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  1. As per topic, I’m after any of these three models please :)
  2. I’ll take it at £225 delivered. Anything to help someone avoid eBay! Will send you a PM
  3. Right, since I rediscovered IEM upgrades my wallet is damaged beyond repair and I have stuff lying around that's too good to be doing nothing. Therefore, these sadly have to go. Let me explain why there are so many extras included with this sale - I have owned the SE846 since release. However, around a year and a half or two years ago, I had them stolen from my hotel room. So the replacement (for sale now) will include anything that was left over in the box of the original pair. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! As a loyal Shure customer, I've amassed dozens of tips, loads of cables and a
  4. After hearing Sony had opened up the player to 3rd party streaming platforms, I bought another (had this player previously) but I still can't get it working properly through my favoured UAPP app (works fine through the inbuilt Sony player). Anyway, I only used it once and it's been sitting around ever since, so it's best this finds another home. It still has 11 months UK warranty remaining but please note, this is a Sony-refurbished model. Works perfectly and looks brand new, but as you'll see from the photos, it's a refurb from Sony direct. Just want to be very clear.
  5. Hi Paul - sorry, it went on another forum last night. If anything changes I'll give you a shout - mods can you please close the thread? Thanks
  6. I've had this lying around for ages - the remote has been ruined by a battery leak but the box works fine and can easily be controlled by a universal/learning remote https://www.whathifi.com/humax/foxsat-hd/review This is free to a good home - hopefully someone can get some use out of it!
  7. Bump for price drop and to add photos which I somehow didn't properly add in the original ad
  8. Awesome, was just after one of these and they’re around £50 everywhere else! Thanks 😊
  9. After a pair of LSX in good condition - I’d prefer maroon but open to other flavours. Cheers
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