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  1. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    Thanks, that helps.
  2. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    OK, thanks.
  3. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    How much capacitance roughly would a 1.5m phono cable produce ?
  4. OK thanks but I think I may have it sorted out now I hope.
  5. Hi All Looking for a pair of WiFi/Bluetooth headphones to use with my my Primare amp, any recommendations would be good. Price range £100 to £200, not looking for the best just something half decent. I assume I will need something to connect to my Headphone amp via the audio output jack ? Sorry but I am a noob to all this wifi/blutooth headphone world so really not sure what I need to make this work. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that, I'm sorted
  7. I asked this quite a while ago but moved away from the Project Phono Box SE II, recently had to move back because the phono stage I had been using blew on me and the links had been removed but I have them. What would be the best links to use for an Ortofon 2M Blue ?
  8. DS Audio ST50, just looked this up - £75, I will not be getting one anytime soon.
  9. I am pleased to say I have none That is a pretty limited list seeing as it covers a century, just more marketing in my book.
  10. Play LOUD For the pure energy of a live gig.
  11. I do still look in here but just do not know any of late or even have any idea
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