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  1. I don't recommend running the ends of the cable either, due to cold weld, tarnished surfacing, loosening from movement and a small increase in resistance. Same goes for speaker cables, bare wire or soldered/crimped plugs.
  2. If the casework is metal just loosen a screw and use a length of wire to bond the two devices.
  3. Dayum, that really looks the dogs furry purse now, looking forward to some reviews next.
  4. That's got some real coolness about it.
  5. Nice. needs swags and tails curtains, a nice dado rail and a painting of that crying girl on the wall to really set the mood.
  6. You know it makes sense to put the foo one between the DAC and pre-amp, you'll only lie awake at night wondering if you did the right thing. Just make sure you follow the directional arrows on the cables if they have them!
  7. Reading most of the blurb there is more than reinvention of equalization must be used to get the best from them, if such a thing is possible.
  8. I'm not fusshy me, looks aren't everything and judging by some systems I've heard sound isn't either...
  9. Ok, for your delight, education in all fings tekhnicaal I present to you this, please read it all - it's worth every page... I'm sold already.
  10. I'll pop up a link to the website later, insane ideas, bizarre claims, total technical misunderstanding and 'reviews'. It's awsome...
  11. I remember those! "The best speaker in the world..." Hideous things that looked like a chintzy gold/brown swirly patterned pedestal complete with a car speaker sprayed in a fetching gold. I was told never to say the name on the 'Wam as the bloke selling them, touted as "The best speaker in the world" was going through a libel case because somebody had the temerity pointed out the obvious.. Please visit the site and see how awsome these speakers are...
  12. The absolute best speakers..