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  1. Hello I'm trying to find out the frequency response curve for some JPW AP2s with Vifa M21 WG-09-08 bass units. More specifically, I'm interested to know at what point the bass starts rolling off. Yep, I'm thinking of trying a subwoofer with them. I thought there used to be a website somewhere that listed lots of speaker response curves but I can't track it down. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Thanks for any help you can give. Anthony
  2. oh dear really sorry to hear this chris. good luck with finding another position. It was through your expert help at Sevenoaks that I first started to realise what good hifi could do, however whilst you get a :^for that youalso get a :clout:fortelling me about this silly place
  3. Harvey Keitel - Bad Lieutenant
  4. RichardG wrote: No, that's New Age, which is a pile of old toss. :puke: dull new age pan pipes with an accompanying aromatherapy massage is something very different see here: Not all strictlyambient but I've been enjoying THIS (and still available HEREit seems) over the past few months, just dipping in every now and again to learn something new. Aphex Twin's Bucephalus Bouncing Ball seems to bedescended from Hugh Le Caine'sDripsody track. It's also clear that all the innovation in electronic music happened much earlier than I realised - these were the real pioneers who were stretching the boundaries of what was possible at the time. It's a three cd set with a bonusDVD and cracking booklet, and worth every penny IMO (and I haven't even watched the DVD yet). Be warned though, it's not chill out beats and a nice melody, it's experimental stuff - some fascinating, some beautiful, some bonkers.
  5. musicbox wrote: looking good I'd betterbring my Disco Connection album round and feed it Undisputed Truth - You + Me = Love . mymission to wean you off intellectual prog rock and classical and onto more tribal and juvenile forms of music must continue (unsuccessfully) note: I do not love mr musicbox. it is just the title of a song
  6. Testure wrote: The Price:D my favourite avatar is back. nice one testy
  7. Davewhityetagain wrote: I would sometimes agree with your comment, but in this thread people just seemed shocked something that cost so much should just go bang and the comments about sales of goods act ect ect are often brought up on this and other forums regardless of the age of the product correct dave, but a£2k TV can just go bang as well, as can a £100k car. If it's out of warranty though you are generally helpless. the key thing here for me is what Whest's customer service is like. Currently their customer service is along the lines of 'it will cost you £500 to get a replacement PSU'. Not too good in my book, but then again it was bought second hand so perhaps they don't feel they need to go out of their way to be super helpful. I would certainly expect better than that if I had bought the product from new. Anyways, Alphatoner - I hope you get a reasonable conclusion to all of this.
  8. ultrawomble wrote: the problem is that an electrical spike could have taken something out and actually the psu was built and specified properly. it is still worth asking him though just to see what his customer service is like - if you see what i mean
  9. Given that your Grade B phono stage + psu cost £600 for the pair then Mr Whest is taking the piss charging £500 to replace the psu. Is it not still under warranty? My understanding was that the Grade B ones only had cosmetic issues and nothing wrong with them electronically. How long have you been using it for? Should be the PSU get totally buggered that easily? Perhaps ask James why it has broken so easily - if it's less than two years old then I would question him about the reliability of his products.
  10. Anthony

    Wadia dealers.

    I would still double check with the distributor by phone. Some dealers may deal with grey imports.
  11. HiFiWigWam wrote: please don't stop posting just because of differences of opinion. I'm certainly not offended by what you said, I just disagreed. Isn't debate an essential part of the forum?
  12. HiFiWigWam wrote: but it's the people who are like that, not the fact that they play a sport called football. unless of course you are saying that by the very act of playing football you become arrogant, foul mouthed and violent. I wouldn't normally have suggested something so ridiculousbut that is how it is starting to come across. to solve a problem you need to focus on the causes of the problem. focusing on football won't give you any significant answers IMO, it is just a high profile means of being aware of the problems.
  13. The Strat wrote: The players arechavscum - what other sport has so many top players convicted of violent and sexual offences? The "fans" are chavscum - what other sport needs to have home and away fans segregated? What other sport leads so often to large-scale public disorder and violence? Maybe it's such a boring game that you have to kick someone's head in to enjoy it? Who knows? Decent folk don't care, they just try to avoid it... A bit of a generalisation in the last bit but so much truth as well........... are people so dim that theycan't disconnect the sport itself from those that play and support it? the problem isn't football, the problem is people. it is just a coincidence that some football fans are criminally inclined. they would be doing these things were they football fans or not. there are millions of football fans and players who are normal, law abiding people. it is the most popular game in the world and makes a lot of people happy.
  14. HiFiWigWam wrote: You mean to say that joey Barton is not typical of Premiershit footballers? Yeah you are right, most of them get away with being nasty arrogant fucking pricks. why all this anger about football players? you seem to have been on some sort of personal mission recently to aggressively criticise them all, based on one or two high profile and exceptional examples. 'Premiershits', 'nasty, arrogant fucking pricks', 'arrogant, violent football premiershit idiot' nice
  15. what on earth has his occupation got to do with it? using that logic GPs are all granny killing mass murderers