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  1. Hi Paul, you might as well as they'll share the same LAN anyway, keeps things a little tidier...
  2. Just to clarify - out of a LAN port on router (not the WAN port)/to any port in the switch, plug the vortexbox into a port in the router.
  3. Plug it into one of the LAN ports, the WAN port is for a modem etc.
  4. Sad news that Rupert Neve has died, a collusus to audio engineers.
  5. I don't know him personally but in my honest opinion (I hope I'm not breaking the AUP) I do miss his pedantry.
  6. Stop it, this thread measured well but it clearly performs poorly gag wise!
  7. Thanks for replying Simon, whilst we might not see network switches and cables in the same vein I agree entirely on using one's ears to evaluate audio instead of just reading reviews due to the hyperbole surrounding hifi, the ears have it! Mark Thanks for this tuga, I'll give the article a read once the tramadol kicks in and I can see better. Mark
  8. Thanks tuga, so a half decent network switch works perfectly without the need for additional breaks in the signal path?
  9. Keith was right about many things, it was his frankness that got people's backs up. I don't concur with that If it measures well it will sound well though, not always the case by any stretch as many here can testify...
  10. Forgive me if I'm wrong but Simons lost was about how certain network switches improve sound quailty, how does a network switch have an impact on the DAC?
  11. Sorry Simon, without being patronising measurists and network engineers understand that there isn't such a thing as a 'hifi network switch, hifi network cables' and a network doesn't have a 'sound'. I work in the networked audio industry and use Dante, Crestron, AMX, Soundstructure, Bi-Amp, ClearOne, Q-SYS DSP's etc, if it's broken it won't work, if it's not broken it works, 100s of metres of cable going through multiple comms rooms, patch bays and the signal still gets to the far end unmolested. The same networks also distribute video at up to 8k and it still works if properly terminated and plugged in the right hole. With network audio it's all digital, the only analogue bit (see what I did there)is the cable to/from the switch. I have no beef with h-ifi-ists that can hear the difference regarding network devices and cables as it keeps suppliers and manufacturers in business and in the current climate many garden shed producers have gone under. If you can prove us engineers wrong then I'll give up my day job and sell ice cream to Eskimos!
  12. French based Raspberry Pi streamer/Dac, Swedish amplifier, British speakers.
  13. Still have CD's on shelves in the listening room/man cave and scattered all over the house due to having a household of cracked family members with great taste in music. With some sadness I put all my albums into storage following a flood that had three of us running up and down the stairs trying to save my meagre 5000 +/- collection. One thing I do miss about album covers is it was the perfect spliff rolling platform, so many tunes enjoyed by so many friends on a magical musical tour. I stream about 90% of my music now from either two NAS dives, a data bank from the studio over VPN or from my families NAS drives, the main setup uses a Audiophonics Raspdac kit with a Sabre 9038 chip and sounds superb.
  14. Get yer cape and get out of here.