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  1. Brought one of these AT LP5 decks last week. Have only managed a few hours with it,but have to i'am very impressed with it. Build quality is far better than i expected. Will be using it with an MC cart so expecting very good things from it. If you're after an alternative to an 1210 that hasn't been thrased,this deck is well worth a look.
  2. Would some magic eraser wrapped round a rampant rabbit work?
  4. He just wants bits for his arm,but thanks for the offer. - - - Updated - - - thanks,will pass it on.
  5. Most are 2.5mm but sounds like they could be 2mm ones.
  6. Thought LCD soundsystem did there final gig a few years back?
  7. If i had the funds,i'd have similar speakers recessed into making a living room wall. With a lovely 70s white shagpile carpet,and loads of g-plan and pieff furniture
  8. Call me old fashioned,but why doesn't your friend go and demo some speakers?
  9. Sadly not,i stripped the wallpaper off that wall so the hotel wouldn't notice the writing.
  10. I wrote the system contents on the wallpaper as there was no flip chart. Luckily it was a permanant marker so stayed up all day.
  11. I thought it was a good look,only upstaged by the lady dressed as Nell Gwynn
  12. Heard it about 4 times and thought it sounded superb. Favourites were with a Dr John track and a reggae one. Have done every Scalford since the start. From ls3 copies upto my 3 way horns including snell es and AN es. What i can say is in general the bookshelf type sized speakers are a lot easier to get sounding right. The bigger you go the trickier it gets. I'm glad that people are prepared to take risks and bring some mad,bad,old and bold stuff. It's what keeps the show interesting.
  13. Think it was just a few show offs just proving they can afford a muffin whenever they fancy it...I blame thatcher.
  14. I did here about those. Hope no one got caught out with that scam. Saw the old lady doing Nescufe was arrested early afternoon. She tries it on each year.