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  1. Some awful pics, will post better tomorrow
  2. This really is the final reduction - £40 delivered or £53 delivered with the brand new QED Performance Graphite USB cable.
  3. Thanks so much for all the kind offers guys👍
  4. That's a shame, thanks so much for the offer though Al
  5. I'll do both for £54 though
  6. Sorry no - just the Pro-ject
  7. £42 delivered - final reduction.
  8. Also, is it a High output MC Al?
  9. Wow Al, that’s a lovely offer - thanks so much mate. But I’ll be honest, after years of getting mates/dealers to fit my carts I’m doing this one myselfI’ve always been really nervous about fitting one, just no confidence. But due to lockdown and wanting to tick this daft fear off my to-do list I’m going to do it myself. And therefore I’d be really reluctant to borrow a cart - in case I make a balls up and damage it. Would you consider selling it mate?
  10. Hi All I am quite literally cap in hand here and asking if someone could do me a kind turn. Just found the cantilever on my Dynavector 10x5 completely bent, this is on my second system where i spend all day working (and where I escape from the lunatic females I’m in lockdown with ) I’m absolutely gutted, to make matters worse, the shelter 501 on my main system is nearing the end, so I have to keep my powder dry to replace that in the near future. Like most at the moment, I’m pretty broke so the budget ain’t big, but if anyone has got a decent homc or mm cart they would be willing to let me have for a bargain price, I’d be eternally grateful. Hopefully I’ve earned enough karma over my many years on the wam for this not to sound too cheeky (or desperate) Something smooth warmish and musical like the 10x5 or denon dl110 - or along those lines would be wonderful. Cheers Rich