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  1. Looks like Cloffo after the massive weight loss and the saggy skin you're left with.
  2. Strider


    My wife wholeheartedly agree with you. For me, (after red bush) is porridge with ground nuts (phnaar) almonds, sunflower, pumpkin, chia and sesame. Handful of sultanas and oat milk.
  3. Used commonly in our abode: Going for a gypsies kiss (pi$$). Up the aris (Aristotle = bottle = bottle and glass = arse) Apples n pears (stairs) You're having a giraffe! (laugh) Mincers = mince pies (eyes) Frog and road (road) What a cnut! (What a cnut!) Literally...
  4. I hope those bullets were made using oxygen free copper...
  5. I'm amazed that somebody bought speaker cables that were already "burnt in", no wonder the cables performed so badly..... Burning in cables...
  6. To be really honest I wouldn't trust regular audio equipment for testing your hearing as it's frequency response is far from flat and not calibrated. For board spectrum setting up they can be invaluable when wiring speakers and dialling in subwoofers, it's also great fun seeing your speaker drivers reaction when trying out a full frequency sweeps at 90 db.
  7. I'm sure there are dealers that would be happy to loan a few cables on sale or return basis? You can try them all out to see which one has the nicest braiding and ridiculous name, then sit back and be safe in the knowledge that the £250 you spent on a cable might be better spent fixing the mains filtering on your amplifier... Back to my fallout shelter me thinks! Mods, please delete my post if it offends or breaks any rules in the 2 channel threads.
  8. Nice setup, is it possible to push the Arc's towards the corners of the room, this should warm up the upper mid a little and being off axis will help tame the top end.
  9. Fair point however I think that hardware would have a far greater impact on sound than a cable.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Class A temperature drop slightly when seeing a load? If it is the case then jam your gorgeous amp into a cupboard and play louder, a lot louder should cool it down nicely.
  11. I've found that speakers with a narrow baffle or offset tweeters have better imaging/soundstage, edge diffraction can blur the projection of upper frequencies.
  12. Hey rushboy, welcome to the 'Wam, If you can let us know what your equipment is, room dimensions/furnishings, speaker location etc then you'll probably get a more informed response rather than using a cable as a 'tone control'.
  13. Strider

    LV speakers

    I've heard a couple of different (looked very similar) of LV's at peoples houses and loved the broad brush stroke delivery that enveloped rather than squirted music at you, listening to monitors most days and then programming audio in lecture theaters, studios and and boardrooms can get tiresome so listening to something un-fatiguing yet having a close to neutral spectrum the 'sit back and enjoy' is what my tired lug holes need. The LV's I heard also gave a very good phantom placement of musicians which is the icing on the cake for me. At home I only have a very modest pair of ProAc Studio 140's and a Primare I30 amplifier, together they create a similar presentation, relaxed yet detailed, very dynamic when called for and the elusive but so addictive 'imaging/soundstage'. I absolutely cannot bear speakers that have an unnatural and forced voicing around 500 Hz to around 8 kHz , some (that probably presbycusis*) think it's detailed! I've had to endure a couple of Focal models but by far the most ferocious speakers I've ever heard were Triangle, and not just one model - every pair (4) I've heard was pure aural torture ironically both French manufactured. But we all have different requirements and to criticize another's choice of speaker is churlish. *Not pertaining to the golden-eared senior citizens here of course..... George - Gwyneth Herbert's 'Narrow Man' is unsavory irrespective of what transducer its foisted upon.
  14. The Apple never falls far from the tree.. Welcome back John!
  15. Hi Jamster, again a huge thanks for you input here. It turned out the motherboard was dicky and Asus swapped it out but the issue still wasnt fully resolved! It turns out the UFEI is actually incorrect when it complex to USB3 and USB2 always on and the power delivery was to megre when the system isn't running windows, there were multiple settings I had to try in the lower setup that even Asus said they've never needed to adjust or tinker with. They then asked me to email a copy of my UFEI profile and sure enough they will implement the settings in this next update release. Even better was they fully reimbursed the full cost of the motherboard as a good will gesture!