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  1. I couldn't agree more that it's an opinion and opinions should be encouraged, anecdotal evidence also carries water but it's still just an opinion. I'm all for tinkering and experimenting eeking out the last drop of sound quality from a domestic setup but some methods of eeking are IMHO baffling. My day to day job is designing audio matrices, DSP, routing and signal path integration from source to audience. videoconferencing, lecture theatres, live music venues and domestic installations want invisible solutions and reduce box count, this is where networked audio excels.
  2. I had no idea the progmeister is with us! I love Progzilla, there are a couple of other stations I listen to but 'zilla presses my buttons.
  3. JBK, "Ism." JBK or Jansen Barbieri Karn, is the name by which former Japan and Rain Tree Crow band members Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn
  4. I beg to differ, it this were the case then I'm sure Dante, Crestron, Soundweb, BiAmp, Clearone and many more audio designers like me would be auditioning switches and routers, of course we're agnostic when it comes to manufacturer but as long as it's up to specification of works. Switches simply do not have a 'sound', well I suppose it it has a fan cooled PSU then it makes a difference audibly.
  5. No disrespect but who listens to Ethernet switches?
  6. Holy thread resurrection batman!
  7. Korn, "Untouchables." Just because I can!
  8. Benjamin Francis Leftwich, "Last smoke before the snowstorm." Lovely, gentle and dreamy.
  9. One of the best works from the 21st century. ELO are effing awesome.
  10. Average at home is around 50/55 if there are intruders in my man-cave, if it's just moir then peaks of up to 90 db isn't uncommon. The thing for us all is the SPL measurements are not indicative of frequency response or more clearly what frequencies are causing the transient spikes in metering, I use A for an average measurement because it's indicative of human hearing. C weighting for measuring a drum booth or post eq when I can't trust my ears for checking low room modes and Z for measuring background noise such as traffic/air con especially any that cause problems noise when setting up mics Our of interest what weighting do you guys use on your meters or phone apps?
  11. Look at it like this, "You're not the man for the job." Really means " The job is not for the man." Sometimes it's worth just putting together a simple CV using an Office template and posting it through a few doors, a lot of companies welcome people that take the initiative to actually get off their arse looking for a job then waiting for a job to come to them. Don't give up but don't give in, there's always light on the horizon despite how dark it seems right now.
  12. Katatonia, "The great cold distance."
  13. Pork crackling dust inhaled through a 20 quid note? Bacon brain baby....
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