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  1. I have chatted with my friend and he said there is little direct evidence for what happened with SARS and it is possible it mutated and/or was seasonally impacted, most likely both. Clearly a mutation to a less virulent form happened as it has not returned to the same degree. If Cv-19 is seasonal then relaxing lockdown may give the public a false sense of security. This is not such good news as it means we will get a second wave as we go towards winter especially if we have no vaccine and the ususal winter flus arrive. Without better evidence of a mutation to a less virulent form it may become inevitable.
  2. As you know it mainfested itself in 2002/03 and originated from China, possibly from bats/cats. And apart from some small events has since all but disappeared despite there being no vaccine. It was raised with me by a consultant friend and I'll ask him if he has seen any evidence for why it may have faded away. Mutation as our Italian doctor is suggesting, sensitivity to heat/warm conditions similar to flu?
  3. And I have it on good authority that hydroxychloroquine works wonders against Coronavirus. It is being trialled in the US on one indivudual and the results look promising.
  4. At last a great review of perceptions. The presentation shows that this is a 2 way process and that time is needed to hear differences properly. It questions the validity of ABX/DBT testing. I agree slow learning is need to fully appreciate differences and a lot of time may be needed to learn these differences, comparable with learning a new language. Measurements are useful for designers and can help with listening but a relaxed slow listening approach is needed to fully appreciate audio differences. At least this review of papers looked at how our brains respond to music, not trying to shoehorn an old set of measurements into judging audio 'goodness'. Progress.
  5. It's not like it is life and death........ It's more important that that.
  6. True, so when people say they did not hear a difference I have to assume they are deluded or used an inadequate tests/measurements. As you say everyone is suspectible.
  7. Paul Miller does this all the time and has recorded differences for USB cables and PSUs and backs them up with measurements, which are recognised and accepted by most of the audio community, unlike a certain site.
  8. Just switch the filters to NOS and be done with it.....
  9. I can see you like the cables. And the technical description is superb and makes a change from those scientific graphs with numbers on them. I love the small Italian cases they come in with silk interiors. And all for this sort of money, I am just not sure how he can do it for such a low price.
  10. Audio not quite right? Not as clear as you would like? Need a bit more bass? Need a more realistic mid-range? How about some new cables? Try these: I calculate I will need to spend about £170K to get them into my system. Now let's look down the sofa as there maybe a few £ coins there? Gald to bring these bargains to you audiophiles.
  11. And to throw a new spanner (control unit) into the mix have you tried a Townshend Allegri or the new Allegri Reference? Some reviewers preferred the Allegri to the MFA Ref. If we were not lockdown i would offer an Allegri for a comparo session but CV has defeated that. Would be interesting to hear if it could defeat the current champ the MFA Ref? Or for the lazy, the ICON04 autoformer with remote control at a similar price to the Allegri.
  12. George 47

    5G foo

    Rubbish. I know for a fact from YouTube it protects against all forms of Covid 2019 and Covid 2020 including unknown Covids from the 2nd and third waves. It has not been produced from anything to do with snakes or oil. Only the purist quantums are used. Each quantum is hand selected, polar aligned to minimise negative energy. After nearly 7,200 seconds of research in the Pig and Strumpet we made a sensational discovery and created a purpose designed quantum tunnel at the same frequency as 5G. This product removes all the harmful effects of 5G and we have independent reports that prove that with the 5G killer activated you will suffer NO harmful effects. All this research is available on our site. This 5G product is guaranteed for life. Right that's my next review written.
  13. As well as Wilson speakers I like the Klipsch speakers. When I heard them I was really amazed at their life-like presentation. Play a live concert and the experience is very real. The horns no doubt. Unfortunately, in oprder to mate the horns and big bass units the bass units have to be run very efficient and therefore do not go ultra low. But there does not appear to be too much of a join between bass and horns. They had a reputation for being bright and shouty but they have come a long way with the design of their horns. They used to have exponential horns and then 'refined' them to the tractrix shape. A lot other companies can't do that because they use wood for the horns and the tractrix shape is difficult to make in wood (possible?). And the latest versions have what they call MUMPS shaping to the horn. That is impossible(?) to make in wood but signficantly reduces turbulence in the mouth of the horn. So in the past people aimed the speakers down the room to avoid the brightness, then the could angle them inwardswith the exponential horns but wih MUMPS it is now not much of an issue. In the US their value is superb, especially as they are made there. Even over here they are great value and geting 2 horns and a 15" bass unit in a huge speaker for £6.5K is unheard of elsewhere. I used to like Vandersteen speakers. They have a very natural sound with great bass and superb 3D imaging. A little flat on dynamics but not too bad. I was tempted by a set of Quattros but the dealer was shifting prices so much I gave up. They seem to have disappeared in the UK. Their cost here is more than 1£ per 1$. A pity as they are great value in the USA.