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  1. You will need a Akurate 4200D to beat it, wait until then......
  2. How do they stack up against each other.... while the Krystal isn't Linn's top cart like the others were, it is newer by design.
  3. It’s plugged into my ADSM via an optical cable 😀..... so it now has Katalyst upgrade 😎
  4. Must have been mid/late 80's when in my teens. I had worked up to a classic Dual CS505-2 with NAD 3020A and Celestion Ditton 110 speakers and was reading too many flat earth mags of the time. So the LP12 was a holy grail, out of my reach then. Ended up in ProMusica in Colchester where Chris (still see him selling vinyl at the shows) sold me an Axis Basik Plus K9..... slippery slope,. Some time later the NAD got replaced by a Incha Tech Claymore, also from ProMusica. The some second grade Celestion SL6S speakers out the factory in Ipswich. I still have the Claymore, now mod'd by it's creator Colin Wonfor and about a year ago bough a pair SL6Si again. Linn journey continued but now from The StereoShop in Ipswich, where the Basik plus got replaced by an original Akito. Then followed an LP12 base unit with Valhalla for the Akito, the Bask plus back on the Axis and sold on. The Claymore got passed to my Dad and I bought an early Kairn and exdem 280/Spark. Not sure where from but I had now EPOS14 speakers. The LP12 grew till it reached Cirkus/Lingo/Ekos2/Troika level. I ended up helping out in the StereoShop on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings,. for free or "staff discount". Sadly Richard decide to shut up shop, so as a parting offer I was able to buy my first CDP at trade price, along with the Ekos2, also "trade". The CDP was of coarse a Karik single box player. Still have both of them. From there I worked my way through the AV stuff, 5103, Kinos, Unidisk all used and exdem by then from random places. Fitted the house out myself with 4 Knekt rooms, collected up Tukan, Keilidh, Kaber and Keltik to tryout. It was when much later, must be 2008, when I went to live and work in Italy for a couple of years I jumped on the streaming wagon rather than transport my CD collection over. So I bought one of the first Akurate DS's from Rayleigh Hi-Fi Colchester. The streaming journey began to it's ...er "Klimax" Some years after moving back to the UK I stood at the digital/analogue cross roads... My ageing LP12 was being shown up by the KDS, should I sell it, swap it or upgrade it. As my previous dealers had gone I had hooked up with Peter Swain, in the Listen Inn era for servicing, so when it came to it I paid a visit to his "new" shop Cymbiosis in the centre of Leicester. As I've not quite understood some peoples approach to the LP12, selling it because there was always an upgrade or feeling compelled to upgrade and blaming Linn... I didn't throw the baby out with the bath water but stuck with and over a period of time upgrade it to Klimax level. I'm not a box swapper type, more a system grower and developer over time. Linn might not be the best, but to me it seemed more sense and cost effective to stick with a solution and develop it rather then chop and change brands in a lucky dip approach.
  5. A better chassis and PSU makes the deck play better tunes and makes sense of the music, a better MC wouldn't without them fitted.
  6. Speakers should be chosen by size and type of room, rather than budget available. I'd also strongly recommend passive room treat panels be integrated into the decoration, look to GIK for some ideas etc. I would also look beyond the Linn line up for speakers, IMO bluntly too expensive for the sound/performance you get. (Kudos Titan range perhaps?) Perhaps the key decision first is whether to go down the EXAKT rabbit hole. While I really like the theory of it all, the cost and commitment is off putting to me personally. Deciding that shapes the choice of speaker, which in turn steers the choice of electronics. Hopefully from next week dealers will be able to open for demo's
  7. I know the Ittok has it's loyal followers, but I wouldn't put a Krystal or an MC cart on one these days.. (For me Ittok + Asaka was worse than Ekos+K18) Hence I'd stick with my suggestion as I'd rather have Radikal/ Karousel / Adikt than Lingo 4,/Karousel,/ Kore/ Krystal .. That also allows in the future to add Urika, perhaps when a Kore and better arm has been done an MC makes sense.
  8. If a one off purchase is with in budget, then a new Akurate spec LP12 would be a nice way to go and sell of the old deck as separate parts to raise as much as possible., Alternatively I would suggest a Radikal PSU with a free Karousel while the offer is still running. Plus a new cartridge, many options there, Adikt is very good.
  9. Surely Urika II having digitised the signal feeds it via EXAKT link to the DSM, which Songcast shares on the network, and SongCorder picks it up. Why would you want to go out through a jittery 3rd party SPDIF connection to USB and loose packet integrity that Linn had achieved? Appreciate you seem to have a few network or PC problems to solve, but I'd rather sort them out.
  10. I've just started using SongCorder to record some before and after LP12 mods.... it seems to work fine so far, everything is hardwired. Even if you have the odd glitch isn't it the most direct way of doing it?
  11. I'm using EWA speakers now in my Akurate based system. https://www.abcaudio.biz/product-page/ls-25-loudspeaker-cables Sold the TQ UB as they offed little over Van Damme tour grade at fraction of the cost. EWA has powerful bass, huge sound stage and loads of detail and insight, from the guy who designed the original TQ cable, rather than the multiple spin off marking cables they sell now. These are his latest creations.
  12. The Katan is better speaker than Keilidh, even the Tukan is. Being more musical/tuneful and less coloured. The Keilidh is simple nearly empty box with cheap divers in it. It is coloured and bit of a tub thumper. Fun and easy going in some system/rooms but you never escape it's limitations even with 1000's of pounds worth of kit in front of them An AV5125 and pair of active Katan cards would blow them away, 5125 is also miles better than LK100s...... Swap to a Majik or Akurate DSM would be big improvement all for sensible outlay. I'd avoid Linn's 5 way speaker madness, personal don't like the 3K array, it's grey, boring and sterile. Not heard it with Exakt, which I would hope has rescued Linn speakers, but at crazy costs that others didn't need.
  13. I think the official question is "how long is a piece of string" "Slight" is equal to the square of someones paranoia....... ..... I did go check the ones in my music room..... they are more then a "slight" out....so looks like I'll have to correct that ;D
  14. It's so they look nice and don't wobble Joking aside, the amount of tilt or the lack of it on square boxes should be correct by levelling to ensure the acoustic centres of the units are correct and phase alignment is maximised. If you would hear a difference with a slight error I very much doubt.