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  1. Evening folks, I’m looking for a Karan Kai180. Either a mk2 or a mk3. Will be ready to buy on 24th of April. Let me know what you have and price if you have one please. kind regards Rob.
  2. Hi folks, I’ve got a Rothwell Simplex MM phono stage up for sale. Cracking little thing which I’ve had to spend well over double the £300 RRP I bought it for to better. It’s About 2 years old, in mint condition original box etc. I’m the only owner as I bought it from new. Yours for £140 which includes fully insured Royal Mail special delivery to your door. My location is Liverpool and I’ll upload some pics later today. Dave
  3. A question, If you added a 3rd speaker to a system which was connected for example on a cable that was 10m longer than the other 2, would there be a delay on the 3rd speaker? Kind regards D p.s. This is probably fairly easy but I’m err tipsy and couldn’t be bothered sifting through all that google crap.
  4. Beautiful deck and pics. If I wouldn’t have to buy a MC phono on top so taking it out my budget, I’d likely have this. GLWS.
  5. emale

    Stupid question!

    Thanks Uzzy, wonderful answer.
  6. emale

    Stupid question!

    Hello, I’ve got a rather silly question for the Wam! It’s regarding my amp, which is a rather old but stunning sounding Bel Canto Evo 2i. The volume control on said amp goes from 0 all the way up to 99. Now I’ve never, ever gone louder than 83. And the reason for that is in my dim and distant past, I remember the amp’s manual saying that if I ever used the amp in home theatre bypass mode, that 83 was reference volume! So I’ve always assumed I should never go above 83 on the volume! Now the question, have I always been an idiot and is it safe to take the volume by 83 or will I blow my speakers? Said speakers are Wilson Benesch Arcs. many thanks in advance folks. D
  7. Evening folks, Many thanks for all your suggestions and advice in helping a vinyl noob. I decided in the end to go for the Rothwell Simplex phono stage! Reasons being I knew I wasn’t going MC carts in the near future and at £300 quid the Rothwell was under budget meaning some cash left for more black discs. I’m so glad I did. The difference between that and the 60 quid Pro-ject phono is absolutely and utterly staggering. It really is like night and day, or sleeping naked on a beach on the equator v sleeping naked in Antarctica. The best way I can describe it is while using the Pro-Ject, it was like listening to a record. Using the Rothwell, it’s like being in the studio listening to the album being recorded! So more life like and the texture is astounding on the instruments. The Rothwell seems louder to, I’ve had to turn the volume down a bit. Everything just sounds real now and I also now know that even Vinyl has good recordings and bad. Is it perfect? No, bass extension could be slightly deeper but, I’m also using a new stylus so I might need that to run a while yet. ill give it a while before comparing to my Opus Audio CDP, but while previously the CDP won, I’m not so sure now. I also realised that this experiment has cost way more than I planned! deck = £350 Phono = £60 then the upgrades new cart = 200 Acrylic platter = 100 Rothwell phono = 300 accesories such as brushes clamp etc = 70 records - err nearly a grand in 6 weeks :-( this is an expensive hobby...
  8. Evening, For the last several weeks I’ve been enjoying my new record deck, a Pro-ject debut Carbon DC. i bought it as an inexpensive starter deck to get back into vinyl. And it’s doing the job well. It came with an Ortofon 2m red, but I’ve been extremely lucky in that a friend bought a deck with a brand new 2m Blue then immediately upgraded to a bronze and gave me his blue, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been running that! At the moment the phono stage I’m using is the Pro-ject phono, the cheap 60 quid jobby and I have a distinct feeling this is now no longer good enough for said deck / cart and rest of hifi. So I’m looking for recommendations on a phono stage upgrade. At min the cart is a MM and I’ve no plans to move to MC carts on this deck as I don’t think it would work with them. But at some point, I know that itch will appear and I may buy a new deck which would do both, so I’d like to futureproof as much as possible. Budget is up to about £500 but could stretch a little bit if really required. rest of system is Speakers = WB Arcs CDP = Opus Audio resolution 21 Amp = Bel Canto Evo IIi gen 2 with a lot of mods by Tony at Coherant. thanks folks rob
  9. After reading this thread I've come to the conclusion that the number of people listening to quadraphonic LPs is. Serge and 3 others...
  10. Morning folks, So it's definitely picking up the PS4 power supply interference, what I didn't realise is that it picks up the apple tv one to though that's by a smaller margin i.e. the hum is quieter with that. This is with no cables between tv and hifi, I unplugged the one which was running between them last night. A few people have asked where I'm based. I'm on the outskirts of Liverpool - near Knowsley safari park to be exact. Kind regards D
  11. Ah ok got you now. Setup is such so it's HDMI from PS4 to TV, then I run an analogue cable from TV to hifi. I hadn't actually tried unplugging audio cable from Tv to amp. Will try that, then that tells me if it's feedback into the mains block so to speak. However, at one point I did have a optical out going from Tv to CDP input which has a digital in to use it as a DAC and still had the issue, so I'm starting to think your solution won't be any good. Let me check though. Appreciate the help so far Sir. D From the Amp, absolutely no sound comes from speakers - except when I play sound and then it's only sound I want. D
  12. Serge, The PS4 does indeed have a switched mode power supply, my guess is that's what's causing the buzzing. Especially because it only happens if the Playstation is on or on standby! These earth breaks, where would I put them, apologies for being thick! Kind regards D
  13. Hello Wammers, For an awful long time now, I've had the odd bit of humming coming from my amp (Bel Canto Evo 2i). Normally it's been a kind of occasional thing and never really bothered me but last week it started doing it constantly! So after a bit of investigation I found out exactly what was causing it. I have all my hifi and TV bits plugged in to the same plug block, and it turns out (or on) that what causes the amp to buzz is when I switch the playstation 4 on! The reason for the occasional and then constant thing is I normally turn PS4 off after use (not used often) but I'd started playing a bit more games and so started putting the PS4 on to standby mode so it at that point was still using power. Effectively I have a PS4 polluting the mains which amp is picking up. So need a few suggestions of how to fix it. I'm guessing some sort of power conditioner or something. I have about £500 to spend, so a total rewire of mains on separate spur is deffo out :-( Help me Obi Wam Kinobi. Kind regards D
  14. Lo there, The Opus was the last CDP I bought - having been through Naim, Unison, Arcam and a fair few others. Mine was heavily modified by Tony at Coherent when I got it so can't really comment on the stock version, but mine sounds wonderful. Definitely the most analogue sounding CDP I've had. I've only just bought a record deck so have been comparing tracks I've got on both formats and the Opus is really rather good. D