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  1. Not sure about Yamaha receivers but my WXA-D10 can stream apps such as Spotify and Quboz from the MusicCast app or direct from from the original app i.e. Spotify or Qubuz. Not even sure if that was unclear but thought I'd add it. I've found the WXA-D10 to have a rock solid connection, though sometimes the third party apps themselves play up.
  2. That's all good. Just been reading some of the ASR reviews; it did puzzle me where he estimates an in room response - I'd have expected every room to have a different effect on the speakers fq, no two rooms being the same in all manner of ways. My heads now spinning from looking at fq graphs. Think I'll go back to enjoying or not enjoying and eq'ing as I wish.
  3. Lol. Just looked at the Klipsch measurements and they mostly echo exactly what I do by dropping the mids centred at 2k between 3-6db on all recordings! I also leave the highs flat (mostly) and boost the bass some. If I switch the eq off it all sounds tinny to me! Lots of detail but no music. Taking my hearing into account this is fits with the slope from lows down to highs that apparently most people prefer. Maybe I ought to demo some Klipschs 😎
  4. Read the whole article in reasonable depth. In amongst it all one quote from 'Jules' by the interviewer struck a chord with me: "A Hi-Fi system is not a a microscope. A quote: “It is not obvious that the musical point requires anything like uncovering ‘details’; it requires uncovering musically relevant details. And not just as details, but as parts of a resolved musical whole. Something capable of conveying musical information, or expressing a narrative – in words or music or both."" I'm with that. These really are, to me, immeasurable qualities: feel, flow, resolve, coherence etc The flowery stuff that stops it being clinical. I've said it before but I think I can sometimes tell when an engineer is too focussed on precision measurements in their work and when they also get the feel or the groove. Pushing detail and seperation in the mix at the expense of the whole really kills it for me. It's a balance between the two. Detail is great, as is seperation but too much and it's ingredients and no dish. The Leonard Cohen Live in London lp posted up recently captures the right balance; my sense is if the engineer had purely come at it from a measurement perspective they'd have destroyed the mix, they also got the groove and the feel of the performance - that's art, and some science.
  5. Yep, I'm guessing once any speaker is installed in any given room the sound is going to change considerably, even that two identical measuring, but different, speakers will sound remarkably different in the same room.
  6. High end is what sounds good to the individual. And maybe what also looks good on the rack. As simple as that. Well at least it is for this slightly more than slightly hard of hearing person. That might be more expensive and it might not be. That might measure well conventionally and it might not do. Anything else is simply pretence or measurement. They (budget/mid/hi end) are marketing terms without guaranteed relation to your enjoyment, or lack of.
  7. Just playing the Kenny Burrell and loving it. Will give that Ini Kamoze a spin, I've still got Call The Police on 7 inch somewhere, a blast from the past. And then came Wayne Smith and Sleng Teng which I actually like/liked... even enjoyed Tippa Irie's 'Sleng Teng Finish Already'... but I agree it wasn't long till it all went wrong.
  8. Interested to hear your perception of the sq of these beauties, they're in my list of being considered...
  9. I'm in GL5 as well, just north of Nailsworth. Can you hold for me for an hour or two while I just check out a few things please?
  10. Hi,

    How would you describe the sound of this Yamaha?

    Could you send the word doc from the technician to me at mikesherwin@mac.com please?

    Many thanks,


    1. peachathome


      Hi Michael

      I have just sent you an email with the information requested.

      Best wishes


  11. Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all. Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know
  12. Oh my word, that's what a speaker ought to look like. Can only assume it sounds like a speaker ought to sound as well.
  13. May do, might keep them for a refresh every now and again. Waiting on a second pair of S2's to arrive and a friend to return some B n W DM110s from loan. I'll them have five pairs for three arrangements. Once they're all here will have a play around and go from there.
  14. I'd take these in a flash but have two spare sets of speakers already. Bargain price too.