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  1. anyone have the sky box connected to a Gato amp? Is it even possible?
  2. Got my new cisco switch last week and got a nice fan less cooled cased NUC from a Wammer here, ( cheers Henry) all first class and simple plug and play set up. Roon rock loaded on the nuc, ( thanks again Henry) and I'm happy as fook! no issues what so ever and no drop outs since. Absolutely no idea if sound is better, but its a better set up than i had and everything plugged into the switch, sky, tv, blu ray player Amp all working perfectly.
  3. I’ve just bought a Titan one from Kronos av £199 and it’s really well made with point to point wiring not buz bar. I can recommend it
  4. With the demise of Oppo and Blu-ray players dropping off the radar. There is a new kid on the block with 2 new 4K players REAVON from France look really well made too from the pictures and spec. model 100 is 800euro while the 200 is twice that with nice bur brown dacs. https://www.reavon.com/reavon-ubr-x100
  5. Magic! ive missed my get together a with a few other hifi buffs I know here
  6. I have a pioneer lx88 blu ray player and it’s superb plays everything really well and has a decent dac built like a BSH were top of the pioneer tree at one time and £1100 when new might be selling on as it looking at the new Reavon blu rays from france
  7. Pity about yhevrestrictions as you could have come up for an evening for a listen
  8. I went the one box route getting rid of Dac, streamer, renderer amp and pre amp. Bought the 400 NPM haven’t looked back the dac in this is very very good and the ease of use and Roon connectivity is fantastic. I use this with my pioneer Blu-ray and the sound running through the Gato dac is superb Haven’t missed my £15k+ set up at all, ( Luxman valve amp, Tron pre, SOtM dac 200 ultra streamer) love the Gato
  9. Yeah pity as I did like them, the mid was forward but not in a nasty in your face way, it was really good most of the time. I had these for over 4 weeks and I did actually like them with most music at normal listening levels. Lovely with female vocalists. No speaker is perfect as they say. The 509’s aren’t either but what they do they do exceptionally well for the spend. That’s good enough for me at my budget ( these were also the cheapest of them all)
  10. Everything they do I really like, in my room with my system. Had the audiovector Q5 had a tighter bass they would be here now without me ever hearing these. Still can’t get Over how good the tweeter was on them. I would demo those too if your down his way might work better for you
  11. I did Pete very very helpful even in a pandemic I had the shop to my self and did auditions with my Gato. Was left to it with no pressure at all. I initially went to listen to the audiovector QR5 which have the astounding ribbon tweeter from the higher models and that I will never forget is was so bloody good. The mids were great too but alas the bass was far too warm and deep and bloody ruined what could have been a perfect speaker if not for that I also got speakers sent over from audio emotion free but if returning you pay the return post which I was happy to do after all they paid to get them to me with no deposit in fact I bought the 509 from David at Kronos
  12. I had the audio physic classic 15 in before these and they are really nice speakers but I found the mids are forward and the bass and treble a bit laid back. I did like them on most music but when it got loud and complex I found they lagged in timing
  13. That is exactly what I did, I auditioned 7 speakers that were on my list and these were not on my radar at all until I read the reviews by shear chance while looking for another review. Non of the speakers I auditioned were making sense to change from the pylon sapphire 3 ( cheap and very underrated ) all of which were good at most things but as you say there was a jiggle and if it’s there at the start even if you get used to it, will always be there and annoy at some point. The 509,s did everything well but not in a WOW way, I just stopped nit picking as I had with the others, so that was something I only noticed later on and as stated, these really don’t do the wow thing at all, they just got on with what I wanted without even knowing what that really was. on Room size and bass, I have what is probably one of the worst shaped room being 15’ x 15’ x 8’ high, the bass although deep is not in the least over baring, it’s so different from the others I have owned or heard, it’s tight deep when needed and very subtle when recorded just so. It never booms or dominates like some others. I have them 30cm from the rear wall and 120 from the side walls. I have a very slight toe in and the speakers are set on a marble base with is 20mm thick sitting on a concrete floor with wooden flooring and a big mat between them and me hope that helps
  14. All reviews I have read have hit the nail on the head. Now, that is a rarity in my opinion. So many times in the past I have auditioned kit that was put on the hi hifi pedestal of greatness only to be completely the opposite. Only after the Emperor’s clothes were seen ( or not as the story goes) did a backlash happen and loads of second hand items that fell from grace very fast were on every forum and auction sites for sale at a big loss. Seen it so many times over the years.
  15. Depends how deep the scratches are and how thick the black coating. First of all before you polish clay bar this with a medium grade clay bar this will remove any microscopic contaminant's and slightly reduce the scratches. Then you could try with a fine compound like Menzerna FG or Maguires compound. But make sure to use a brand new pad on the polisher. Dual action are not as cutting as a circular polisher so don't cut in as deep or cause burning. Go gently bit by bit until the scratch is either gone or you loose the bottle to go further. polish with Maguires polish and then wax with Maguires gold. If they don't come out they at least will be a lot less noticeable.
  16. TCP is only for starter systems, those in know use audiophile Jeyes fluid
  17. Everyone knows that Mermen are a myth!
  18. got mostly when streaming tidal and qubuz but mostly tidal as i use that more.
  19. Please make sure you soak the Mpingo Ebony in 1.5ltr of south coast Mairmaid urine for at least 24 hours before use. ( dont worry about any smell once dry, it has the aroma of toasted unicorn hoof) I can send you a link if you want its only £2,300 per ltr. and you can use it up to 3 times. Billy bargain if you ask me!
  20. Just got mine and indeed brand spanking new in factory sealed box, really well made from the looks and i can't wait for my nuc and cat 6 cables to arrive and get started. I'm looking forward to no drop outs, which is the reason i went this way and to keep my computer clear and have the nuc for Roon only. If i get better SQ then that's a bonus for me.
  22. Last bump before fleabay Subs, forest cable and bluray player available
  23. Still have my XL's superb speakers, best buy £ for£ i ever made GLWS
  24. English electric is owned by chord cables I think
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