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  1. Hi All Avid Hifi Precision Level & 45 adaptor - Excellent condition and boxed - £45 inc delivery Cheers Rich
  2. Hi All Acoustic Classics II & Rarities - M/M - Unplayed - 3 LP set - £38 delivered Cheers Rich
  3. Hi All Tung-Sol 6SL7 Valve, purchased from Hot-Rox last year and used for a matter of hours: £22 delivered Cheers Rich
  4. Hi All Sennheiser Momentum M2 Over Ear phones - lovely phones, foldable and in excellent condition. No box i'm afraid - SOLD STP Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand - Not sure what finish it is, but it looks lovely - £55 delivered £100 delivered for both. Thanks Rich
  5. Hi All A couple of nice Vinyl accessories for sale: Avid Hifi Precision Level & 45 adaptor - Excellent condition and boxed - £45 inc delivery Michell Record Clamp - 'R' version - excellent condition - SOLD Cheers Rich
  6. Thanks Barry Now Sold
  7. For some reason the photo links are just showing as links and not pics. I have posted 100's of pics using the same method - has something changed mods?
  8. Hi All This is the very last thing I’m selling and the most reluctant sale of all. An Absolutely brilliant Record Cleaning Machine, easy to use, totally effective and best of all, very very quiet - you can listen to records whilst using. It’s in black and in great condition, I will include some of my home made fluid and the recipe and a couple of top quality brushes. No lid, but I do have a soft cover provided by Loricraft. I purchased direct from Terry at Loricraft around 6 years ago and I have cleaned around 200 records max on it, so lightly us
  9. Cure and Led Zep lp’s sold
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