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  1. One of the great choral recordings:
  2. The first sentence would be the understatement of the century! My computer savviness goes as far as turning the thing on and off unaided. As I wouldn't know a VPN if I fell over one, I'd say the answer to the second sentence is no, unless one snuck in while I wasn't paying attention - and if it did, would I even recognise it?
  3. The computer (a laptop) communicates wirelessly with the router. The firmware on the Majik is the latest. Thank you for that explanation.
  4. I did, but no joy. I might see if it's any good as a frisbee - it's certainly no good as a Majik controller.
  5. After some general fiddling around, I found that I could make it work by controlling it from the computer, but not from the iPad, which stubbornly remains "waiting for rooms". I guess we simply forget the iPad. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  6. That's the one I have - it is lovely insofar as it looks nice, but I find it a peculiar thing and I never use it.
  7. Checked on Kazoo - "playlist is empty". It is now "waiting for rooms" - even though it's been sitting beside the Majik for the last 15 minutes. All rather puzzling (and frustrating).
  8. OK, here you're on the frontiers of my knowledge. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have a "playlist". "Playlist" to me means a series of tracks chosen for sequential playing, but what you're saying seems to indicate that the playing of individual tracks eventually accumulates to a maximum, necessitating a clearing out. Is that correct?
  9. Thanks, I'll try that, although I confess I find Linn's Majik DS remote an odd, illogical thing.
  10. As much the brilliance of what goes with the music as the music itself:
  11. When starting - nothing ever loads. Haven't tried looking in Konfig.
  12. I have an oldish Majik DS used with a Synology DS213Air and controlled with an iPad. On recently switching on, I got the above message on Kazoo on the iPad. I switched everything off and on again, but still the same. The NAS appears to be OK (I can play stuff on it via the computer), so the problem appears to lie at the Linn end of the business. Any idea what's wrong and how I can fix it?
  13. A great site to explore:
  14. Your second piece is one of the collection dances by Tylman Susato. David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London made some very good recordings of this music: You can hear that Susato piece at 4:24.
  15. The finest version of "Pines" I've ever heard is this old Karajan one: I know of no equal to its relentless building of tension in "Pines of the Appian Way" as the legion marches in triumph down it.
  16. Going back to the OP, that ASMF disc is one that belongs in every record library. The three performances have IMHO rarely been equalled, never surpassed. The ASMF was extraordinary in its Argo years; probably because of many of its players' backgrounds as string quartet players, its playing sparkled - really no other word fits. The recording quality was also outstanding. I once had the privilege of hearing the ASMF back in those early days (in 1976). They were extraordinary.
  17. My favourite version is the 1988 Gardiner live performance in San Marco, where it may have been performed (nobody really knows - it might only have been a sort of musical CV to get Monteverdi a new job). It can be seen here: A much later version (in the Chapelle Royale in Versailles) may be found here: Not everyone likes the Gardiner interpretation (a lot of purists say "more Verdi than Monteverdi"), but I like it. Always glad that Gardiner got rid of the red nightshirts!
  18. The Bach cantata series from the Bach-Stiftung in St. Gallen. They'reworking their way through the cantatas and many of them are on YouTube. Here's an example:
  19. Nice, sarcastic car comments from Downunder:
  20. Hmm, I actually didn't intend to start a vinyl v. digital debate, i was just amused by the coincidence of Shuggy's original post, he getting enthusiastically into vinyl as I was enthusiastically getting out. The last records ever will be played this weekend at Château Tones, and that's curtains. As a predominantly classical listener, I have always hated the shortcomings of vinyl, but, as Mrs. Thatcher famously put it, there is no alternative. As soon as there was, I moved. I only had vinyl because I'm ancient and precede CD. Why not both? Why? Digital is, to my ears, at least as good (in the classical field usually superior), and a lot more convenient, so, as Mr. Morrison would have said: This is the end, my friend This is the end, my vinyl friend, the end... and I say:
  21. My entire record collection comes from there! (Much of it from the good ol' World Record Club in Hartwell).
  22. I had about 400, all but one purchased before the advent of CD (and that one only because it never appeared on CD). Yes, I can give it up with no regret whatsoever, because, to my ears, it is no better than CD. Indeed, it is somewhat worse, because of the inevitable clicks and pops on the records. And I find the whole business of records a bit of a bore now. I know folk regard the entire vinyl ritual as part of the listening experience, so much more, well, hi-fi, than shoving a little disc in a drawer and pressing a button. I'm afraid I'm a unapologetic button presser. Anyway, both records and LP12 will go to good homes which will appreciate them. I can completely understand why people like vinyl, and good luck to them. It's just not for me.
  23. Interesting. I'm now only 4 LPs away from saying the exact opposite (finally out of vinyl). The end of a process that has been going on for several years. Once they're digitised, the turntable will be disconnected forever and sold off. And I'll have a whole lot more space. Hallelujah! Nothing against vinyl of course, mine sounds great, but I simply couldn't be bothered with it.