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  1. Bencat: There is no return now.....you are right it is impossible to unhear it. Bokke: Good quality AES/EBU? The Audioquest Carbon is a great cable and not too expensive. (£189). And for the more exotic then Gothic Audio pure silver cables (£290).
  2. And it is at times like these you should remember who your friends are....
  3. Some speakers companies believe an array of subs helps, like Vandersteen, and not because it means they can sell more of them. Do a quick search, there are many explanations why. You may not believe them, but there are reasons. In this months Hifi Critic Martin Colloms reviews a $1M system and with big, big speakers costing more than this system, it is not that unusual. At least he sounds like he has been thorough in arriving at his equipment choices. I have had the good fortune to hear some really expensive systems and believe me there are operating in a league one can only dream of. Yes there are super expensive systems that do not float my boat but there are a lot that do sound superb. Kondo + Vox for example....plus other 'bits'. I will never own them, but I believe they represent a pinnacle of audio. Do you not dream of a Ferrari, Lamborghini despite driving a hot hatch?
  4. https://www.tonepublications.com/industry-news/legendary-mcintosh-amp-goes-for-big-bucks/
  5. We could be on, and I hope to visit them soon and write about the experience with lots of images.
  6. Good review of the Jay's audio Cd player George. One tweak that I use is to place 3 isopod's underneath the Cd player.

    I purchased mine from Stone audio for about £7 each

    Seems to clean up the signal,  especially in the mid's. 

    I would love to hear a review from you of the Restek epos Cd player.

    I think you might be impressed.

  7. Great people are part of the Wam and such generosity is good to see and should be praised. Of course, your wallet may disagree.
  8. I am not sure if they are a commercial product yet. I have seen and heard them (I think) but I am not sure they have been released as Peter Q (quite rightly) won't release anything unless it is 100%. Fussy socks....
  9. Interesting review. I heard one at the recent audio show in the Audio Consultants room. The system, with that SACD/DAC sounded very realistic and big but of course it was a complete system with Luxman amplifiers. Being the sneaky devil I am, I am trying to arrange a listening session between the Luxman and my Jays/Denafrips T+. This review was therefore of great interest. Obviously it depends on the generosity of Audio Consultants, but I can grovel convincingly . I think they are interested as well. If I can manage it, then I will write it up as a formal review. Whatever, it will be fun.
  10. Ooohhh I don't know....never got above 95db so quite bearable. It did sound rather good though (understatment).
  11. Hi George nice to have a chat with you at the show yes, i be interested in the wamm show 

    Best Regards


  12. True, and NASA did not pay millions for the pen. The company made their money from selling the Spacepen to the public. NASA paid $6 each. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Pen
  13. Round 2 and as Duvet II mentioned them: Silbatone amplifiers and a TAD speaker. Tom Willis with his Art products. These speakers were 'home-made' (looked brilliant) and are not YET available. Solid wood from the Sevenoaks storm. Audionote (2) Excellent support system a la cardboard box. Finally Icon Audio
  14. It has a somewhat deleterious effect on modern fly-by-wire aeroplanes. They err....crash.
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