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  1. have a look at Moongel pads (google reviews) .. I have been using it for a few years now and it works for me (cheap as chips too as not a "hifi" product. Google it for users views and reviews
  2. Best I have heard the NS1000s in the dem room, was on the Luxman valve amp (designed by the late T de Paravacini) and I think the model was MQ-88uC) and the EAR 509 monoblocks. In Guildford hifi at that time we had Levinson and other top class SS amps (including my cheapo Hafler DH200). I took them home to try with the Hafler DH200 and Audionics B2 Preamp and also a pair of Gale 401s (I ended up buying the Gales) and the Hafler did a grand job in my then living room. The NS1000s are a strange speaker in that on paper they look as though they do not need power (90db efficiency) but benefit on being on the end of an Amp with will drive and power .. Rabsky mentions this and I think this could be the result of them being in a sealed box, resulting in the need for an amp with some big balls. As to the Denon PMA850 you are using .. I was given one by a mate when he upgraded which I was going to use in one of the kids bedroom systems to replace a Pioneer A400. It was a nice enough amp but to the ears in this household it gave us nothing more than the A400 I had and taking into account bedroom space (and the kids liking things to look alike) I gave it away to a mate. I also took the time to stick it in my main system in place of the Audio Research Hafler and to be frank in my system it lacked just about everything I wanted - yes it sounded nice but it did not have the bass definition and punch I am used to and it sounded less precise and clear and kind of muddled in the mids and top end, in comparison. Having said all that it would be good to try the Sugden Masterclass Monoblocks on them (as Yoda used on his Art Impressions) with a good preamp ... The Denon you have though does not lack grunt on paper (85 watts a side with a damping factor < 50) .. I never ever tried putting my preamp into the power amp (from memory it has a jumper allowing Pre out and Power in) to see what just the amp performance was like, so if you can lay hands on a great preamp to try it may help you in the decision making. It could just be the preamp section of the 850 letting it down
  3. You have got an itch .. a niggling feeling is not a good criteria to determine change. You need to carefully work out if there is anything about your system that is not pleasing your ears, e.g, are you lacking bass punch or is it hard to pick out individual bass notes? is the mid range not as clear as you like or is it recessed or too forward? is it the top end that is too recessed or too forward or is it lacking in detail? etc etc Perhaps it is just me but I have got a system that pleases my ears and I have had some itches I have scratched (changed the amp recently and didn't like it as much as before so out came the new amp and the old one went back in. In reality although I love the sound of my system, I hanker after stuff but my head tells me "if you do not hear something that sounds better, then do not go through the pain of chasing after rainbows". So occasionally I buy stuff (only at a price where I know I can pass it on for little or no loss) and it usually ends up in a sell on. If you act on niggling feelings instead of certainties you risk opening yourself up to a world of pain. The great thing about this forum is to seek out members close to you and go and hear theirs and invite them to come and hear yours .. that will throw up all sorts of realities for you to work on (or it may just take away the niggles and that you actually love what you have. I am also lucky in that I have had the fun of putting systems together for my daughter (work in progress .. ) and my lad. That tends to ward off the "itch".
  4. The magnification shown here is probably the ideal ., although having said that if you do not clean the stylus it may not help at all https://thevinylfactory.com/features/needle-work-incredible-photos-of-turntable-styli-under-the-microscope/
  5. For me the magnification needs to be much greater - and if possible you need to mount the cartridge on the microscope to view it from the back (looking down the cantilever to the stylus) as this will show up what the groove is actually seeing. I have a feeling there are a lot of younger cartridges on peoples turntables looking a darn sight worse lol
  6. I get my kids to buy me subs to hifi magazines (I like to read them - disagree with most of what is in them and hate paying for them) Another option is how about a Silicon Rubber or acrylic turntable mat (go on if you haven't tried different mats you must wonder what difference they may make? If you have a Record cleaning machine how about a bottle of Art du Son (or whatever it is called) to try it out? Ultrasonic (vibrating) stylus cleaner Perhaps the above will provide some food for thought
  7. If you take all the bits off it - any reasonable carpenter could make you a new solid wood plinth for not a lot different than paying for a professional respray and if they do two slabs with cut outs on the bottom slab to allow the mounting depth of the motor and bearing housing etc) you would end up with a much better plinth with the added mass, If you have a granite supplier locally he should be able to polish a nice slab of granite or quartz which (accepting the need for drilling small holes and using rawl plugs or similar to screw the motor assembly (or recess the top to allow nuts and bolts to be used) and would probably provide a much better plinth than wood .. the possibilities are endless (you cculd even nick the SME design - two plints four pillars to take O rings to suspend the top plinth from the bottom)
  8. email the chief execs office - a google search will give you the email address - and you can try this one too ResolutionsTeam@virginmedia.co.uk <ResolutionsTeam@virginmedia.co.uk>;
  9. there is a lot of luck involved I think - we had a lightbulb lasted nearly 20 years but most of them died within a few years. Also goes hand in hand with usage too I guess (besides the variable longevity of a bulb) ... My Pioneer 802 (well daughter had it) is 32 years old (I bet I am going to regret saying this) and still working fine ..
  10. I have been looking for a Blue Ray/DVD player with audio out for my daughter - nowt is easy now all the cheaper ones do not have an audio output - some have HDMI audio out - and the cheapest I could find that just about fits the bill is an LG with digital optical out (which will do as I got my daughter a Yamaha WXA 50 for her little house downsizing from her old bedroom rack) which is an optical digital in socket (no RCA digital in and just one analogue input. The big advantage for me in all this is I get back the Pioneer 802 I gave to her when I bought a Meridian (which ended up an expensive doorstop) which will replace the Pioneer PDS505 precision currently in situ (replacing the Marantz 6004 where the laser is dying. Transport still available it appears for £78 so am deciding whether to get one and pay someone to fit it)
  11. Well one thing in their blurb that I totally agree with is - We generally recommend using a very good quality but reasonably priced CD player for use with the Mastering Buffer Model BII. We now use the NEW (2020) Marantz CD6007 at £400 but you can use anything really – the better the CD player the better the output of course. The reason we use a £400 CD player is because the combination is INCREDIBLE and when the CD6007 gives up the ghost in 5 or 7 years time we have only to purchase another £400 CD player. As we all know, older CD laser transport mechanisms are hard to find as laser transport manufacturers stop or update every several years. Using a cheaper player with the BII means you aren’t stuck with a £3K or £10K CD player that cannot be serviced in the future. That is similar t0 my philosophy for a number of years now about a reasonable player and separate DAC .. the thing I want to know - have you taken the output direct from the CD player (and taken out the Dacmagic) to see if there is the same improvement in sound you are hearing (i.e. it negates buying an offboard DAC as it improves the sound of the onboard DAC significantly?) .. if that is the case then this could be a bit of a game changer perhaps?
  12. What are you missing or lacking that you need to upgrade? As to reviews I take them with a large pinch of salt, the only way in this game to ensure that a change is an upgrade is to get your ears around it. My personal view if i was looking for a separate phono stage I would buy the EAR 834p but that is me. if you love the sound you have then stop scratching the itch - and if you must scratch it make sure you audition before committing
  13. Not sure it ever made it to market - have heard of one or two of these about and not sure if they were just prototypes ..
  14. The answer is simple - the ones your ears like the best. It is a bit of a pointless question, sorry for saying, but I do not see this adds anything to the party. Ask 100 people and get up to 100 different answers. Back in the day I always preferred KEF and Celef and a few others. The diamonds when they first appeared were a great budget choice for those starting out on their journey but if you had the option of a second hand old pair of Lintons it would be down to personal taste as to what a budget conscious beginner would choose (for those not automatically just buying what the mags told them to)
  15. You can look up a pic on the net - I have given up trying to post my pics in here as it says they are too big (even when I cut them down by 75% Art Impressions - I love mine due to the horn loaded tweeter which provides all the top end beautifully without drawing attention to itself. It has a beautiful mid range quality to me and a bass that kicks you in the stomach like a mule when needs be. My wife heard them and said we had to have a pair and they have been in situ for 21 years now and still bring a smile to my face when playing music. If ever I get round to playing with valves the other big plus is they are over 90db efficient and here is a net pick (mine are a tad earlier with slightly different mounts for mid and tweeter Oh I forgot to say - they sound amazing at any volume - so low level listening is also majorly enjoyable
  16. sorry I missed out the 1 lol it is 16mm
  17. One of my old Haflers is humming louder these days - the case doesn't help (it vibrates from the transformer increasing the volume of the hum) .. putting a big heavy weight on top of the amp reduced the level of hum considerably .. also when I moved from a wooden rack to a glass one the hum got a bit less too - so it may be worth experimenting with some sorbothane or similar feet. Of course the hum was isolated to the amp (as is yours) with nothing being amplified through the loudspeakers so if it is not annoying you just sit back and enjoy the music
  18. Had the old fuse box changed for a new RCD unit - the guy changed the earth lead to the consumer box to a 6mm one from the old thinner one. Do not ask me why but the hum from my Decca cartridge is gone (well let's put it this way you have to turn it way above any volume you would ever listen at to hear it now). As a result I got brave - took the system out of the rack to clean it (god the amount of dust and muck that accumulates under your separates) and lift the lid on the SP9 to change the tubes (newly installed 7DJ8 Panasonic tubes for the old Tesla 6dj8) and then put it all back (hate doing it as usually something is not right after and it takes an age to sort things out) and bugger me all back in and perfect. Oh I nicked my wifes new make up brush (big soft affair) to brush the accumulated dust inside the SP9 before changing the valves. Gave the brush a quick vacuum and put it back in her make up drawer. she hasn't commented so it must be ok If you want a nice brush to dust things off with gently this was great
  19. dribble a little sewing machine oil where the spindle enters the enclosure (carefully avoiding pulley and belt) perhaps ?
  20. I would give it a try - the preamp draws very little current so take the mains feed out for the power amp. Costs you very little to try so try it and see what your ears think
  21. A jewellers bent nose plyers or circlip plyers may help (if you can get them small enough to slide inside the tag)
  22. RIP Jules and my prayers and thoughts are with your family at this sad time. I know you are reading all this in heaven and I hope the warmth of our feelings is reaching you there. I hope that warmth will give some comfort to your family as it is going to be a tough time for them.
  23. How sad - Joolz and his family are in my prayers and my thoughts are with him and his family. As we get older the fact of our mortality becomes more apparent. I was thinking about this and perhaps trying to write a piece about "The Finishing LIne" Unfortunately we treat life as a race without realising the Finishing Line is our demise. For you younger members in here make sure you make every day count and always stop to smell the roses. Try not to treat life as a race to get to another level at work or at home. God bless you Joolz and family our prayers, thoughts and best wishes are with you,
  24. It has to be my current system (all listed in my profile) .. but I have loved the journey getting there and still there may be changes in the years to come (but on past record don't hold your breath) I do feel sad for those who through circumstances have to alter their systems to fit their new surroundings (often to the detriment of the sound quality they had before) and for those whose hearing becomes such they are no longer able to enjoy the full fidelity of their systems. As I keep saying the name of the game is pleasing your ears - if you keep then happy you will spend more time listening to the music (and not listening to the kit)
  25. I would wrap it up well or insulate it with towels or polystyrene in a box just to ensure condensation is kept to a minimum
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