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  1. Picked up (just) this beast...
  2. Much like my experience with the Sony TA-F770ES, its just a big, powerful Integrated with a decent MM/MC Phonostage. Loads of power (Drives my 80dB ATC SCM10s with ease) and no real sonic signature, as far as I can hear anyway! And an overall shot, with the Castle Classic subwoofer installed (using a 12" ATC driver) Being sealed, already seems easier to integrate with the SCM10s.
  3. Fancied another big 'battleship' amp, tempted by the Sony TA-F770ES/870ES but decided on a Denon PMA-2000IVR. In the past I've had the PMA-2000AE and newer PMA-2500NE which I really liked, and of course, this one is Champagne to match my Sony DVP-S9000ES! It's just a little bigger than the svelte Bryston B60R! Also picked up a Castle/ATC Classic subwoofer, something a bit smaller than the REL Stadium II!
  4. REL Stadium II -Now SOLD Goodmans Axiom 10 - SOLD Sony TC-K611S - £120 inc Delivery Marantz CD63SE - £70 inc Delivery
  5. I'm travelling up to the Nottingham and Leeds area this Friday if that helps anyone.
  6. Currently got the SCM10s back in the system, very much enjoying them again!
  7. REL Stadium II -Now SOLD Sony TC-K611S - £135 inc Delivery Marantz CD63SE - £70 in Delivery Goodmans Axiom 10 - £180 inc Delivery
  8. Bump I can potentially deliver any of these bits to the 'North' in the coming weeks if that helps.
  9. Prices Reduced REL Stadium II -£400 (+Delivery) Sony TC-K611S - £135 inc Delivery Marantz CD63SE - £80 in Delivery Goodmans Axiom 10 - £180 inc Delivery Blok Aveos Cabinet - £125 (Collection) Prices Reduced REL Stadium II -£400 + Delivery Sony TC-K611S - £135 inc Delivery Marantz CD63SE - £70 in Delivery Goodmans Axiom 10 - £180 inc Delivery
  10. Not 100% sure yet, I've been playing with my SCM10s again, both very different but not decided quite which I prefer.
  11. In rough order (In Bold still own) Technics SCHD70 speakers Tannoy Mercury MX1 Tannoy DC1000 Tannoy Sensys DC1 CSS FR125S (DIY) Rega R3 KEF XQ1 Tannoy HPD315's in OB (DIY) Tannoy Cheviots Omnes Audio L8 (DIY) Silver Iris 10" Coaxials in OB (DIY) Rega Jura Bandor 50mm (DIY) Veravox 5S BiB (DIY) Veravox 5S Bipoles Rega R7 Tannoy Mercury S ATC SCM-7 Fostex FF225K Jericho Horns Kord Tornado Veravox 3 (Omnes Audio BB3.AL) (DIY) Keesonic Kolt Rega R1 ATC SCM10 Fountek FE87 IAS Prototypes Keesonic Kolt Wharfedale Diamond Active Plus Acoustic Energy AE2 Kord Vulcan Magnepan MMG KEF Reference 104/2 Eclipse TD-508 Veravox 5S Fostex FF225K Klipsch Heresy II DIY Actives (Seas Based) DIY Actives (Volt 10" Bass and Radian 850PB) Rega Alya Goodmans Axiom 201 ATC SCM10 Tannoy Chester (Project) Rega R9 Frugelhorn Lite KEF 201/2 Supravox 165-2000 (DIY) Supravox 2-way (DIY) Spendor S3/5R ATC SCM10 Tannoy Stirling TW
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