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  1. The Spendors are 88db efficient and an 8ohm load .. personal view is if you like to listen at realistic levels (a full Orchestra live on a crescendo can reach 98db sound pressure level) you may on the cusp with the Quad and there is a danger of running into clipping on musical peaks. Having said that Spendor recommend amps from 15 to 250 watts to pair with them. The only comparison I can give you is many years ago I had a Leak Stereo 70 in a lounge diner 19 x 12 feet but the listening position was a maximum of 11 feet from the speakers. I bought the Gale 401s (dips below 4 ohms and 84db efficient) before upgrading the amp and had this set up for nearly a year .. It sounded great (so I thought) no audible distortion and I loved it UNTIL I brought home amps to try that were delivering at least 100 watts into the Gales .. I did not play it louder but the speakers just came alive with better control and definition. Now you have 4 db more efficient speakers with more watts so I am pretty sure it should sound great .. what you perhaps need to do to put your mind at rest is to get a fellow local wammer to pop round with their amp (if you can find someone with a decent 100 watter) and see how that sounds and if it makes a significant improvement. If there isn't then just enjoy it as all is well with the Quad and the Spendors
  2. Interestingly using a turntable with variable speed we did some listening tests in the shop many years ago and slightly advancing the speed gave music more drive and energy and as the reviewers would say the leading edges of notes sounded clearer and more forceful. Perhaps we can claim that two motors give twice the drive (but not necessarily sonically)
  3. I have yet to be convinced two motors makes one iota of difference other than torque on start up to get the turntable up to speed .. Interestingly the Audio Note Turntable is of course the Systemdek IIX (they bought the rights to make it) with an additional motor (and of course the acrylic turntable platter that was an optional upgrade to the Systemdek IIx and fitted as standard on the Systemdek 2 x2 the last of the cheap ones).
  4. Well they went for belts too. As to being cheaper to do a belt drive the thing is they spend a fortune on developing bearings that will not impede the platter and will not add noise. The Systemdek Ref 3D has a massive bearing that has opposing magnets (no single point contact) they experimented with bearing housings and in the end went for a solid block of PTFT machined to the finest tolerances so with oil and PTFT the sides of the bearing are as near to frictionless as you can get. They then spent a fortune trying DC motors and electronic speed control but in the end went with an AC motor and spending a fortune on the electronic speed control to go with it. I am pretty sure a lot of belt drive turntable manufacturers go to the same lengths so to say such a drive is cheaper to make is a perception or an assumption .. and as my old mum used to say, never assume anything as it makes an ass of u and me
  5. uzzy

    CD Ripper

    I knew I was right to not upgrade to WIndows 11 (well I did actually and rolled it back as there are less personalisation features and it played havoc with the task bar) .. am waiting a while (namely when I have to) before doing the upgrade. You cannot believe they do an upgrade and strip out useful functions of the operating system it is replacing - bloody nightmare
  6. Aye but the BBC designers didn't .. deep bass was not on the agenda most of all it was made for monitoring speech I would suggest (in a van for outside broadcasts the majority of which would be news and outside documentaries etc
  7. I do not have subwoofers but I do have speakers that are flat to 30 hertz and only 3db down at 25 .. I do play at 90db because I like my music realistic - a crescendo from a full orchestra believe it or not gets to 98db. I also like realistic bass and so with no suspended subchassis designs additional damping is necessary for me so I prefer to use a suspended subchassis. I never said that a slab could not be sorted out for vibration and feedback I just would rather not have to faff around trying to sort it. At the end of the day it is a personal choice and mine is different to yours and vive le difference
  8. No different to past years .. solid slate plinth for the JBE, Obsidian Plinth for the SP10 but they still need isolation. I did not say that a non suspended could not sound as good but they need a lot more work to do it IMO - but that is just my view and as I advise to others "there is no best, just what is best for you"
  9. Well if you don't try you do not get - the alternative find local wammers with vinyl set ups and go listen to theirs ...
  10. Go and annoy the dealers and audition what you can. Try and get a comparison of Goldring AT and Ortofon and or Nagaoka armed with your favourite LPs (with identified test tracks).
  11. My three suits and my dinner suit are on hangers in the wardrobe (in polythene suit covers) .. sadly so much less used these days .. but there for weddings and funerals (and sadly at my age the latter of those seems to be increasing)
  12. Well I know of a few bands now (not big names) who will not allow their stuff on spotify and also seem to be controlling how much is on You Tube. They brought to my attention that they get a fraction of a penny per play on streaming services ... as for Record Companies it will be interesting to see if they maintain the monopoly on new music with more business savvy musicians coming up. Without new music to sell (and it would be interesting to see how much of the stuff streamed is less than 3 years old) the Record Companies may change their attitude towards streaming services in the future .. time will tell
  13. Because all the turntables I have heard, that my ears like the best. have had suspended subchassis. I do not have problems with feedback or having to install loads of isolation and I get a lot of satisfaction in setting up suspended subchassis turntables ... In the shop the Micro Seiki DDX was the most used as we had three arms on it - so it had great cartridges and it was just easier to use when demming stuff BUT when a customer was in for a turntable and we compared the lot it was just confirmed my beliefs (or what my ears like) Also interesting was comparing the Luxman 300 (beautifully engineered subchassis) versus a PD 375 (direct drive) (with the same cartridge but not the same arm) which over shone the 375 in detail and presentation and dynamics and the fact that their top of the range at that time the PD555 was also a belt drive suspended subchassis (interestingly it is rumoured that these were made for Luxman by Pioneer) That is my ears and preferences (I never bought the Luxman as it did not offer a significant step up and I had internal niggles that the vacuum system may not last the test of time. I still kind of wish I had bought one as it and the 500 series were beautiful to look at as well as sounding fab.
  14. CD sales rose last year = personal view is that the music lovers who want to own their music will get either CDs LPs and perhaps downloads to a server for access via their streamers. The one unknown in this is will artists pull away from streaming services as the royalties paid to them for streaming is a pittance .. time will tell
  15. To be frank I am not bothered what the drive is as long as it sounds great and has a suspended subchassis .. not seen a direct drive or idler wheel driven suspended subchassis. Too many arguments surround what type of drive and to be frank all that matters at the end of the day is sound quality. Of the direct drives I quite liked the SP10 and the Micro Seiki DDX1000 .. in blind tests the Linn, original Systemdek and STD all sounded as good for at that time far less money .. (all of these sounded better than a certain Techniics that seems to have a fanatical following). The other thing with turntables is many if not most of us are also influenced by looks and some by technology .. so even when a turntable sounds so much better than the competition I have seen most customers by the one they liked the look of best (provided it did not sound bad). In summation there are good turntables and not so good turntables and the difference is not usually due to the type of drive mechanism but down to countless things from design, engineering etc etc.
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