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  1. I would avoid an amp with a built in DAC - they are developing DACs all the time so keep em separate IMO As to your question on upgrade - what is it about the sound of your system that is not meeting your requirements? I only upgrade to reach a goal (e.g. I hear something that sounds better than what I have and then I think about changing). It is all to easy to fall into the trap of chasing the Holy Grail without any idea of what it sounds like. I sort of tget the impression you fancy a new amp and a new DAC but cannot make your mind up due to not knowing exactly what you want to achie
  2. Aye other industries and products have different mark ups .. clothes 100% plus ,, and handbags well the sky's the limit. The interesting thing about marks ups (or not) was the Ford Escort Ghia cost £5k more than the standard Escort but cost £500 more to make ..
  3. What Rabski said .. not only that in the days of the Quad 405 the market was buoyant - loads of sales and stuff was mass produced. The manufacturer today has to work out what quantity are going to be sold and what the profit margins should be to make it worthwhile. They can mass produce and reduce the price but then have to sell thousands of units to make the same profit as hand building and selling at a much higher price (which carries less risk as no capital tied up in tooling up for mass production etc). At the retail end times have changed too - overheads and costs of running
  4. I bought an Audio Research SP9 because to my ears it had a fabulous phono stage .. so I do not look or even consider a new phono stage. I chose a Decca Gold (later upgraded to Supergold on rebuild) because it was the cartridge that I liked best ..... I chose an Audio Technica AT1100 to drive it (because I loved the combination) until it died and I replaced it with a Mission 774 because it was as good if not better (I know it would be even better in a damped unipivot but the missus could never get on with one) .. I chose the turntable that to my ears sounded better than any other when I bough
  5. Does yours play cdrs ?.. a friend of mine has one and it does not like ripped cds to cdr or cdrw
  6. What he said- at best this is just an anti surge device
  7. I doubt he persuaded - once you heard a pair in the mid to late 70s nothing else came close. Bob used them himself in his home set up until he changed to Acoustat electrostatics .. I still think the 4x Acoustat (4 panels each speaker) is the best electrostatic I have ever heard (I wanted a pair but for her indoors it was a step too far). One of the nicest men I have met in my lifetime .. a great ear and just a lovely lovely bloke - Before he went back to the USA he used to come up with his missus and visit me after I moved to Northampton and we used to pop down to visit him. I do miss
  8. The oldest longest running Hifi Magazine production in the world and you are not familiar with it? .. ooer lol and I thought i was getting old and senile. CnoEvil you really need to stand in Smiths (now lockdown is over) reading all the Hifi Mags for free (which is what I have done for many years - oops perhaps I shouldn't have said that). Now with my advancing years I have at last convinced my kids not to spend lots of money on me for Christmas and Birthdays but if to club together to buy me something I might enjoy but see as a waste of money so would not buy it for myself - so they ge
  9. Good review in HFN &RR this month giving the low down on the meta
  10. If you bought through Paypal with your credit card as the funds provision, you are in effect paying for Paypal service not the item as such (in the card company's eyes) so they cannot charge it back. As for Ali Express whenever I have raised a dispute (though the most expensive item I did a complaint for non receipt on was less than £15) they have been great .. so i was a tad surprised to see you having a problem. I use them and Gearbest quite a bit (vaping stuff like atomisers and glass tanks etc) as for Ali I got stainless steel doorsill protectors for £17 (£70 plus vat at the dealer
  11. I am a tad surprised - have bought lots from Ali Express and they have always refunded when goods not received. I did move to the tracked delivery after a number of failures (which costs a bit more) and have not had a single item go missing since. Next time use your credit card - they are usually pretty good on charging back where items are not received - and if over £100 in the uk you get full consumer protection. Hope you get the matter resolved
  12. Bob was American .. retired from NATO or something (he would never talk about what he worked on as it was subject to secrecy .. he was a computer wizz) .. He retired back to America at which time I sadly lost touch with him ... You could try giving Unilet a call (they took over Guildford hifi and Bob stayed on as manager for some years) as they may have kept such things from the store. I cannot remember the name of the chap we used for the more complicated repairs (I think his name was David and he had a pad down near PJ at the bottom of the town. I think he designed and built the Rose Prea
  13. I agree with Fourlegs on this - as my experience has been the same as him. Usually hum on the transformer is due to age and the laminations spreading over time as the adhesive stops being effective. They in turn vibrate and cause the humming sound. Toroidals can hum too and the usual cause is sound generated by magnetostriction in the core and it gets really bad if the core starts saturating (I am no techy but it could be that in those cases the manufacturers have cut corners on the quality and size of the toroidal transformer). I have seen noise from hum alleviated by mounting
  14. Budget? .. as to studio monitors how much are you prepared to sacrifice bass? What is wrong with the sound you are currently getting from the Focals? Personal view is you need to closely analyse the sound you are getting and work out what your ears do not like or think could be better than what you have now. My personal view is the positioning of a studio monitor is just as critical as a floor stander and the same rules apply - if close to a back wall you want to avoid a read facing port (but there are many with downward firing ports now as well as front firing). The d
  15. I have an A400 in my conservatory system. In my main system I have an Audio Research Pre and Hafler DH200 power. Comparing the A400 to the main amp and preamp it is severely lacking in depth and detail .. in the conservatory with a small pair of bookshelf speakers it is fine. I think there are ways and means to get what you want without spending the earth - mainly keeping your eye out for stuff second hand - but if you want one amp that will give you hi end performance for not a lot of money this can be achieved with a Myst TMA3, Sugden A21 and Sugden A48 - it can also be achieved with
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