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  1. Yeah cheers due end of May, Circuit Pack in Black. A music playing biscuit tin or a homologation rally car for 30K ..... oh what a tough one... NOT.
  2. Don't think I ever been so disinterested in a new Linn product or care less how it might sound. Looks like a biscuit tin and the price is obscene. Anyone wasting that much on a box to make noise in a room has lost the plot. KDSM was crazy enough price, they should have taken the chance to bring in a new product line that offered better sound, but at lower reset price point as the Klimax range had got out of hand. My KDS will do me, if I get chance still to upgrade the board to Katalyst that will do me, or perhaps I'll trade it for used version. That's me done with Linn HiFi.
  3. Just looked at the new web page.... "New Klimax DSM Ultimate streamer from £30,000" FFS I've ordered a brand new GR Yaris for similar... That is aground up homologation special built car. Nothing for me here........madness ...
  4. Very interesting speaker design, not seem them before. Spooky though as I plan to build my next pair of speakers, as I have my own CNC machine was thinking of the same milled out cabinet idea. Feeling more inspired now
  5. That was the one I watched and made reference to earlier, came to me on FB
  6. Having just watched an interview with Gilad, Exakt hasn't sold or taken off like they expected or hoped it would. He also said they are keen and open to any manufacture of speakers to take Exakt, as we have seen already with Kef and Kudos, which they thought was going to get the market going. Sorry to say it's doesn't take a lot to work out it's cost as well as possible technology fear that is keeping people away. Modular and or a less channel Akurate EB-I, like I say as per the power amps have been for years, to me is a no brainer. Why do I want to buy 10 channels of power amp and DACs and only use 4 of them? My Fact 8 are two way and most I'm likely to ever have is 3 way. It's not "entry level" it's buying what you need. Just been reading the Exakt design webpage, as I would also like to build my own speakers but possibly skip the passive crossover stage and go straight. Question for Sunbeamgls, On the Exakt Design pages I see a drop down for Celestion SL6S.... Is there a filter already for them? As I would like to convert mine as well. If I had more job security at present I would probably take Linn up on the offer, but the automotive industry isn't to secure at present in the UK...
  7. Ninka has much more to give... Replace the Kairn and LK140 and improve the source before you need to replace them. The akitiv cards will fit in a 5125, a Majik DSM would give you a streamer, phono input and pre-amp linked to the 5125. Or go newer, but the budget goes up.
  8. I think Linn agreed, as they released the Pretek and Powertek. Yes add a power amp to the Intek.
  9. David, I think you missed the point, if to run my rear, centre and sub I only need 4 channels then a AEBI 10 is over 50% redundant. I would prefer less channels and less cost. Lowering the cost of entry to Exakt surely would be a good thing for Linn getting more people on the ladder. An AEBI would be more than adequate to run my surround channels for movies.
  10. Yep,, Power amps come in multi channels options for years.... come on Linn your missing a trick here... 4 channel box gets a 2 way speaker Exakt... help people get on the ladder.
  11. Cool, remember seeing that once before.... what puzzles me is why Linn don’t do an Exakt-I with less channels, I wouldn’t need 10... a 4 channel would be handy and would make the cost of entry to Exakt more affordable for many people.
  12. I saw this promo and has made me wonder just how much I would need Currently I run 5.1 all speakers are passive, non Linn, but do have their own Linn power amps driving them. At present I use a Marantz AV amp as a processor and AV pre amp, feeding the centre, rear and sub power amps. The main left and right go to my ADSM/K line in which is set to unity gain. Ideal would be to replace the Marantz with the Multichannel card that fits in the ADSM. Would I then need just an Exakt 6 box to take the rear and centre (sub?) feed from the ADSM to feed into my current power amps. The Exakt box channels would be full range but the relevant discreet channel. Can the Left and Right still be feed from the ADSM or do they need to come from the Exakt box as well?
  13. Doubt there is anything wrong with it, just use it more gently when taking the arm from the locked pillar position. If indeed the new springs are softer, then it would move easier than before and require a steadier hand.
  14. What else did you try? Exakt makes sense but if Linn has to rely on it and the huge cost it carries to make a competitive sound it kind of shows the worth of other brands.... I am only an Exakt Box 6 away from having what’s needed to get my Fact8 converted and profiled, so I’m not saying never.....(currently driving them with AKDSM/K +A4200/D bi-amp.) Those isolation feet always puzzle me, never quite sure what they are meant to be isolating to or from... but at 200 quid could be cheap upgrade if they work.... will investigate further...
  15. Okay to stir the pot a bit, I would strongly recommend other brands, as I don’t particularly like any of the later Linn speakers. 109 are are pretty good, 140 okay, the upper ranges are silly money and easily beaten by other brands in my view. Grey sterile and boring generally sums them up. Ive used PMC Fact 8 for nearly 10 years now, with Akurate and Klimax level systems ..... I’d add Kudos and AudioVector as my top 3 brands when I went shopping for new speakers....... The only Linn speaker I have left now is a pair of Kan 2, which don’t live up to the hype against modern options. I often got the impression that many British speakers were voiced to suit Naim amps, as they were rolled off and warm, needing the upfront edge Naim sound to balance them out. These sounded lacklustre on Linn.
  16. I’ve used homeplug, ie network over mains adaptors, they have worked fine for me. Success can depend how the ring main in your house is configured. If the sender and receiver are on the same ring should be fine. If one sits say on the down stairs the other on an upstairs you have to try it. Mines still works fine (2 year old house) Sound wise never managed to convince myself there was any difference to a CAT 6 cable I later laid into one of the rooms. But then all network cables sound the same to me anyway. Give them a try.
  17. Yeah maybe, but this level of architecture has been out a while now and filtered down..... So the next evolution must be in development, probably using parts from the same supplier/factory. So I'll still have to wait! Can Linn squeeze anymore out of a digital signal.......
  18. Time for Katalyst2 to be developed.... which I am waiting for now as I’ve left it so long.
  19. Is the arm board bouncing with the platter? Is there a bit of debris between the inner and outer platter so it’s not sitting flat?
  20. Agree, why are replies only allowed if they blow spoke up someone’s arse? I wasn’t looking to offend, but if some are that sensitive so be it....... I’m not a sheep, so just because something is posted on the internet doesn’t mean I need to accept or agree with it. People write and publish reviews to earn money and attract followers, so they need to be credible if that’s going to sway me. I don’t believe it was Linn snobbery either, just observation based on experience. But for sure we should all bow down to a musician who’s pitch perfect... who was being snobbish?
  21. Hmmm 35+ years as an engineer and Linn user, so I make my own judgement, not what Linn says or what some hack who writes and publishes on the internet says.... so deviations from engineering, science and physics doesn’t make them well regarded in my eyes.
  22. I gave Paul the credit of already knowing what the best sounding LP12 is, (Klimax spec), which wasn't his question. 80/20 as I said may be an impossible ratio with the LP12, but I think the question was max performance per pound/buck. perhaps 70/30 who knows....... For example I wouldn't choose a Keel. A Kore gives most of the same amount of musicality just misses out on some pyrotechnics and dynamics, more in a HiFi attribute sense. Not done Radikal vs Lingo 4, it wasn't out when I bought mine, so it was against Lingo 3. Perhaps above will hold true, as people speak highly of the Lingo4. Even though I have a Klimax Radikal, I went in to buy an Akurate one as I don't subscribe to it making a difference, (unless Linn is now crippling the Akurate version). So my demo was on Akurate, but I bought an exdem Klimax, as Peter made me a good offer and it matches my other boxes. EkosSE and Kandid are both crazy money, beyond what's needed to make an LP12 sing..... the Ekos2 and Adikt on my second deck is very listenable, I suspect a Krystal would be the ideal sweet spot once the rest is at Akurate level. So it's about performance per pound/buck, and where is that most efficient = sweet spot.
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