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  1. This week, the KEF Reference Three-Two, up there with my all time favourites like the 202/1, but with quite remarkable bass, dynamics and output capability. Pretty much just don't do ANYTHING wrong, which is my yardstick for speakers.
  2. Yeah, its taken a while but I think the wait was worth it. Love the Rosewood ('Rosenut I think officially), certainly over the Cherry/Black Ash and the two Burr finishes.
  3. Not ideal position at the moment, the room will be moved round next year with some building work. Rega P7/AT33PTGII with Neo & Linear PSU and Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk Sony DVP-S9000ES Yamaha CD-NT670D Denon PMA-2000IVR KEF Reference Three-Two (3.2) Bryson B60R & Decware Zen sitting un-used at the moment.
  4. After a long search, back in the KEF Reference game. Over the years I've had both the 104/2 and 201/2, the former I loved but could never get the bass to work well in my old flat (L-Shaped Room) and the latter, I very much loved, probably my favourite speaker I've had. At the time, we were looking to start moving house so were sold for various reasons. I've been after a pair of Three-Twos for quite a while, seemingly hard to find a pair in the finish I wanted, as well as being within collection/meetup distance.
  5. It would have been, had I not just picked one up off ebay on Sunday!
  6. Looking for one of the above cabinets, or something similar. Needs to have glass doors and an open back to accomodate deeper amplifiers.
  7. The 2500NE at Kegworth was probably mine. I've had the PMA-2000AE, 2500NE and now the older 2000IVR. They all seem pretty much the same spec really. The 2500NE had a great phonostage and DAC. If you don't need the DAC, I'd go for one of the older models as they are considerably cheaper (~£700) when they do come up for sale.
  8. I have, I would really prefer the Rosewood/Rosenut finish.
  9. Dual Concentric and Shiny... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265322379095?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338468473&toolid=10001&customid=b02ab4ae-1b04-11ec-98ef-333136613337
  10. Yep, the PMA-2500NE is a corker. As much power as you could pretty much every need, loads of inputs and I found the DAC to be excellent. The only downside is the sheer size, make sure it fits on/in your rack. So much so, I now have an older PMA-2000IVR, pretty much the same amplifier inside without the DAC. Years ago, before both I had the PMA-2000AE, the middle model, again, as far as I can tell and remember, pretty much the same as the PMA-2000IVR. The main difference operation wise, IIRC the 2500NE does not have a pre out, where as the older models do. I remember the built in phonostage being great in the 2500NE and 2000AE, I've not had a chance to try it in the 2000IVR yet.
  11. Yes I Have seen those it's just the ~5hr round trip is a bit of an issue at the moment, I can't commit to collecting.
  12. Thanks guys, this is geat content so I don't need to keep bumping the wanted thread
  13. Yep, I have a Denon PMA-2000IVR which should do the job.
  14. EDIT - All sorted now. I fancy giving these a go, if anyone has a pair for sale, happy to drive within reasonable distance to collect. Would be interested in an earlier Model Three if it has the boundry compensatio device built in. Ideally in the Rosetta Burr or Rosenut finish. Cheers, Rob
  15. I think they are a gateway drug into 'big Tannoys'...
  16. Fair point I saw some Stirlings the other day for £900 but at that price it had to be a scam The £900 Stirlings were mine (previous owner) and also had a couple of owners on the forum, no scam.
  17. Picked up (just) this beast...
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