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  1. Now consider it - they make a sub the exact footprint of your speaker and the right height to sit the speaker on it - and there you have it - the perfect speaker stand for you which effectively becomes - you got it - a floor stander
  2. Then they buy a sub or two and don't like them behind the sofa and think "I know I will put them by each speaker" ... I understand aesthetics and as I said "there is only what is best for you" .. I have had bookshelfs and floor standers and floor standers to it for me - in the past I have seen as many arguments about stands for bookshelfs as we see on cables - and a host of them chosen are not skeletal but hunks of stand the same width and depth dimensions as the bookshelf .. If that floats your boat then fine but as to the love of stand mounts - a similar love by as many people is for floor standers ... I care not for the look - I have no love of shape - if they could make a speaker that sounds like mine that was 5" x 8" in a bookshelf that worked on a wall shelf with no fear of it being knocked over - well sign me up
  3. uzzy

    Hi-fi inflation

    The problem comes with "how many are you going to sell" - "how do you recoup the development costs to recreate the 110 and T27 drivers? Now personal view is that even £500 on a pair of LS35As is a waste of money (I much prefer the original KEF 101 and 102) but at the end of the day if no one is going to buy them they will disappear or be sold off cheap perhaps. There is no accounting for taste and how people spend their money. The punter can always not buy the stuff that should sort the matter out a bit
  4. Beats the hell out of me - by the time you budget for a decent pair of stands for them and then realising it takes up the same footprint as a floor stander then why the hell buy a bookshelf Speaker (unless the space you have is just a bookshelf). The speed and inner detail some think they get with bookshelf speakers is I think the limited bass allows you to focus more on the upper bass, mids and top end. Then a large number think "damn I miss the bass" and so they then stick subs on the bookshelfs to get the bass back. The overall construction methods (number of) is not dissimilar to floor standing speakers .. Art moved away from separate boxes for each driver as in the Art Impression (which provides the optimum for each) to more conventional speaker cabinet looks to be more attractive to the bulk of the market (and a lot of complication in making a resonant free cabinet and divisions therein to provide as close to optimum for each driver as possible). Many of the bigger designs today are 2 1/2 way speakers with the bass crossing over circa 100 hertz to a bass mid (which handles the upper bass and mid) and then crossover to the tweeter. In the Impressions the tweeter is a first order network so the tweeter is also handling quite a bit of midrange (albeit it a few db down). The advantage of this system (to those that design them) is the bass mid unit is not trying to perform beyond its spec and is not flapping in the wind trying to do deep bass and in effect you keep that magical cohesiveness of a two way with great integration of the drivers to perform as one. They did a two way monitor (the Expression) but ended up making that a 2 1/2 way offering a bass cabinet with brackets for the Monitor to sit on (mini impressions). Well that sorted it for me back in the day - no need to worry about what stand and get some ass kicking bass as well. I have sold most (from panels to reflectives to open baffle to sealed box to transmission and ported enclosures. Sold thousands in my time of bookshelf speakers too .. and at the end of the day I will not get into an argument about what is best because we are back to the beginning - the only best is what is best for you .. so a punter needs to get his ears around bookshelfs and standmounters with a similar footprint (for around the same money as the monitors with stands) and let them decide. There is no best - or right and wrong - only what is best for you (as guided by your lugs)
  5. Or you make a turntable to someone else's design and keep bringing out changes (that cost very little to make and that do not a lot) and charge users a fortune for them (did any of you play the game "Lemmings"?)
  6. Has to be hard wired valve amps surely? (albeit ones they still make valves for)
  7. If he can stretch to £350 how about the Yamaha WXA 50 - 50 watts a side and the best bit it is it is also a Streamer .. thinking of treating my daughter to one to replace her Pioneer A400. https://pricespy.co.uk/audio-video/amplifiers/stereo-amplifiers/yamaha-wxa-50--p3646360
  8. Bloody hell did you take the hifi with you and use a generator for power ? Sorry - couldn't resist .. Had a massive thunderstorm here a few hours ago ..
  9. Never ever thought about it - the case of my haflers can reach over 60 degrees C - do not seem to be getting any hotter on hot days lol Also been to shows where hotel rooms were unbearably warm - seen demonstrators have their amps going full tilt for a weekend with no problems - I guess at the end of the day it is how well built they are that makes the difference .. having said that the summer of 76 was a scorcher (not much said about it - they do not like saying about past events they want you to think this is all new) and my old Leak stereo 70 never broke a sweat
  10. A lot of people would debate this one to death and not reach a common answer BUT if the rca cable connections are doubtful or the rca leads then a toslink may be the best answer
  11. From all I have read about class D to date the only consistent comments from reviewers is the mid range lacks life and is dry or recessed .. all seem to love the bass and the top end .. I know not what to think BUT I hope to be trying a Class D in a month or two and my current dilemma is do I go for a stereo amp or mono blocks. When I get to do the trial (if Stefan has not got fed up with me by then) I will try to give you all a detailed comparison with my old Hafler favourites .. I kind of agree that any "accurate amp" or "lean sounding" amp will not be an ideal match with the Focals as to my ears at high volume the top end does not agree with my ears at all. The thing is we all have our own idea of what sounds right I guess .. At the end of the day the punter needs to get their ears around them and make their own mind up = Stefan has let people try the amps at home before committing to buy so perhaps the answer is to contact @orangeart (Stefan) and ask if it is possible to have a home dem.
  12. For those interested here are the headshell and arm base showing din arm lead fitting
  13. Now that would be a good name for an earwash
  14. No problem - a wonderful thing is a google search ..
  15. Good luck with that one - a copper chassis on a tube amp with hefty transformers etc is gonna have to be substantial .. and other than changing the look why? Google search shops/manufacturers doing amp chassis ( like this one https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/diy-enclosures-and-cases-c-6336.html?p=5)
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