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  1. Ob1 - you are soooo cool, I'm very envious! I'm surprised Iwan Roberts didn't mention you in his diary of that season, a great read for any Norwich fan! To think I wasn't overly impressed when the board appointed Lambert, shows why I'm just an accountant and not running a football club! Happy to be proved wrong and have really enjoy supporting our boys these last 2 seasons. I'm confident with Lambert at the helm we'll give a good account of ourselves next season, relegation will be on the cards but we'll give it a good shot and will enjoy it!
  2. Like you I used Poweramp but refuse to pay for a music player. Currently I use "TuneWiki" which does the job!
  3. Agreed - the guy is superb and well worth a listen!
  4. Some excellent recommendations - cheers guys, I'll check them out For me, High Violet by The National is the one album I keep on playing, over and over
  5. Thank for the heads up, I'm a huge fan! It seems he's as self indulgent as ever, but that's all part of his charm I suppose! Will give it a good few listens over the next couple of days....
  6. Will check that out when I get home from work, but they sounded good on Jools Holland the other week so looking forwardto hearing the album:^ Currently listening to The National's new offering, also superb!
  7. Cable Monkey wrote: Generation Kill is awesome Hurt Locker is awesome Both of the above really brings home the reality of modern warfare. Respect to our boys and our American brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan
  8. Cheers guys Wish I could have been at the game, my Dad said the atmosphere was electric, esp once the final whistle had gone! What a season, a humiliating defeat on the opening day to winning the league, and we've still got this sodding court case to get sorted! Hopefully we'll see Leeds and Huddersfield going up with us as well!
  9. Cheers Chumpy We're up but boy have we tried hard to throw it away!
  10. Nath

    Formula 1 2010

    That's seriously fucked up!
  11. Superb album - thanks for the heads up (He says arriving a little late onto the bandwagon )
  12. Nath

    I'm exhausted

    Biffa wrote: It's called El Turstaand Q seems to like it - http://www.joshrouse.com/ Back on topic - nothing wrong with how you consume your music, after all, it's all about the tunes
  13. Nath

    I'm exhausted

    Biffa wrote: Josh Rouse soothes me like no other - quality tunes You heard any of his new album?It's all in Spanish apparently!
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