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  1. Melody isn't dead at all, if you find yourself whistling a tune of have an earworm relentlessly playing in your head for hours its usually the melody that gets your interest. A good hook will instantly turn you head, lyrics will give the song meaning and the melody is the carrier, without melody music fails to exist. What is being misunderstood is certain genres lack melody but mainly that's because you're not a fan of the track/artist/genre but it's there even if you fail to identify it.
  2. Strider

    Foam tiles

    I'm sorry but I have to agree with @newlash09 here, we haven't got all Bank Holiday to wait for an update!! Out of interest, how much were they?
  3. That's a pretty neat John and you've actually understand the characteristics of your Quads and how best to implement the Batpures without introducing obvious distortion and obvious comb filtering, top work!
  4. A lot of sense here, on average a man that hasn't been exposed to prolonged periods of noise above what the normal threshold equates to will probably have high end frequency loss of approximately 3db per octave over a decade or so. Most men aged above 50 will have little high frequency above 15 kHz, those less fortunate might hear nothing above 10 kHz especially those subject to repetitive noise in the strike zone. ( My mother-in-law told me not to print this.) I have my ears tested three or more times per year and my left ear rolls off after 15.7 kHz, left at 15 kHz so you're right that
  5. Strider

    Foam tiles

    Micky, if you can afford losing more floorspace I'd recommend a few more large house plants, especially on the room corners, they're also prettier that acoustic tiles. A couple more scatter rugs would help too, the plants and rugs together should help tame some of the brightness you hear. If yuu decide on wall art the canvas shouldn't be sealed (gloss/oil paints etc) and preferably have less paint and more material on show. You can then fill the void inside the frame with the chap acoustic tiles. If it were me once I'd made a few harmonious changes within the room I have to agree with @ga
  6. Hi John I've had a fiddle with phase of my loudspeakers, I wired them out of phase as this is an easy task due to using banana plugs on the speaker cables. There was a difference to the sound but some of the propulsive bass was reduced - some refer to it as 'slam', to me the dynamic s were a little muted. I then fitted the Batpure ST's in phase, not much of a difference really. I then ran the ST's out of phase and the 'normal' audio resumed although still lacking 'slam'. Finally I put the speakers and ST's back in phase and normality resumed, the music is punchy, large dynamic swing
  7. Strider

    Foam tiles

    Hi Micky, sorry for the late reply, I wouldn't advocate covering a whole wall, not only would it look nasty it wouldn't be a good idea acoustically either. I take it you must be single for considering such a thing?
  8. I've said this many times before but here goes: I work in professional audio and have done for decades, recording studios, broadcast and very high end DSP audio distribution. The majority use Dante, Crestron, Biamp, Motu Soundweb etc, the overriding factor is not a single system I've ever worked on or commissioned use anything other than enterprise network switches and CAT6 or above cables, I've also encountered legacy installs his g CAT5. Much of a network traverses many patchbays, switches and 100' of metres of structured cabling, unless it's broken, not qualified for the installation
  9. Strider

    Foam tiles

    I've bought a few boxes over the years, I've even lined the corner of a drum booth and it helped with transients reaching the air mics. I've also used a whole box in my down mixing studio at home but doubled them us as they are really to thin to completely damp reflections but they are useful as cheap diffusers all the same. If you do make a purchase open the box and scatter the tiles and leave them for a few days because they reek from the chemicals used in the processing. When you install them try and create a random distribution rather than a fixed pattern as this will help breaking u
  10. You've pretty much echoed my findings although I've not tried them facing up toward ceiling but there are several speaker manufacture such as Castle that utilize tweeters or super tweeters in this configuration. I've used Blutack on the brackets I made as it makes experimental positioning much easier and as the little things weigh about as much as a bats dropping there's no need for anything else. I also intend to try out Johns' recommendation of reverse phasing the speakers and trying the st's in either phase. You know me well enough by now I'm sure that I've got a rather sceptica
  11. Hi John, I'll give it go - over the weekend I'll reverse phase the main speakers and try the ST's on the front and play with the phase of the ST's to see how things pan out, I'll put up my findings and give an honest opinion. My mind is never closed - I've just got a healthy bull shit filter!
  12. Hi John, I reversed both, with the same result, I admit not to wiring the ProAcs out of phase though. I found mounting them on the front of the baffle almost touching sift dome tweeter would overcome come filtering but positioned there was detrimental. They sit on the rear of the speakers now but are wired in phase, I tried out of phase but didn't notice any difference either way, I am happy with the results though and for the price of three bottles of pop I think it was a worthwhile punt.
  13. According to the bumpf no extra padding is needed, you'd think such a minute ribbon would smoke with anything more than half a Watt is pumped into it but apparently not. Mine are plugged directly into the speaker terminals, no extra crossover is required.
  14. Whoop! Mine arrived last Saturday, sorry for the slow update but I've been rather busy with less important things. I used some solid .5mm silver wire (stole it from the Mrs's jewlery craft crap) and fed it though 5.1 mm PTFE tube, soldered them to the terminals of the ST's, of course I used a pair of surgical clamps to dump heat to the delicate parts. I used a couple of pairs of nice screw on jack plugs for direct connection to the speaker binding posts. I folded some 1.5 mm aluminum powder coated plate to mount the used the supplied sticky pads just for experimentation purposes. The
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