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  1. Per the Ken Rockwell review "Gain Structure top The Volume Control is designed into the feedback loop of an operational amplifier so it varies the actual gain of that stage, with the appropriate benefits to noise and distortion. The Quad 34 offers many weird gain options for inputs and outputs. Sadly, the Quad 34 always runs the rest of its internal circuits at full gain, and reduces gains for inputs or outputs as needed with resistive pads, not by eliminating gain stages or reducing actual amplifier gain. OUTPUT The main output to the power amplifier is labeled OUTPUT. Rated 0.5 V, 830 Ω source impedance. The earliest samples were rated 1.5 V. I would think the problem is you have an early sample of 1,5 volts - but the 306 has an input sensitivity of 0.375 volts .. as such if I am right and it is an early 34 you will need to use Rothwell attenuators in line with it (between it and the 405). I am no expert in this and the above data from Rockwell could be wrong - but as the volume control works fine after the initial one click start then everything points to this being the problem "
  2. Sorry there is a guy on ebay that sells his modified Quad amps and I am not sure if there is any connection. There are also other ads for new Quad boards (of Chinese origin). As to the Cheap chinese parts .. methinks there may be quite a few pricey amps these days that has Chinese parts therein - as to cheap they may have not cost much but as we all find out cost and quality are not always a correlation between the two. Lintone Audio have been selling the stuff in the North East for many years perhaps you could contact them and see if they can throw any light on the matter? I also came across this https://redhillaudio.co.uk/quad-power-amp-upgrades/
  3. Here we go again - another cable argument ... Look if fancy cables with high price tags do it for you then great .. Interestingly we have the same argument about bi amping and bi wiring - dear old Audio Note with their vastly expensive Ongaku has a single set of speaker terminals (moral of the story just buy one decent set of cables) .. At shows they have never bi amped (moral of the story get a decent single amp in the first place). As to cables there are the three categories or perhaps 4 - mains cables, analogue interconnects, digital interconnects and speaker cable. I think silver can sound better in interconnects (if you have the money to get a set with the same amount of silver as found in a decent pair of copper cables). the same is true IMO of speaker cables. I do agree cables can sound different - in my experience I have heard very expensive cables sound worse than some good budget ones - and on top of that cables will never make a silk purse out of a sows ear. That is my view but if others have an alternative view then fine ... I think the best way forward is not to turn one's nose up at someone who chooses budget and similarly for those who do not believe in expensive cables to not turn their nose up at those that do ... You sort of wonder if it will ever draw a parallel with motor cars where a large faction have certain views of certain so called quality cars (Merc Beemer and Audi) and how they attract a lot of bloody awful drivers (my daughter's excuse for having a beemer - everyone expects you to do what you shouldn't and keep clear)
  4. Nope but the wiring in each will not be a lot different
  5. Just bought a Yamaha WXA50 for her new home .. small house limited space so moving from the A400 and Pioneer tuner to a little single box with streaming .. will get her a dvd/blue ray player with digital audio out to feed into the back of the Yamaha and she is sorted ... Means I now have a spare Pioneer A400 Pioneer am fm tuner and Pioneer twin cassette deck that the wife will want moving out of her bedroom when she has gone lol ..
  6. No the machines are comprehensive - not sure about the pioneer but I can take a digital feed into my HB burnit pro to avoid the double conversion of digital to analogue and back to digital. I am pretty sure the problem is that music cdrs are needed for the mainstream cd recorders ..
  7. I really could not be arsed with radio connected speakers .. you have to have power sockets for each and a cable run to feed the power. So with speaker cables you have to run them perhaps under carpets or buy the skirting boards with trunking in them (they sell them to clip over your existing skirting boards too so you do not have to rip them off and start again) or you can do what I did - I drilled holes to the outside at each end of the lounge and run the speaker wires down the outside of the house (it is the small gap between me and the neighbour so It is not an eye sore as you are never down the side of the house). There is just something satisfying about hard wiring
  8. I could be wrong but the Pioneer may not work on bog standard CDRs - you had to buy special music CDRs to use which are formatted differently (https://cpc.farnell.com/philips/cr7a0nj10-00/cd-r-80min-audio-jewel-case-x10/dp/MD00719?mckv=sAt7FekN2_dc|pcrid|224678243504|kword||match||plid||slid||product|MD00719|pgrid|49549033120|ptaid|pla-371087507505|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&s_kwcid=AL!5616!3!224678243504!!!network}!371087507505!&gclid=CjwKCAjwyvaJBhBpEiwA8d38vGs6Dj8Tzommrb59jB_-pwCPjSN9qyKMXa6RcqZswlpZI6xFYif1VBoCNjYQAvD_BwE) I do not know if it works but there is this on You Tube (I couldn't be arsed to listen to it all to see if it is right) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hehfRxpluCs I bought an HB burnit pro as it has two things the Phillips and the Pioneer do not have - first it will copy a copy protected CD and second it uses bog standard CDRs and RWs
  9. I never knew you were Welsh
  10. They are sold direct in the states so unless they set up their own buy direct in the UK it will be interesting to see if a dealer can pick up the mantle and distribute them over here (if Absolute Sounds do it then double or triple the price). Good review here https://6moons.com/audioreviews/odyssey2/4.html and another one here http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0705/odysseyaudio.htm and here http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/revequip/odysseyaudio_khartago.htm but I am pretty sure you may have read those already but may be useful for other wammers to shortcut a google search until they have a taster and want to find more. The problem with importing I guess is that you can add 20% VAT to the price plus the cost of shipping - even so the prices are I guess still not outlandish. Be interesting to hear it with the Prima Luna preamp although I could not see the input level requirement of the amp (I suspect it will be over a volt (but you need to ask) which means a pair of Rothwell attenuators may be called for between a Prima L and an Odyssey Amp,
  11. uzzy

    Newbie Intro's

    Belated welcome and well done for completing your profile - so many fail to do it and it is so useful when people post problems so we can see what they are using. Enjoy your retirement .. my missus is more forgiving (well she chose the speakers so she has to be) .. my house is not much bigger than your 1500 sq meters (and that includes the upstairs) .. my lounge is 21 x 12 feet ( i prefer old money) and I have never been one for home theatre it is hard enough getting two channel right ... My speakers are huge in the room but hey ho we are all happy here (and retired like you).
  12. uzzy

    Newbie Intro's

    Welcome - it helps if you fill in your profile to let us see what gear you are using and the locality helps with getting in touch with local wammers for shared experiences (listening to each others systems) .. enjoy
  13. I can only conclude that moving the block put it somewhere where it was interfering with something else (closer to interconnects or moving the wires going into the block closer to interconnects. The physical medium it is standing on should not make a difference but to confirm this fact buy some lead flashing and encase it in lead which should prevent those nasty waves. It could also be that at the time of listening you were not in a receptive condition (seriously there are times when I think I am going to play some music when I have not actively wanted to play some music .. the I am bored and "I know play some music") in that state your system can seem to lack what it had before the last time you were listening .. Anyway if I am right in the first place about displacement of the power leads then you are well and truly screwed now working out where they used to lay before you decided to mess it all up .. the lesson here (as learned by many when it comes to styli) great care should be taken with any cleaning exercise and avoided where possible ..
  14. Well the Sugden A21 of today is not a million or even ten miles from the original .. I think the best designers today are trying to give us the "sound" of those wonderful items like the A21 and the original Quad IIs and more (reduced distortion, better damping factor and increased current deiivery. Loudspeakers are an interesting point .. it is the weak link in the chain (highly inefficient producing more heat than actual energy through the speakers which Class D is the game changer but yet to give us the aural highlights of other class A A/B amps). When it comes to overall sound quality though great speakers from the past are still great speakers today and can hold their heads up high. Turntables - well there are loads of great sounding turntables from the past that can be had for not a lot of money. From a Thorens TD 150 to Ariston RD80s, Systemdeks and a host of Jap stuff. Of course with the former you can add a Hercules or other power supply to eek out even more. When I worked in the business back in the mid to late 70s even then we loved the older stuff (Quad IIs and A21s and others) and some of us were more underwhelmed by the introduction of NAD and others compared to the overwhelmed reviews in magazines. There is great fun to be had with older gear .. I went down that path putting systems in the kids bedrooms some 20 years ago (still use one of the Pioneer A400s I bought second hand for one of them in my conservatory system). I guess the world in general is catching on though seeing the rising prices being asked for stuff on ebay (even the stuff you would never ever buy)
  15. The Lumin delivers 60 watts into 8ohms and 100 watts into 4 ohms. It is hard to recommend what speakers as we all have our views on what sounds right. If i was in your shoes I would be looking for a speaker with 89db efficiency or greater (as you like the Davons with it and that is their rated efficiency). If i was in your shoes I would be looking for a second hand pair of Art Loudspeakers (I am biased) but for example the Art Emotion monitor is a fantastically intimate speaker with an effortless natural sound .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324736350138?hash=item4b9bcb77ba:g:UmcAAOSwep9hBvHS Or the Art Decco 10 .. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255033002678?hash=item3b6126cab6:g:MJEAAOSwqvZg2dUb a more conventional three way that has its magic (there are few users in here I believe) At the end of the day you need to get your ears out there and choose what they like .. or take a punt second hand at a price you know you can move the on for with little or no loss. Both the above are in the 90db sensitivity area.
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