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  1. I used mine without incident for the next 3 years until I did a big system change. The guy who bought the Ming from me never had any issues either, certainly none he felt he needed to report to me.
  2. Gutted. Man was a legend and a gentleman both. RIP Stirling
  3. With £167M I'd be paying the damn bands to come to my palatial residence to play private concerts
  4. I had a 703. When it arrived it wouldn't load discs, eventually I took off the top and bounced the transport about on it's springs. This cured the issue. Years later when I sold it, the same thing happened to the new owner. i had him do what I did - again, it solved the issue. Maybe they all do it? Ties in with what Graham said above as well.
  5. I'm using an Asus RT-N56U which has worked without issue for the last 4 years. I'd recommend Asus routers to anyone.
  6. Were they to offer this without the phono stage and cartridge for about £700 i'd be properly interested. I hate paying for electronics and a cartridge that I won't use.
  7. The noise generated by a PC power supply is largely irrelevant unless the DAC it's feeding is very poorly designed or is an older design. These days DACs are pretty immune to RF and other noise sources and most of them have buffers, eliminating any error from jitter as well. it's important to realise that noisy electrical signals don't matter to a digital system unless they are at such a high level that they interrupt the normal workings of the system, causing dropouts or very high error correction rates. Where PCs fall down on providing a bit-perfect data source is usually in the settings and the handling protocols for PC audio. Windows is very fond of converting all digital audio to 48khz regardless of it's original sampling frequency which introduces artifacts. It then likes to pass it through it's own volume and tone controls which use decimation and DSPs to play with the sound some more. You have to use ASIO, WASAPI or some other form of kernel streaming to bypass this molestation. Dedicated streamers are just correctly configured computers at the end of the day, there is no special magic with them.
  8. it's 29 nanoseconds, or 29x10-8 seconds.
  9. Had more than a few over the years. Kawasaki Z200 - clapped out and eventually stolen. Kawasaki AR125 - passed my test on this and went all over the country on it. Honda XBR500 - wanted a Cafe racer so got a modern equivalent. Honda VT500 - started despatching, more sensible than the XBR. Seat was a torture device though. Kawasaki GT750 - proper despatching tool with comfy seat. Lasted years until the starter clutch burned out. Suzuki GSX1100ET - Monster. Harris straight through racing pipe, woke the dead. Triumph Speed Triple T309 - The original. Full factory racing kit, even louder than the Suzuki. 8 years I had it until the starter clutch went on it, full engine strip required GSXR1100 - back to racing basics with a slabby. Kawasaki GT550 - cheap transport needed for a while. Frame cracked in half! Suzuki GSX1100EZ - slightly newer than my old GSX but just as much fun. BMW K100RS - Sensible gland starts to kick in. lovely bike, did me proud. Yamaha XJ900S Diversion - not half bad, build quality was awful. Bearings, disks and electrics wore or burned out regularly. BMW K1200RS - MUCH sportier and faster than the old K100. Still have this one for sunny sundays! Honda NT650 Deauville - Bought to be a sensible companion to the Beemer. Reliable but uninspiring. Still have it but soon to be sold. BMW R1150RT - Replacement for the Deauville. Much better on the long distance haul and a lot more fun. Keeping it. BMW F650CS - The Scarver. Nice little 650 single for the local commute and low speed, economical fun. Don't snap the drive belt like I did though... mucho £££
  10. That's the AT-VM95E, not the AT95E. That new version HAS been upgraded. The E3 uses the older AT-95E motor, which has the same specs as the E3 as you can see from the link: https://www.thakker.eu/en/pickup/audio-technica-at-95-e-cartridge/a-4916/#technicaldata
  11. Above you have the technical drawings of the Goldring and AT implementations of their 'Dual Magnet Designs'. 'Very different' eh?
  12. Heh That would be telling....
  13. Basically, stereo 2-track won't play properly on a 4 track deck, unless it's one of the rare models that has a little head mover gizmo on the head block that reconfigures the inputs and moves the heads to the correct position, like a Technics RS-1500. It's usually only for playback though.
  14. Nagaoka mp110 would have been my pick. The E3 is a repackaged AT-95E.
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