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  1. Hi All Very reluctantly selling these truly magical, tiny and super rare speakers. Incredible sound from such tiny boxes, they are in really nice condition and really are as rare as hens teeth these days. Here is a wee brochure: £250 inc postage
  2. Hi All This is an absolutely terrific Bluetooth speaker, as you can see it has the style of its big brothers - but more importantly a real flavour of the sound too. Comes with remote and a really decent quality onboard phono stage, I have plugged a Rega into this and it sounded fantastic. I have the original box and packaging and it’s in mint condition. I purchased from Sodders a couple of years ago. £280 inc postage. Some bumpf from the Heco site: The HECO Direkt 800 BT is a powerfully sounding all-in-one stereo system. Two 125 mm subwoofers with a HECO kraft paper membrane and two powerful textile domes deliver excellent dynamics and the succinctly open sound typical of the Direkt. Downfire bass-reflex ports boost the deep bass, while elegant solid-metal feet define the floating nature of the sturdy MDF enclosure. The integrated stereo amplifier offers numerous inputs, including 2 x analogue with phono MM, digital optical and coaxial (up to 24 bits / 192kHz) and Bluetooth® with aptX™. The range of features is rounded off by a subwoofer output, display and remote control. The Class D amplifier stage produces a powerful 45 watts RMS per channel. Typical of the Direkt range, the 800 BT also captivates with musical, vivid and richly detailed HECO sound. The high-end chassis components and the substantial amplifier power set new sound standards for Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to the numerous inputs, the HECO Direkt 800 BT is, as a TV speaker, directly on the record player, on your smartphone via Bluetooth® as well as many other analogue and digital sources, the all-In-one
  3. Thanks for the very kind offer John, really appreciate that mate - i'll drop you a PM. As for the LV SUT, i have no idea - i messaged Kevin at Definitive about it years ago and he couldn't recall any of the specs - but it drove the Shelter really well 0 so fingers crossed
  4. Ok Hana SL ordered, the specs seem very similar to the shelter, so hoping my Living Voice SUT will match well? Only problem is fitting the Hana. Having practiced fitting a spare cheap cart and trashing that, there is no way I am going to try and fit the Hana. No idea what to do now, thought of living without my records for much longer is driving me nuts, I might try and find a dealer. cheers rich
  5. dicy

    Thanks very much for the kind offer of the loan John, much appreciated.

    Ill let you know if I need to take you up on it.



  6. Hi All Thanks so much for all the advice and suggestions, I’m going to order the bits and have a go. I shall report back Cheers Rich
  7. Hi All 'Somebody' has managed to trash my shelter 501, so a replacement is needed. Now, i have always managed to call on the services of local Wammers to help me fit a cart, but lockdown has forced my hand - it's high time i learned how to do this anyway. So, i'm looking for advice on what kit i should buy to help me do this - is there anything that will make the process as painless as possible? So best protractor, scales etc. Cheers Rich PS - if anyone has anything to sell - please let me know.
  8. Hi All Looking for a Denon 110 in good condition for a friend. Might also be interested if it came with a TT attached, budget inc TT would be around £350 max. Cheers Rich
  9. Hi All Another very reluctant sale, i have owned this since i purchased from Dana at UKD and it has been kept in a smoke free home. It is simply the best sounding CDP i have ever heard, it has the Twin DAC upgrade (you can switch between DACS via the rear of the player) and comes with Genalex Gold Lion valves. The sound is as close to analogue as CD gets, warm yet punchy, liquid yet rhythmic - just glorious. It comes with the beautiful wooden remote and i have the original packaging and box. Condition is mint and it had had very little use in the past 6 years. Collection would be preferred and i'm happy to meet or deliver within reason. I'm in East Sussex - but i'm travelling up to Kidderminster this weekend and could leave for collection from my mum. I'm asking for £850 including fully insured delivery - but if collecting or meeting the price would be less. I bought this off the back of a fantastic review by Sodders, i'll try and find a link to it if possible. Cheers Rich
  10. Now Sold Thanks for all the kind comments
  11. I cant remember what the finish is called, but it is really beautiful - the pics do not do it justice. The sound is wonderful, i actually prefer it to my mint Marantz PM-4. Thanks for the kind words
  12. Hi All With a very heavy heart, i need to sell my A&R A60. This is (IMHO) probably the best example of this wonderful amp that you will ever see, the casing is in superb condition with quite a rare finish and earlier this year i sent it to Henry (TopRepairMan) for a serious service and a few upgrades (see the pic of all the work carried out) It has the original box and packaging and also a service and user manuals and a couple of nice pieces of A60 memorabilia. I will also include a set of premium flashback din cables and a Flashback cables din to RCA phono socket lead and a spare din to rca cable. It sounds (and looks) utterly sublime and will provide many years of service. As mentioned, this is a reluctant sale and i need to ask for a price which reflects the work carried out and the condition of the amp, if i'm way of the mark please PM me. So, looking for £400 delivered. Thanks Rich