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  1. Add an l at the end of the audioreview link i.e. .html The link will then work. GLWTS.
  2. It sounds like a metaphor to me: Lighthouses prevent boats/ships ending up on the rocks/sinking, they also guide the sailor.
  3. All seems fine. Subjectively it actually sounds better i.e. fuller and deeper. Warmer 😄
  4. It's around 35 degrees c here currently, inside and out. Ok to use my tube headphone amp? Or too hot. I'm thinking it'll be just fine but interested what others think....
  5. I'll just go take a bite out of a few pairs and let you know... 😄 For clarity, translate the wine preference to one of a speaker where full bodied = plenty of bass, little acidity = careful on the 2kHz to 7kHz range etc.
  6. Are you sure it's all about the rolled off treble? Admittedly I have poor hearing at upper frequencies, in both ears but the right is real bad, nonetheless harshness/thin tone can often be more about the upper mids imo (approx. 2-7kHz rather than higher up). It's why I use a Loki eq with all set ups. Boost bass, drop mids and often increase the highs too. As a base point, people supposedly prefer a slow downward trend from bass through mids and into highs. Then factor in hearing loss. And the recording, and your own specific preference. I'm sure there's more than a frequency and distortion graph to how we hear, but still.... My dad's got a pair of those QAcoustics and via a cheap Denon midi-system they sound excellent. I demo'ed some ATC's year back. It may have been the demo room with wooden floors, it may have been the serviced Quad 405-2 - yet they sounded frigid, flat, detailed but without soul or body or depth. No flow at all. I like my wines full, velvety, full bodied, little acidity, loads of dark fruits!
  7. ps I wouldn't place *too* much heed to what your dealer says. All dealers will have a cognitive bias to a. their personal preference / their ears b. what they make the biggest cut on / what they need to shift and also likely c. what sounds best in their demo room. Sure, by all means, take on board advice, but maintain some independence around the possibilities. I say that myself as a fool for rushing in and being far too loyal once I have established a relationship. You are the customer after all. No harm in going to other dealers who may stock other manufacturers.
  8. Didn't compare them to much actually. Except various speakers I've had over the years - none in the price league you're demo'ing, except an old pair of KEF 104/2's that had seen better days, and the Spendor S5E's. I've also head the previous range of Quad L speakers, a pair of L standmounts I owned and they didn't work for me. The S and Z series are a big improvement imo. If you can give them a try, who knows what you might think.
  9. I'd also give Spendor past and present consideration, wish I'd never sold my S5E's now I have two different rooms.
  10. Way under your price range but have a listen to Quad S2, Z1 and Z2. Plenty of detail without being fatiguing. Long shot....
  11. These are still up for sale.
  12. This poor bloke sold a kidney for the cable: I was disillusioned with all the so called hi end cables id bought & could not believe all the hype in the reviews about how the resonance cable, “Should not do this!” Once I put it in, I could never take it out the system, or give it back-as plenty hard I tried! It’s a no brain’er/ in the end it took me over! Every time I took a bit out the music fell down, you just had to have it. It has a Knack of sounding right. I had to sell my kidney & ive only got two or id sell the other ha ha ha. Thank you for your help Shabir you’re a gentleman, I know the fundamentals the same ill be down soon. Re: Resonance System Peter Durnell West Bromwich
  13. Oh my giddy giddy giddy giddy lord. WTAF. It reads like a banking scam.
  14. Is that the cherry finish in the photo? If so, and if Spider isn't interested, feel free to drop me a PM.
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