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  1. I have never really thought about the price .. When I got my first decent turntable (Thorens TD160) it was over 1 months net wages .. I have always chosen what my ears love - I heard the Gale GS401A in March 75 - It was not until 1978 I could afford to buy a pair .. they too worked out at more than one month's wages if I had bought them knew - but I got a pair second hand for half the price .. So my history continues - using my ears and determining if the additional expense adds up to a real jump in performance. The problem with getting caught up in chasing the Holy Grail is people are never satisfied with what they buy for long - and move on to one upgrade after another .. but whether they get any more enjoyment from their system as someone like me - god only knows
  2. Personal view is get a Yamaha WxA 50 and a nice pair of speakers your ears like (Q Acoustics, as your son suggests, do some great speakers at not a lot of money) .. You can hook it to the internet and have a feast of Internet Radio Stations (including all your favourites on FM). You can subscribe to Spotify or another streaming service to have all the music you want on tap. The overall performance would IMO be better than a compact music system (and this is compact it has it all in one box). Here is a review for you to read if you wish ..
  3. He missed the part where she reached her conclusion .. having purchased a new satin nightie and leaning on the door waiting for him to look up and go join her - he was too busy with his head in the music to notice .. On the other hand if Louis Vuitton and the other 20 most famous handbag designers were to start designing hifi gear a lot of women might sit up and take notice ..
  4. They are the original Art Impressions from Art Loudspeakers, They are now 18 years old. At the same time they did a monitor with a 6 inch mid (the Expression) which could also be had with an 8 inch bass sub (mini Impressions) The world prefers single cabinets in general, so they moved from this design to the same in a single conventional rectangular cabinets. They then moved to laminated speaker cabinets to stop cabinet vibration (Deco & Moderne and others) .. more recently the Alnico Range and the new models are called Dram. The original Impressions had a 12 inch bass sub - an 8inch Davis velvet kevlar midi and a horn loaded Morel MDT33. They changed it to the SEAS Crescendo Tweeter (which I do not like .as much as the horn loaded one) which was also used in the Deco and other ranges. They then moved to the SEAS Alnico Mids and SEAS Alnico Tweeter for the Alnico range that followed the Deco and this is used in the new Dram with the option of a Diamond Tweeter.
  5. The only way you can tell is to try one in the system and see how it is for you, however, in my personal opinion if when your system is on, with nothing playing, if there is no noise at full volume (or at a higher volume at which you currently listen) then you do not have a problem with noisy mains. As the old adage goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Is there something about your system that sounds lacking or wrong? Does it sound great when you play records where you ignore the kit and just get lost in the music? Unless you are experiencing a problem then you can end up chasing a holy grail which has no definition or identity .. and you can end up chasing your arse most of your life.
  6. uzzy

    Funk Firm Houdini

    Now now boys .. In my experience 1 in less than 1000 will wreck their cartridge doing the transition of taking it off, inserting the isolator, then reinstalling the cartridge and realigning .. Also if you have a Decca the pain of set up is major - hence the reason why I never installed the Decca Pod . with the existing mount - once installed and set up if you need to change from one Decca to another you slide it off and slide on the new and hey presto - no need to realign just check the playing weight. I must add though there is a gap between the top of the cartridge casing and the headshell which I pack with blue tac having found many years ago it improved things somewhat (well the Decca casing is a bit of a tin can) .. I would suggest if you want to try isolation get a thin sheet of Sorbothane and cut it to size with a sharp knife (Stanley or similar) and give it a whirl .. I hasten to add (being the eternal cynic) if damping or isolation was beneficial in the eyes of cartridge manufacturers then I would have thought all the manufacturers would be doing their own special ones for their cartridges - or universal ones and be trying to part you with your hard earned. Having said that though if you wish to go through the pain of set up etc. and want to be sure if it makes any difference you need to record an album without (using your cd burner or tape machine if you have one) then when you have gone through the pain, record it again and AB dem the two recordings to see if there is a difference (or whether your head is playing with you), I did this years ago with my Nakamichi 580 to determine the blue tac on my Decca did actually improve things. For anyone who thinks this is not a decent test, I have to say I did it recording a Joan Armatrading Album to CDR on my HB Burnit pro - and then compared said CDR with the factory AAD one, you then cry realising the crap masters or process they must have used to create the factory one which was dire by comparison and the CDR only being a tad lesser than the LP.
  7. uzzy

    Bouncing back again

    IIMO biwiring is futile - just make sure you have decent set of speaker leads with as many strands as possible per cable .. Similarly biamping - just pool your resources and get a better amp (I have never seen Audio Note bi amping at a dem but at over £50k a throw for Ongakus it is probably a bridge too far but I am guessing if they thought doing it would help them sell more they would have). If it was me I would try the speakers a bit further away from the side walls .. My room is similar with wall and cabinets one side and sofa the other - I find that it upsets the balance a bit (soft furnishing one side - hard surfaces the other) but we have to live in the room (and 'er indoors) I wish we were as clutter free in my lounge listening room .. Well done so far it is looking good.
  8. If it sounds muted then it could be one of a number of things - Cartridge, Leads, phono stage (assuming all correctly set up and right tracking weight) mind you that is exactly how I would expect a Q deck to sound when compared a well set up Thorens TD160 with a good cartridge. Personal view is if the signal from both channels is getting through and the sound is the same on both channels (switch to mono) .. then move it on without cartridge saying sold as seen - turns at the right speed etc, As to the power supply - provided the turntable operates at correct speed then I cannot see that this would have any affect on the sound you describe
  9. I have a pair of these in the conservatory at the mo (to keep the missus happy as they sit on the window sill) - previously I had a pair of Systym (Art Loudspeakers first name) 931s - they were LS35A size - ported so were on stands (hence why the missus didn't like the space they took up). This is where we get into what is "hifi" - to me it is listening on a small pair of speakers and whilst they are limited in bass response they have a magic that makes you want to listen (with the 931s it is a magical mid a clear smooth top end and an illusion of bass). It gives you a different perspective of the music and provides a massive enjoyment. The Canon S35 is better than a radiogram or transistor radio but it is not a speaker to draw you in for an extended listening session. Having said that for the £30 they cost me second hand - the fact I can listen to music when reading a magazine or whatever where they produce a nice background noise for me, however. their ideal use is rear speakers in a surround sound set up .. and not, unfortunately, hifi.
  10. The smallest one I have encountered was the Visonic David a small metal cased two way (had a great advertisement "biggest isn't always best - try David for size" .. the rest all seemed to be about the same size as the LS35A (Rogers 149, Kef 101 and 102, Vediotone Minimax, etc). I think the problem comes with providing an adequate bass response (without the use of a Sub) which limits how small the cabinet can be. I am not sure if a smaller cabinet could be used if active circuitry was employed ... the active guys can comment on that one.
  11. Did a quick check on Google search - the same cable (521 strand OFC) appears to be out of stock on Amazon and others ... so perhaps it is a supply problem - The closest I can find but is dearer (still less than half the price of Van Damme which is only 70 strand) is a 511 strand OFC at £2 per meter .. if it was me looking for speaker cable now it would be what I would buy (if I couldn't get the 521 strand) TruSound 4.0mm (511/0.1mm) 2Core Parallel OFC PVC Clear Speaker Cable .. for those interested here is the link
  12. No use asking me - I have been using the same amp for the last 40 years or more (even bought two more so I could ensure I had sufficient spares to keep one going) .. I still hanker after a new amp but not plugged anything in that gave me sufficiently more to warrant the additional cost. If it sounds great to your ears then why change?
  13. Try giving them a call 01769 573502 was some years back I bought from them - sorry guys if you have had troubles No bankruptcy or liquidation notices so far
  14. Interesting thread - the journey and the destination. When I started on my journey I had little money and did not know what I wanted - my first consideration was protecting my precious vinyl so a good turntable arm and cartridge was first up (I did not realise that it would make such a difference in quality of sound - this was the early 70s, I got a Thorens TD160 with a Shure 75ED and that stayed for six years (well the cartridge changed through a few different models). I then moved to Guildford and got friendly with Bob Eubanks at Guildford HiFi .. used to walk past the shop to the hotel i was stuck in for 4 months until I moved up, and got to learn so much .. I used to play in a band and used to roady for bands so I had an idea about "good sound" the difficulties of speaker placement (avoiding feedback on live gigs etc) and so for me it was when I heard something could i hear all the instruments and did it give my ears the sound it was expecting. I will not bore you with the journey except to say I go for what sounds accurate to my ears (ahead of sound stage and imaging and depth) .. I love bass that kicks my chest at volume ... and I expect to feel an emotional experience when listening to music - (it has to connect with me - make me want to move, to sing, to tap my feet). I was always happy with what I bought as I used my ears to buy it - and i was only when i heard something that moved me more that I was inspired to upgrade. I spent five years helping out Bob at the shop and got to hear so much - play with so many different products - borrow them at weekends to try at home etc etc How lucky I was as it led me to where I am now. When I sit and listen i am moved by my system - I have learned to realise that invariably when something sounds wrong or not so good it is the recording, not the kit. I go to shows and other peoples houses to listen to systems and my benchmark as always is - when i get back home to my system and put it on do i feel disappointment or that something is lacking compared to what I have heard elsewhere. For the last ten years nothing has grabbed me by the balls and made me go wow - I want my system to sound like that. So as far as I am concerned I have almost reached the end of my journey - I still hanker after a few changes (we all like to change stuff) and I miss the shop and being able to satisfy that lust through playing and trying in the shop and not having to worry about my spending .. I do have a hankering after a valve amp and I would like a better Audio Research preamp .. but the differences it will make to my system I know will be subtle - it is unlikely to be a "wow my god" experience ... So I am a rather boring old fart - I am very happy with my system .. I am lucky enough to have a head that rules my heart (and not the other way around) and to listen with my ears and not my eyes ... The end of the journey (although perhaps not the final destination) is when you sit and just listen to the music and forget it is the kit you bought that is playing it - where you are totally immersed in the music and you feel all the emotions - it can make you smile, laugh, feel happy or sad and even bring you to tears, such is the power of music when played on a system that your ears love. So the name of the game in this journey is to follow your ears (and shut your eyes) well it is as far as I am concerned.
  15. uzzy

    GL75 thoughts

    If you check out ebay you can get an acrylic lid for it for around £30 - 40 with hinged .. the dimensions of the plinth should be the same as Linn LP12 (443mm x 347mm x 69mm) but I am not sure if models from different time spans are different in size - Hamish when he designed the Ariston RD11 (which became the Linn) sourced the lids from Goldring (even had the same plastic stay on the side that sat in a holes drilled on the top right hand side of the plinth). This turntable was a favourite for dance schools (you can slow the speed down to learn and bring the dancer up to speed) and invaluable for learning to play songs (slow down to learn and speed up) . Enjoy and report back on how it sounds when you get it sorted