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  1. I use Kazoo from a number of Win 10 laptops. The playlists are stored locally on each. In order to aggregate them I wanted to find their file location but an internet search found nothing. In case another Win10 has the same question they are in: C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Packages\LinnProducts.LinnKazoo_6mhshthykptx8\LocalState\Data\\Playlists\ I suspect that this will vary with the version of Kazoo you have loaded = LinnProducts.LinnKazoo_6mhshthykptx8 M
  2. I borrowed one a few years ago, it is very good. In my system: Audio Note 2.1 Sig > Border Patrol DAC > Schitt Yggy = Lampizator L4G5. Although for classical music it was a touch magical, loved it.
  3. This is almost certainly the older spec, i think the USB input has been upgraded. Worth checking, might be some haggle room. Can be upgraded.
  4. Yes, I was thinking about these but bought the UMIK from Ideal, but the post office are not being speedy deliverers .....1st world problems!
  5. So Naim power supplies are just pure marketing BS? Or signs of an poorly designed product? You keep quoting ASR but historically his methodologies have been flawed, and he has been far from gracious when caught out. That does NOT mean that he should be ignored, just NOT taken as an irreproachable fount of knowledge. Cognitive bias my be an issue, but I would always emphasis believing in your own ears. These DO need training, so in other times take advantage of listening to other peoples systems. All of this is a distraction from the main point of this thread; not to mention being somewhat rude in your final point.
  6. Does the Innuos allow you to stream from internet providers? if so, who do you use? M
  7. Hi @Fourlegs, Thx for an interesting thread. I do think that digital does hinge in large part on well controlled power. I am glad you are getting results you are enjoying. Maybe I missed it, what are you feeding into the Dave? I spent a few years using Sonore & NUCs, as well as auditioning SOtM & dCS NB. Through this I made extensive use of LPSUs and have a healthy respect for their influence. While £4k is a hefty amount only you can judge the worth in your system, and you appear to be a very satisfied customer. M
  8. Hi TBCW, In my case I have gone down the Pi, NUC, Sonore, SOtM rabbit hole. It IS possible to get great audio for a reasonable-ish price or reasonable audio for a great price, but I think it is far from strightforward. There is techinical angle that is enjoyable, but ain't music! You will probably find yourself investigating Linear power Supplies, Operating Systems & widgets by a number of suppliers. You will then find, like me, that they ALL make a difference, whether they are 'better' is another question; and yes, this includes network cables. I then heard the dCS Network Bridge, which matched my overly long digital chain in sound quality - if at three times the price! But also took up a third of the space! The Linn Klimax Renew DS/1 can be picked up for circa £1.6k, and is excellent; and at about the same cost as my home wrought digital chain - had I known what I needed to buy from the off and not taken a number of detours. So, is the Klimax my recommendation? No. I have recently bought a Meridian 210 streamer for £800. It is the best of these devices I have used, superb. If it is of interest to you it is Roon Certified and does the first MQA unfold, not of use to me. It is limited in that it only streams 9624, but it downsamples higher resolution streams ....did I mention the sound quality? That is regardless of the source file bit rate. As it happens I use it with an Audio Note 2.1 DAC, and together with the Meridian I am getting the best digital audio I have ever had. I stream from my NAS using minimserver and Qobuz. ATB, M
  9. Hi Snapper, I would echo Photomax and take your time. My personal advice would be to wait for the virus to pass and go to bakeoffs, and ask dealers to set up some systems. Just make sure that Linn is still what you like best within your budget. Everything has changed since you bought your system, including you. Ultimately you may find you are very comfortable where you are, and you just want to buy more music; what a terrible thought! M
  10. I agree. There are a group of dedicated engineers and support personel whose future also hangs in the balance.
  11. As I have just swapped out my EAR534 for a 300DR I would say it is system dependent. I am happy to celebrate Naim in this thread, or any of the other mentioned manufacturers mentioned if someone wants to start a thread for them. I don't think this thread should be devisive or bitter, I am happy we have some good UK based industry. I wish them all the best of British in the coming economic upheaval. To help out I have just spent some money with another great UK HiFi manufacturer - Meridian. P.S. All my thoughts and prayers with Tim de P. who is battling the big C.
  12. Hi JP, Welcome to the forum and for your observation. I look forward to people trying it, and then commenting. M
  13. Spoke to the dealer .....good VFM etc, but not at the Akurate let alone the Klimax level.