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  1. Oh dear thought your follow up was going to be good news but it was not to be
  2. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    Thanks, that helps.
  3. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    OK, thanks.
  4. Cas

    Capacitance ?

    How much capacitance roughly would a 1.5m phono cable produce ?
  5. Thanks for all that certainly lots to mull over
  6. Thanks for the offer but I did say Headphones not in-ear headphones and would really prefer headphones.
  7. It's a Taotronics TT BA07 2 in 1 adapter, from what I have found out it uses APTX Low Latency.
  8. Since getting a Bluetooth Tx to work on my amp for headphones I would like some recommendations for a pair of Bluetooth Headphones, budget £100 to £200. Thanks
  9. OK thanks but I think I may have it sorted out now I hope.
  10. Hi All Looking for a pair of WiFi/Bluetooth headphones to use with my my Primare amp, any recommendations would be good. Price range £100 to £200, not looking for the best just something half decent. I assume I will need something to connect to my Headphone amp via the audio output jack ? Sorry but I am a noob to all this wifi/blutooth headphone world so really not sure what I need to make this work. Thanks.
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