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  1. Really sad to hear the news... I always really enjoyed Graham's bake off's and his company is general and always looked forward to seeing him at local bake offs. A true gent with plenty of great stories and a wonderful sense of humour. He attended my first ever bake off at mine several years ago and invited me to one of his bake off's shortly after where I got to enjoy his lovely system and view his carp. I guess I would sum it up best as saying that when we met up at bake off's it was no longer really about the systems or music but having a good chat and laugh with a friend.
  2. You can't have mine but a monitor audio a100 is an interesting little amp.... Funky shape too...
  3. Happy to bring my disc playing chopping board
  4. Cables arrived safe and sounds... Cheers
  5. Well I love my focals, not really that fussed about whats said about them. My pair are bit shabby but I'll never let them go. Mine are 927be which is part of their 25th anniversary special editions with the beryllium tweeters so 1 of 500 pairs produced. For me and my musical tastes it's how I like it. Fast clean with deep bass and plenty of slam... I've owned a couple pairs of focals and there is a big difference between the titanium and beryllium one. My first pair had the titanium one, it has the speed but will stray into harshness if poorly partnered. The beryllium ones are far
  6. Yes please Mr G happy to bring my audionet...
  7. Is anyone a vegetarian btw? Will send a PM soon with the required details around timings and location...
  8. Happy to run with that... Although I don't think John and some of the others have heard my system yet so something to smooth/sooth might well be a good idea List updated chaps, Everyone added to the list, Attendees: Obscure GJO Testure Mr & Mrs Brigadoon GLB Lurch Lord nitrogen Robbd Bigfool 1956 Radical Chap
  9. Sure we can squeeze you in... Not sure about the advice but confident you hear something different... Well if I'm allowed to play anything
  10. Everyone added to the list, Attendees: Obscure GJO Testure Mr & Mrs Brigadoon GLB Lurch Lord nitrogen Anyone else fancy coming?
  11. I'm hoping I will finally make one of your bake offs... but won't know till closer to the time... I'll be happy to bring my amps if I do (and my cd player too)
  12. of course... I kinda forget people need alcohol to sooth when hearing my setup But yes feel free to bring whatever you'd like to drink... I'm sure the other half will be plying herself with cocktails to cope Attendees: Orbscure GJO Testure
  13. Hey Chaps, looking to have a bake off at mine on the Saturday the 11th of August... plenty of parking around the house and its 10 min walk from Purley station. My system is CD based only but we could probably run a 2nd room (if needed) depending on numbers and other bits of kit (I can stick together a basic 2nd system around an unused Krell), so happy for other bits of kit to brought to play with. No particular theme... I (well the missus) will sort out food of some description and soft drinks... Kick off at around 11am till whenever... any takers?
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