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  1. Exciting. I sometimes look at my old Rancilio and think must upgrade at some point. Partly just t try something new
  2. Let me know how you get on. This machine is on my shortlist Do you have any experience of flow/pressure profiling? Is this something you considered when choosing to upgrade.
  3. Ooh interesting. Sorry my ignorance but is this model an "on demand" grinder ?
  4. I would agree. My office has a very flash swiss bean to cup machine (i forget the name) and the coffee coming out is "ok"
  5. I am looking for someone who has worked with Italian companies in food and drinks for the last 30 years. Do you know anyone?
  6. Oh i see. Had no problem with the HeadAmp. In fact the noisefloor on the amp is very low
  7. Exciting times. Needed to replace the gasket on the Silvia so decided to also buy a new Shower Screen and finally got round to buying new burrs for the Fiorenzato. Timing wise i should have waited until i had a coffee that I was familiar with but couldn't so used Neighbourhood Coffee Espresso Yourself. Unsurprisingly with the new burrs the dialling in was all over the place and got about 2 pints of coffee out on the first run. Previously was closer to 3 on the Fiorenzato scale and now at ~2 which seems a bit weird to me as you would have expected the old burrs to be worn do
  8. This sounds crazy but no, not really. It was during lockdown and getting out to test and compare amps was a bit tricky. I have had the Graham Slee for a while and also recently tried an SMSL SP200 THX amp but haven't heard anything of comparable price So spent around 2-3 months comparing amps via online reviews and you tube videos to try to work out a consensus as to what sounded good and would be a good pairing for the Meze. I listen to a lot of guitar based music mainly rock/indie/pop but some blues/folk as well so was attracted to the reviews that suggested the HeadAmp had go
  9. My understanding is uniformity of grind. Think James Hoffman has a separate video showing dispersion of grind with some having part fines and part "rocks" mixed in. These fines and rocks result in a non uniform extraction. However the differences are pretty small. Hoffman reviewed a load of sub £100 manual grinders and concluded that they all managed a decent coffee. So side by side you could probably tell the difference and the high end grinder will produce the nicer coffee but for a lot of people it's not important. Bit like hifi to be honest.
  10. I don't know to be honest as haven't actually ever heard your Sennheisers. I do know that the Aeon 2 Closed Back are very good
  11. https://www.danclarkaudio.com/aeon-2.html Closed version here
  12. https://www.headamp.com/collections/rosson-audio-design/headphones These are also very well regarded at the moment although not heard them http://www.rossonaudiodesign.com/blog/darko-products-of-the-year-2020
  13. Personally i would spend the full $2k on the headphones as the Mojo will be able to hold its own with headphones in that sort of price range. I am also of the feeling that a 1k + 1k system may result in you upgrading to a 2k + 2k system at some point anyway. There are people on this site that have had much more experience than me but in my own personal opinion the headphones will make the biggest difference to your listening experience and different designs will have a wider impact on sound than different DACs My main rig is Meze Empyrean and a HeadAmp GS-X mini but i do own a Mojo a
  14. Interesting. I have never got on with nespresso at all. Gives an ok coffee but always a little rough around the edges. My wife uses one every day though due to ease of use. Never got her to use the Silvia so maybe i will order some Arpeggios
  15. I have an SMSL SP200. i think it is very good for the money. Very detailed and dynamic. Bags of energy and can power pretty much any headphones to the point where you don't really need the high gain setting at all. On the negative side it is pretty "in your face" and relentless. Some people may find it a touch fatiguing over an extended period. However on balance it's a good amp. I previously had an old Graham Slee Solo and it was an upgrade to that. Made the Graham Slee sound sluggish Have since moved onto a HeadAmp GS-X mini which has the power of the SMSL but more refin
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