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  1. Thanks for that, I'm sorted
  2. I asked this quite a while ago but moved away from the Project Phono Box SE II, recently had to move back because the phono stage I had been using blew on me and the links had been removed but I have them. What would be the best links to use for an Ortofon 2M Blue ?
  3. DS Audio ST50, just looked this up - £75, I will not be getting one anytime soon.
  4. I am pleased to say I have none That is a pretty limited list seeing as it covers a century, just more marketing in my book.
  5. Play LOUD For the pure energy of a live gig.
  6. I do still look in here but just do not know any of late or even have any idea
  7. Cas

    Turntable Change ?

    I have already put a new motor in as I can use a soldering iron and have an electronics background from some years years ago.
  8. Cas

    Turntable Change ?

    Been down the 2M Black route and did not like the sound, tinkered with it for ages and just could not get it sounding right. Did think about the Quintet Black, but I decided to settle on a cartridge that would allow me to buy a new stylus should the need arise.
  9. Cas

    Turntable Change ?

    Thanks for the replies so far everyone.
  10. Cas

    Turntable Change ?

    Phono stage at present is an Arkless 640P