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  1. Headcoat

    Quad 34 Service ?

    I've a 306 that I had serviced third party - new caps and resistors, tweaked to 1v input sensitivity. Entirely subjective but I feel it sounds better: punchier, more dynamic, still warm. Fully agree it could be my mind imagining this to justify cost. I did have a 44 and a 405-2 serviced by Quad way back. Quad don't automatically update capacitors etc. One cap in the 405-2 was replaced. Neither sounded any different whatsoever before or after. No right answer here. I'd say if you can afford it get someone to change out all the capacitors and replace key resistors etc, amps old and given the age quite possible things will blow anytime...
  2. Do cables make a difference - I have no idea. Can all acoustic differences be measured - I doubt it, But if speaker cables can change frequency response then for certain that would be measurable, would it not?
  3. Buy a reasonably priced 'neutral' cable and add tone controls or mini eq. You can then add or remove as you please to take into account your preference, the room, your speakers and other kit, even the recording if you so choose.
  4. @Phobic Listening now, great stuff. Quick read through the list of tracks and surprised to see they have left out 'Rated X' and 'Lord Send Me An Angel' both b-sides to singles, both acosutic.
  5. Cheers. Must have a listen. Always enjoyed his acoustic White Stripes numbers.
  6. You could always look at the NAD C388 or adding a C268 to run as a mon bloc with the C268 - both options will give you a fair bit more power. I agree on the C368, it sounds excellent for the price.
  7. It's strange that someone, not the buyer or as afaik a Harbeth owner, is getting so worked up about this and going to such lengths to criticise the customer service when the actual customer is perfectly happy. Take a step back plasticpenguin.
  8. Good point. Originally, it was really just a passing comment/observation re. the 405-1's. I think the Celestion 44's look gorgeous and am now tempted to try a pair one day...
  9. 9.2 mbps for 192/24 bit wow, that explains a lot; if I stream Qobuz at that rate whilst another streams TV I get bad buffering - we only get 12 mbps or so wirelessly. Thank you. I'm still not convinced, recording/mastering aside, even at that bit rate it sounds any better than Spotify. Certainly it's not a significant enough improvement for my ageing ears!
  10. From the ASR review, and this sums up my experience in which the CCA at least matches various CD players as transports: "4. Using a well-designed Dac like the Topping D50, there is no difference at all between Toslink from Chromecast or higher fidelity sources. All the jitter is filtered out resulting in the performance of the DAC itself being the limit. #4 is a great news here. It means that if you have a good DAC and use Roon, you can turn your DAC into a streamer/renderer using the Chromecast Audio. For just $35, that is a superb addition. As such, the combination of Roon and Chromecase audio is highly recommended! "
  11. Possibly. Couldn't understand using 405-1's when almost everyone says 405-2's are superior.
  12. Interesting point on 1 star reviews is people are also paid to negatively shill the opposition i.e. 1 star reviews are sometimes, even often, fake. Don't have the link to hand but read an article recently on exactly this subject, third party marketing companies hire people to both promote product and slate the opposition online more than we could imagine, it was eye opening.