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  1. What did you think of the Fynes sound quality? Was the treble uncouth
  2. Thanks that’s a speaker marque I have yet to try
  3. What speakers are you guys using with Gato amp? Good match or need to change?
  4. Update on Roon they are now doing monthly subscription so I’m back with it and it is superb!
  5. Totally agree I had both and used roon. But! The Eunhasu part of SoTM was a ball ache used to crash all the time. Couldn’t log in for days sometimes all down to the web page not the players I gave up on the end it was soo bad. using my 400NPM with roon and tidal was superb especially on masters but as you say some recordings are just polished turds! i don’t have Roon now as in these times I can’t afford it but hell I miss it a lot! ive been back and forth with tidal and quobuz and both have good and bad points like everything with the Gato I don’t miss the SOtM gear at all and I had the £4500 ex1000 mqa dac and the 200 ultra and roon which was superb but the Gato 400NPM for the money does nearly as good at a far lower cost. Just need to get better speakers now as it’s showing their limitations more than my luxman did
  6. Lol haven’t been on for a fair while mate
  7. Yeah, Focal seem to get a very marmite reaction on hifi forums. although the reviews are mostly very positive. my interest was rekindled by 2 things, the Gato thread, ( I now have a Gato 400 ) and the fact my favourite dealer “Elite” has now got them on the portfolio.
  8. What’s the verdict on the focal 1028?

  9. Shweeet! what did they replace?
  10. Starting at £12k and not focal emmm? No!
  11. I’ve often read about Focal speakers, listened to them at shows, albeit the very high end stuff. like most brands there is almost always a sweet spot where performance and cost seem just right. thoughts?
  12. Would love to hear what you think, I had the linns years ago and really liked them at that time with a 200w lyngdorf amp
  13. I’ve had a few spendor speakers over the years and always regretted selling and had to spend high to better. Try the new 7 version it’s supposed to be really really good but system matching can be tricky. Don’t think with the power on tap that would be an issue though.