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  1. Hi Robin, Absolutely: Gary = top bloke = yes; BP gets close to 2.1 = yes, and some may prefer its presentation. For me, like you, the 2.1 had that bit of audio magic that I couldn't ignore. The 2.1 I bought had had some uprated caps, Black Gates, added; this did improve it a tad over the standard. Might be worth contacting AN and seeing if they have any second hand gear in at the moment. M
  2. Hi Music at Home, Thanks. I enjoyed my time with the Etude. I listen to the TT2/Etude within my nearfield system, not my main system as the cables I had available were not long enough. If I had moved everything around then I would not have been comparing apples with apples. M
  3. Hi Tonedeaf, I owned a pair when they were first released, I still use the matching centre in the family room. I certainly enjoyed dealing with the Dunlops, good guys. As to the speakers I think I would quote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, mostly harmless. I certainly preferred them to my Linn Kan's in my current room (sacrilege!). As always with speakers it will come down to how they work in your room. It would be ideal if you can dem them against other options. M
  4. I think I would spend far less on the Icon passive.
  5. Hi DomT, I too bought the Wave coax digital cable and found it gave a very nice uptick in quality. The SBooster was also good, however I think like most things digital HiFi context is king. I tried a variety of PSUs with my Chord Qutest. The one that was most effective was the SBooster, but I have not found the SBooster to be a universal panecea, there is a synergy with the Chord. This is further enhanced by the Ultra II. I wondered what @Fourlegs did with the Porsche after I gave it back M
  6. Will someone PLEASE buy this and remove the temptation. I am VERY happy with my Mofi Ultraphono, I am, I really am ......
  7. Hi Dom, I use a MkI Sbooster PSU with a Qutest, the Ultra II gives a very nice uptick in performance. M
  8. Good luck! Rocking horse turds. The only example I saw was a year or so on an Aussie site. I had an exchange with the owner but he didn't want to send it back to Blighty. M
  9. I think the broader point for me is that there is a lot of music that I love that is not well produced. I want a system that will get the best from these albums, not just sound great with the best produced music.
  10. Hi RR, The first album I heard on a good system was BOOH. The system was: LP12 >> Valve Pre >> XO >> Valve Power Amps >> Home made speakers based on Tanny 15" DC. The amps and XO were made/modded by the system owner. This was in 1980. It was FANTASTIC - and hooked my on good HiFi. I STILL use BOOH as a demo album as it IS so badly produced, but I DO love the music. I have three versions of the vinyl. M
  11. Great DAC. I would remove your phone number - so it isn't harvested. Add it as an image.
  12. Trying to find a speaker that TRULY works in your room with your system is FAR from straightforward. I used the Auditorium IIs for a couple of years followed by the Focal 1008be II for another couple of years. Neither truly worked, but for different reasons. The LVs did much I enjoyed and worked well with my then amps, EAR868/534. However, the bass was strong but rather one note, which I put down to the room. I still enjoyed my time with them, and Kevin is always a hoot to talk to - he ought to team up with Oz Clarke. M
  13. I have a healthy respect for the TT, I use one in my nearfield system. I wasn't suggesting an aftermarket PSU for the TT2?
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