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  1. Morch dp6 tonearm should work well with your Hana.
  2. sure there was a pair on here a little while back ,not sure if he sold them.
  3. Looking forward to the show being rescheduled
  4. Hi Simon Would love to come if there room left Cheers Steve
  5. Second Ace Anna a bit shorter
  6. Tea for the Tillerman by cat Stevens -45rpm 200g Sound quality stunning.
  7. Around 18 months of owning a dais I’ve decided to add a second Ace Anna Tonearm It’s the 10inch version looking forward to mounting a art 9 mc cartridge on it when it arrives
  8. Fall outs over a few old valves get a life
  9. Art 9 similar price range as well.
  10. I read very good reviews about this cartridge anyone use one?
  11. I think there is a guy on pinkfish selling one.
  12. I had a previous thread with regards to Beyer dynamic T1s but. I Decided to go with a set of Audeze lcd2 classic headphones Im looking at recommendations for a headphone amplifier to pair with them around £500 but could go a little more if it was worth it. Thanks in advance