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  1. A good set of comments form Colin. He mentioned the new cases to me, which were a request from the USA where big shiny cases are he norm. Srajan says it is easy to get to £10K with what can be done for £3.5K in a simpler case. Obviously for Nord you get the choice. Wonder if I could wangle a iFi out of him for review? Good spot.
  2. What would help is if people knew of good service agents for US gear that means it does not have to return to the USA. Richard who services Absolute Sounds equipment is good and if you go direct that saves. I did it through Guildford Audio who use him and do not charge too much for handling. Richard repaired my Krell FPB300 and had to buy an equivalent FPGA and reprogram the sliding bias control circuit. He knows what he is doing. Others?
  3. I know this, I know it......wait a second 1+2+3...8 ...the answer is 36 (not 42). Hifi is 36!!
  4. I had a really intense love affair with US equipment. Most of it is really well designed and comes in well engineered boxes. You see a full system and the first thought is this system means business. The sound, as always, depends on the design and components but what I have used seems to really do BIG scale. Or maybe that was my choice. So when Naim were doing speed and dynamics of rock music along comes Krell with a big powerful sound. And Naim produced 70w/channel and this stuff was doing 400w/channel. And I really loved it. My top system (all bought used due to the ultra high pricing) was a Krell KPS 25SC, Krell 600 monoblocks into Wilson 6s. That system had power. grace, 3D imaging and really, really deep and powerful bass. I got a little diverted and had an ARC Ref 5SE and Ref 75SE with an Esoteric P03/D03 and there was still that huge 3D soundstage but with a more gentler less intense presentation. The downside is of course the US/UK exchange rate and the outcome was a $3,500 preamp costs £3,500 when it arrives here. Despite that the sound quality was on a different level and was sufficently high that it was competitive. For me Pass Labs competes and it is not ultra expensive. But when China entered the market seriously and companies went there this ethos changed and people went for cheap. Some US companies went for a quick $ and unfortunately companies changed. Krell (although their newstuff has changed and looks really good) and ARC have gone down the pretty box/high price route. A pity. But then Naim has venture capital that want good returns. A lot of US audio is still superbly built, sounds very good, can be serviced and represents a good deal especially on the used market. I look at the Krell KPS25SC, Krell 400CX and Wilsons with dewy eyes as that power and scale is very difficult to get with other equipment. Yes it is not as refined as some newer equipment but then it does not cost 6 figures. Some really good used US equipment around at the moment.
  5. Now you are talking.....and after some nice port this aftenoon as an appetiser for dinner I can truly say I do like this cable thread. It is bloody marvellous, which cable was it? Hic.
  6. True...dam nearly increased German coffers.
  7. And bloody good it is too........and some say even better with real honey but I love it with a decent port. No calories either
  8. Try the RME ADI-2, it sounded very good and better than my SBT Touch and Auralic Aries. ASR measured it and found it measured well. And as I know you are a fiddler it has lots of filters, a DSP section with a hundred or so page manual. But which sounds best????? That should keep you busy for months
  9. And what a coincidence...I currently(?) have in for review a Melco N100 'digital front end'. And accompanying this item is a replacement power supply unit, the Plexir Balanced power supply unit for the Melco. This uses a transformer to provide a balanced power output for the Melco. It will be interesting to test this replacement PSU against the normally supplied 'high quality' SMPS. Should be fun.
  10. For those who want a wide image. Powered by Sizewell B.....
  11. That is certainly true but those MBLs are wee beasties. Although the XA30.8 will produce 90 watts per channel (Class A/B by then) the MBLs have a lot of speaker cone to move. And despite Jerry's demeanor I have seen his heavy metal records and he does not play them quietly... Of course that Mahler fella likes people to play his music loud. You would appreciate the 30.8's naturalness but they have the mass of a small solar system body and produce a good deal of heat, about the same as a brown dwarf star.
  12. But if you use a ARC Ref 75SE and play music at 10w RMS then you will get about 0.2% THD, mainly 2nd and 3rd harmonic. Is that level of THD audible, probably not? Does an ARC 75SE sound the same as a Naim 250DR and a Krell 300XD......try and listen. Bruno Putzeys said it was far more complex and he is quite good at making amplifiers, or so I am told. Because valves have a more linear transfer function they need less NFB and some do not need any. Possible wih transistors??
  13. And only 12 years old. How can you restrain yourself? London? Easily. But remember that Paypal will add £1870 to the bill. Oh and shipping is extra from the USA or Isleworth?