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  1. How about an original UE Boom? All boxed up waiting to go...£55 delivered. Cheers....Dave
  2. Hi, How about a pair of Optimus Dipole Supertweeters which I no longer use since no longer using my Quad Esl. If any interest just PM me and I'll send you a couple of photos. Cheers....Dave
  3. Davedwack


    Doing a bit of browsing, came across this thread so thought I'd resurrect it! Well I managed to get past the still playing at 70 mark (after a fashion). I had a partial knee replacement September 2017 and started playing again last June, never thought that would be possible, but there you go! My new goal is to be playing at 75.....I'll be 73 in a few weeks, fingers crossed. Anybody else still having a bash? Cheers...Dave
  4. Hi, To answer your question, yes they are good, very very good especially when using the EPC310mc. I used mine for about 6 years alongside a Thorens 124 and a Linn LP12/Ittok and I can honestly say there wasn't that much in it sound wise . Due to downsizing I sold it about 3 years ago followed by the LP12, keeping the Thorens, which for me is a more flexible option. What I didn't do was sell the fabulous EPC310, no I sent it up to J7 for a clean and appraisal (response was fair condition but some life in it yet). I was rather hoping I might pick up another SL10 at some stage but it seems unlikely, time flies when you're a fogey. Why am I telling you this? Well if you happen to pick up a nice SL10 I could be persuaded into parting with the EPC310mc and I'll not be asking anything like the £570 that chap is currently trying to achieve on Ebay. Good luck with your search, it's well worth the effort. Cheers.....Dave
  5. Davedwack

    Budget cart

    Hi Tim pm sent cheers....Dave
  6. PM box cleared, apologies for that. Cheers....Dave
  7. Hi Tim, I sent you an Email regarding a switch box. Cheers....Dave
  8. I paid £36 last Friday to see him at Buxton, frankly I'd have paid double if required, he's that good, unbelievable gig!
  9. Rodney Crowell - Tarpaper Sky (MP3 download) Not bad, especially if you're a fan and I bet the vinyl's a bit better sounding. Dave
  10. Now you're talking…..so I have done on my Esls….fabulous stuff: Very Greasy El Rayo Live Mr Dave El Rayo-X Win this Record Yes I think that'll do for now Chris! Dunno if you've seen him but he's just as good live. I was looking at that 100 best guitarists lists…..he's not mentioned as far as I remember! Oh well what do I know…..not a lot really. Cheers…..Dave
  11. One of my favourite Free tracks....My Brother Jake.....really infectious stuff!R.I.P. Andy