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  1. Thanks for this summary. That difference between "Coffee Nuts" and the rest is what I was seeing based on message board comments. Wasn't clear what was justified and what was nonsense. Atleast i haven't found someone suggesting the grinder needs a 3rd party power cable....
  2. Three years old. I would inspect before pick up. Not without risk though.
  4. Thanks Don. You think there's no benefit of spending more? This is for when i upgrade the Rancilio. I like to buy the best i can once rather than incrementally upgrade.
  5. No offence taken. That's why I am looking to upgrade. However wanted to get a grinder that wouldn't then in turn get outclassed if I upgraded to a better machine. Have to say the options are endless and on reading coffee websites it's really hard to work out what is justified and what is overkill. Exactly like hifi.
  6. I think the grinder i have is the weak link to be honest based on multiple onlibe reviews, videos and message boards.
  7. That's a sweet machine. Sadly can't justify the price.
  8. Expobar Brewtus IV is another interesting model
  9. I didn't know that. Interesting The reason i like the 300 is also the size of the unit.
  10. I like the look of that one Also think the Profitec 300 is interesting.
  11. Cool. What make are those? I assume the machine is a heat exchanger/dual boiler? as per original question. What sort of difference would i expect moving from what i have to this kind of set up?
  12. £20 is not really enough for a decent grinder. Even a manual. Cheapest i have seen are from £25 and i would say it's worth paying a bit more
  13. Hi All, I have used to search function and can't find anything so started a new thread. I have at home a Rancilio Silvia and Iberital MC2 that are about 10 years old and have been performing just fine. One of the benefits of lockdown is that i have been using them both a lot more. Have also tried out cold Brew and Aeropress but that's another thread The negative side affect has been watching lots of Youtube videos about technique etc and this obviously includes "better" machines. I would imagine that Coffee is much like hifi in that you can spend many thousands on kit but diminishing returns kick in and the improvements as you go up the scale are smaller and smaller. Also i am not running a coffee shop so the Boiler size/steam volume etc are less of an issue for me. Having heat exchanger/dual boiler is only marginally helpful as well i would assume as i am more than happy to wait the minute or so for the Silvia to get to brew temperature after steaming. I am the only one in the house that drinks the stuff. So should i just stick with what i have or is it worth upgrading. There are some stunning machines out there. Cheers
  14. Would be interested to hear the comments as i am also after some closed back Dan Clark Aeon 2 Closed look very interesting. On the Amp front the Headamp GS-X Mini is superb but not cheap. Haven't heard it with any closed back headphones though. The SMSL SP200 is a cracking amp for the money and was wondering if it would work nicely with the Dan Clark's