one armed bandits. People lose absolute fortunes on them and in an hour or so, even with 70% payouts as games take seconds and you do not really need a full betting shop with staff. People queue to use them. Add a few tales of £1K payouts and away you go. The FOBT (fixed odds betting terminals) have taken over. The UK government tried limit
  5. Interesting. My two nephews are brilliant at maths. The more outgoing one is now a manager of a betting shop in north London. And trust me it is a mugs game and the stories of what people are doing is awful. They do now refuse to accept some bets from people who are in serious trouble. However, one arm bandits make absolute fortunes for the shop and enormous losses for the mugs punters. I have to admit his maths are a bit of a waste. And the second nephew works at a major bookies calculating the odds for the weird and wonderful. And boy do people bet on the most stupid of things. Num
  6. Yes he thinks digital is great and gives analogies that show he does not know what is analogue and what is digital. Thereby weakening his argument. As you were, no new insight here.
  7. Nah, there are no quantums in it.
  8. And the irony is the enormous mirror of the scope has been finished for some time, but this wonderful piece of origami has been the big hold-up (bar money and politics). Imagine that a few sheets of super mylar(?) have held up the project. I exaggerate for effect of course.
  9. Yes it is done. I normally send it to the company concerned, done yesterday, to make sure there are no factual errors but as always the subjective findings are sacrosanct. Should be uploaded in a few days or less. I will let people know here.
  10. Well we seem to have some rose-tinted glasses on over Scalford. I won't list all the issues such as being forced to use a bus service from the nearest town, no lifts at the hotel so any disable members had to be carried up the stairs (in the 21 st century!!), being in the middle of nowhere (great) so when they run out of food you have a real journey but beer, tough. It was good in its day but having spent a few hours with James Palmer in the bar one Saturday night he said he put in hours and hours of work, took financial risks and as Rabski has said had to bail it out with others on occasions.
  11. Happy Easter to all and do not forget to follow the science: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/mar/31/british-study-links-alcohol-with-lower-risk-of-developing-cataracts
  12. Not sure but those window things may help and with a promised temp of 25C they may be doubly useful. Not all Wammers are as fresh as daisies and an open window is better than some aircon. And if they ask for Justin Bieber then they have another useful purpose but only on the ground floor of course.
  13. We need to be careful that we do not overthink this. The reason we are having a slow wind down from lockdown is this must be the last one. A slow wind-down means more of the public will be vaccinated. If you look at the numbers, then those who are seriously ill in hospital and deaths have significantly reduced due to the success of the vaccine. Removing lockdown will mean the numbers go up, but vaccination also helps with reducing infections. So come May we will have a good idea on the serious impacts of Covid. Later on we will have a good idea on what is happening on cases. The reduction fr
  14. I'll let Kevin know but not all of your praise although I suspect he will read it soon enough being a Wammer of course. I am seeing him tomorrow, 2m apart of course, in the glorious sunshine. It was a real pity about the Io but mine is nearing its end of life so I may have to either update or look for a new cartridge. Whilst I may not be able to stretch to a SoundSmith (or the newly named Soundstrain!!!) there are many others, or I just update the Io. Maybe Arthur needs to add some lead to the Houdini to make it heavier and appear better value with battery power (Lion, linear or sw
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