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  1. I'll take you a Sun Ra, and raise you a Sun Ra.
  2. The mind plays such tricks. I've plugged in my old Revolver R16's today for a whirl. On the hour I prefer them, at ten past I prefer my others, at twenty past I'm unsure and round we go again. Everything has it's merits and downsides. Personally, I've learnt my first impressions can be wrong or right. Lots of gentle relaxed (not necessarily at low volume mind you) listening of a wide range of material is the only way my brain can possibly choose! Others might be more objective from the start line, me - I'm beginning to learn all sorts of bias and different material have a big impact
  3. Grateful Dead Live at The Palladium on 1977-05-04 https://archive.org/details/gd1977-05-04.sbd.miller.91970.sbeok.flac16/gd77-05-04d1t04.flac
  4. Discovered yesterday you can now stream archive.org There's a casting button just under the timeline and above the track list for each recording. All you then need is a Chromecast Audio or streaming dac. Saves me downloading/burning to CD or rigging a cable up from the iPad to amp. Some of the audience recordings are of mixed quality. The soundboards and matrixes (soundboard mixed with audience recording) are as good as the CD's to my admittedly ageing hearing. The FM concerts, as mentioned prior, are usually very nice sounding too.
  5. This is really interesting. I have the vinyl box set of this gig, which is excellent if a little dry in places and missing the noodling between songs. This version is a matrix; using the soundboard recording mixed with 'tapers' audience recordings. It's less dry, perhaps less precise but I dunno... it boogies and grooves more? And of course, you can hear the crowd and between songs noodling. Grateful Dead. 08/05/1977. Barton Hall, Cornell University. https://archive.org/details/gd1977-05-08.mtx.dan.35086.flac24/gd1977-05-08-MTX-DA24-d1t05.flac
  6. Couple of pics of Rangers at Villa in 1968.
  7. Aston Villa! My memories as a QPR supporter. 1976/77 season. League Cup Semi Final. 0-0 at Loftus Road. Villa fans invaded the pitch at full time. We had season tickets, at the time this included cup tie vouchers. Replay at Villa Park. 2-2. Far too young to travel back then. Another replay at Highbury. We had seats right by the Clock End which was full of Villa supporters. I was just 10 years old. Villa won 3-0. Apparently, my brother and myself were in tears all the way home on the Piccadilly Line. The Villa fans bouncing up and down throughout the second half
  8. I'm a jazz lover. My dad is and was always into it big time. Saw Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, and Horace Silver Quintet at Ronnie Scotts in approx. 1987. Loved it. Over the next thirty years I liked it but often struggled with the playback of sax and trumpet on a hi-fi; just too screechy sometimes. Over the past four or five years it's become my go-to genre. Sun Ra even gets a good listen. Sax and trumpet now sounds great; I think both my ears have adjusted and my system has become more suitable. Perhaps what helped me is being a huge Grateful Dead listener, they meander
  9. Thank you. No need to rig up, I usually use co-ax as a preference. Pondering it. If nothing else, you've got a bump on me.
  10. Hi, kind of interested in this. Can you point me to any reviews, further information? Assume co-ax and optical inputs are working fine? Cheers
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