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  1. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the deck and advert. Just need someone to buy it now!
  2. Very nice deck. Tempting. Have a bump on me.
  3. Strange - I resized them using Irfanview. I'll have another look at it. Thanks
  4. Thanks Mark. Sorry to be a bit stupid but how do I attach them? I used the "choose files" option when I created the post but they did not display.
  5. Thorens TD160 MKII in good condition. Hi-res photos can be emailed on request. Collection near Norwich. £250
  6. I am into 2 channel so not really best place to advise a friend who has asked for me help. He has moved into a house which has 2 KEF ceiling mounted rear speakers and cabling installed from the previous owners HT setup. My friend would like to purchase a HT receiver, centre speaker, L&R front channel speakers and sub to use with his 55" TV. He has indicated he has a budget of £1K (not including the TV) which I have advised is likely to be tight. The budget is flexible to a certain extent but he doesn't want to spend "thousands". Can anyone make any suggestions as to options he could consider? Thanks in advance
  7. I was about to start a project to convert an existing attached workshop / garage to living space optimised for hi-fi use. I applied for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development and for Buildings Regs. The planning department advised they didn't think I needed planning permission but would not give me a legally binding answer unless I either applied for full planning permission (expensive and time consuming) or a Lawful Development Certificate. I also engaged an acoustic consultancy to produce a report on how the room should be constructed, acoustic treatment, the room size and placement of speakers etc. Happy to share anything you might find useful. Unfortunately I have gone abroad for work so the project is on hold but I will pick it up at some point in the future.
  8. This... I don't find my Klipsch Jubilees coloured but they are out of budget as are all other high quality commercial offerings. Buy or build some DIY horns. Might not be 'domestically acceptable' though...
  9. I had a pair of NM3s for a while. Sold a while ago although I am friends with the new owner who is still enjoying them
  10. sy247

    Yamaha NS1000m

    My friend is selling these and he has asked me to put a link on the Wam. Not sure how easy these would be to repair but I am sure someone will know: