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  1. Rothwell have just informed me that they will in fact sell me a pair of their attenuator plugs , but resistor-less, so I can fit some tiny caps inside and use them to modify capacitance for use with my P77 MM cartridge. Now all I need is to find out exactly what value I need. A neat solution.
  2. Phono stage 1st, in my case valve and when I went back to my A&R P77 and ditched my head amp and MC even more so. Phono stages need a healthy input as in MM.
  3. I remember Ian Harrison adverts for components and things like Dolby calibration tapes etc. etc. from way back. Don´t suppose it had anything to do with him.
  4. Thanks, will do. Although now that I stop to think, perhaps I can fit some 150-200pF caps inside inside my attenuators next to the resitors somehow. Must check
  5. Just a shot in the dark, I use Rothwell attenuators and would love to improvise something similar to use as a neat added capacitance load plug in with a small cap encased inside just like the attenuators. Trouble is no-one seems to sell similar female in, male out plugs. Has anyone ever seen owt like that ?
  6. I have tried them with 2 pairs of speakers, one (WD25TEx)with a conventional Seas Millennium tweeter and I don't notice anything and another (WD20T) with a Seas concentric driver and their effect was outstanding. A sharper mind than mine (Peter Comeau, in fact) reckons they were working in normal Tweeter territory and reinforcing the power output of said concentric horn tweeter which , by definition, tend to be a bit down in output affected by the surrounding bass driver output. Hence the fact that supertweeters are often to be found with Tannoys. No, I didn't understand it either but s
  7. What is the Sig ? Both the 23w A21 mk 2 and the 30w A21SE have the Signature surname. Signature, apart from a face lick, refers to a supposed change in the impedance of certain components, perhaps spurred by a output cap supplier change from Eurocap to Shamwha to start with, as far as I can see in photos, which is not saying much, that is the main visible change. I have never heard Harbeth but for what it’s worth, my non- signature A21SE is much better behaved into my not particularly efficient WD25TEx speaker if used with some Rothwell attenuators. They allow the vol.pot. to work much
  8. Anyone using the Houdini on an Ittok ? With A&R P77 ? Anyone foresee why it might/mightn´t work ?
  9. On the song Soho on Bert and John, Bert is on the listener´s left because John doesn´t sing. John´s guitar is not hard right being just right of centre. The voice is definitely hard left. I think. At least that´s the way I check. Either way, it was recorded in a living room on god knows what tape recorder so it might all be the other way round. I don´t care.
  10. If I´m not mistaken SE in Sugden´s case stands for Special Edition, not for Single ended. It is supposed to be single ended but so are others.
  11. Didn´t Neal or Ferrograph make a cassette deck ?
  12. I have always understood that Sugden Class A amps get hotter the less you thrash them, in fact when not working I.e. just being turned on is when they get hotter. My A21SE has been known to be left on for 2 or 3 days by oversight. Them ‘ eat sinks are there for summat.
  13. I am pretty sure that 60% of my A21SE´s gain is controlled by the first 25% of the pot´s travel (up to a quarter to position) and that most people never use their A21Se at anywhere near half travel (the o´clock position) and that attenuators give you more control and the pot works better. I would have thought this would be of more interest to CD users than vinyl. Well, in any case, for what they cost, if anyone feels their A21SE is “ a bit over-revved” at any time, I suggest you try them or similar, for a bit of relief.
  14. Dull, no way. Quite the opposite in my case. But I am talking about results with vinyl. My phono is a tuned Puresound P10 (valves). Surely a log pot may indeed be logarithmic but over a wider range. There´s no way you could turn it up anywhere approaching full wack and my speakers are not especially efficient. The reason for trying the attenuators was because I lent my A21Se to a mate who has the A21a and who uses both vinyl and CD and he phoned me to say he nearly sh*t himslf when he turned the power up. Theory says its only 5w more but the impression was of 3 or four times as po
  15. Just thought I´d ask. I´ve just tried some Rothwell -10dB attenuators on the input of my A21SE. I didn´t need to because I only use vinyl so have no problem with Line Level from my phono stage but just thought I´d try to see what happened. I know some people complain that the Sugden Alps pot is craftily slugged to appear to give loads of power in the first 25% of its track so people rarely turn them up more than say further than 10 to midnight. Anyway, I think I like it, it´s like dropping into overdrive and everything seems a bit more effortless and even sweeter and I suspect treble has impr
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