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  1. Yes I am aware that these dip below 4ohm which is problematic for some amps. I can hear that the Sony amp I'm using now doesn't't deliver enough current. Worse case scenario I'll buy something like a second hand MF A5 or similar which I know will drive then. I was however hoping for an all in one solution.
  2. Evening all. In my mancave in Spain I have a pair of MMG's. Currently powered by an asthmatic Sony F542E Amp. I use it only to play digital files and Spotify via Volumio running on a Pi3b. The amp needs replacing in a few months so I am looking at a cheapish stereo receiver that can power the speakers and give me various digital facilities - Bluetooth, Spotify, Tidal etc. Does anyone know whether this would work?
  3. My wetdream cars along with similar age Alfettas. The 80's GTV's maxed out at 3.0. South Africa was big Alfa country before they pulled out and the 3.0 GTV sold in the rest of the world was first marketted in SA.. The GTV 2000 and 1750 are just beautiful cars whilst the Alfetta based GTV's are quite menacing looking. The newer GTV's are lovely but nowhere near as striking cars - I have had both a twinny and a Buso. The only cars on this earth that make my blood pump.
  4. Ive gone from a 2.2 diesel to a Skoda 1l petrol. I miss my old car for its character - a Citroen C5 - but this Skoda has most of the tech I want, it is very nippy and will sit happily on the motorway at 80 while being frugal with fuel.
  5. I have 30+ copies of hi news and a few hifi world from the last four years if anyone wants them. They are in Slough and need to go as a single lot. Can't keep them more than two or three days.
  6. No, its a tie up between Argos and eBay to have stuff delivered to Argos stores for collection.
  7. That's been my experience with Audio T Cardiff. Service is so so. Years ago I had such poor service that I complained to Rega about them. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  8. I once had a maid called Goodness who did that to a brand new AT F5 while dusting. Now, nobody cleans my TT.
  9. Flaxton I managed to buy some at a chemist in Roath - on Wellfield Road - but they would only sell me a litre. I got a 5l bottle off eBay and about 25l of lab grade water delivered to my house last year and it was dirt cheap.
  10. I hope someone can help! I have an HP server in my room running the SB server software and connected to my router via Cat 5. My SBT sits elsewhere connecting to the network wirelessly. I use the official app on my phone as well as Squeezecomander to control everything. My problem occurs when the server has gone to sleep. I can't get the SBT to wake the server. I get an error saying the player could not be found. If I walk over to the SBT I can wake the server or by sending a magic packet from my phone. Am I correct in assuming that comms between the phone app and SBT always have to go via the server or is there some way of getting the phone to speak to the SBT without the server being on? TIA
  11. Guys, due to purchase of a Touch, I need to flog my Squeezebox Duet which is still in reasonable condition having been rarely used in the last 2 years. Does anyone know roughly what they are worth now? TIA
  12. Alfa's are the only cars that I lust over - particularly 60's - 80's models. I currently own two GTV's and would happily own more if it wasn't for the rip offs of insurance and road tax. Whilst I love the older cars - particularly the first generation GTV's and Berlinas - I also want Alfa to survive. If that means joining forces with the company that have made such an incredibly succesful car like the MX5 then so be it. I would far rather that than see more of the souless, bland boxes like the MiTo on the roads. Roll on the 4C - hopefully that will change things for Alfa and get them back where they should be - makers of the most beautiful motoring machines available to the average Joe. If something positive doesnt happen very soon I can see Alfa being consigned to motoring history.
  13. Actually Butuz you are even closer top me than I thought! Probably only 3 or 4 miles as the crow flies. I'd probably be up for a bake off - work willing! Sent from my Dell Streak - excuse the spelling mistakes!
  14. Many thanks Earl. My Uncle Frank was a smalltime Welsh opera singer back in the 60's and 70's. He was appearing in a town near Swansea and had requested that there be no microphone on stage - he thought they were an insult to his abilities. When he walked out on stage a mic had been set up for him and Uncle Frank went to move it not knowing that it was to be the last thing he would ever do. As he touched the mic stand he was electrocuted and died on stage in full view of his audience. Consequently I have a healthy respect for leccy - and would certainly not have been planning on "dicking around" with my amp. Now to try the extra long mains cable.....