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  1. Hi, these units are Class II ‘double insulated’ construction , earth and fuse via mains wall socket, no additional filters or DC blockers
  2. Now listed on eBay for the above price so reduced to forum members here £395
  3. Normal domestic UK mains is single ended. This unit alters the incoming mains to a balanced topology resulting in a removal of noise and distortion inherent with much of the UK mains quality. Depending on how ‘Dirty’ your mains quality is this unit will lower the noise floor of your attached HiFi equipment resulting in an enhanced listening experience, particularly effective powering source equipment. This was a special order from NVA , Comprising an all- acrylic NVA bespoke case containing a UK Spec 230W 1KVA balanced mains transformer feeding 4 X audio quality unswitched and non fused Schuko receptacles and a 10 Meter power lead... The unit will be supplied with a UK Mains plug. ********** THIS UNIT MUST USE A UK SPEC 13 AMP *FUSED* MAINS PLUG TO CONNECT TO A MAINS WALL SOCKET ********** ********** DO NOT EXCEDE TOTAL POWER DRAW ON THE 1 KVA RATED BALANCED TRANSFORMER ********** Never used other than to test continuity. Imaculate condition. £425 Bank transfer or PP Gift Or cash on collection London E11 This is a heavy unit therefore Postage + £25 Origional NVA factory box and packaging. Dimensions Of BMU- w350mm x h140mm x d290mm
  4. All in very good condition with no stripped threads or screw heads...Full retail boxed. RRP where purchased £258 Selling @ £178 each or £480 job lot. Collection from London East or RMSD at cost
  5. Highly effective Isolation Equipment feet, ‘Beast Heavy ’ machined out of solid metal. Mint condition with all box and packaging inc original shipping box. RRP £499 for a set of 4 looking for £785 PP or bank transfer P+P of choice at cost https://youtu.be/ldWHl7HJJhM
  6. Excellent condition with only a couple of minor scuffs to one of the main and terminal blocks, spade-spade , Cables only, world renowned speaker cables. £2875 + shipping of choice at cost
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