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  1. josh

    Model Kits

    I'm looking to get my dad a model ship as a retirement present - something not too hard to start off with and better designed/made than the standard Airfix/Revell fare. Does anyone have any recommendations for good ship model companies? I'm afraid I'm not aware of any other than the mainstream makes. Also, for painting, am I right in thinking it's worth getting an air spray, as it's better to paint with without leaving brush stroke marks than using brushes?
  2. Hi, I was wondering whether if I were to get, say, an Auralic Mini, or Lumin streamer (where I'd have FLACs going in via a plug-in drive) a Sonos Play speaker would be able to pick up the streamed content from it, or would I need a Sonos Connect streamer to do that? For my main system, I'm debating whether to go for a Connect (which has easy Spotify & Android compatibility - quite important) and run through a DAC to improve the SQ if need's be, or to go for a higher end streamer. However I'd like to be able to stream to Play speakers around the house so there's no point going the higher-end route if they're not compatible. On a separate note, what's the difference between the Aries and Aries Mini? It sounds like the Mini is pretty close performance-wise. Thanks, Josh
  3. I've only just recently started thinking about APs due to seeing lots of them come up s/h on Audioemotion / .Elite Audio. Having read up a bit on them, they sound very interesting! What's the difference between the standard and the 'plus' versions though? E.g. the Tempo 25 and 25 Plus, or Scorpio 25 / 25 Plus? Also, is there much of a step up in performance between the Tempo, Scorpio and Virgo ranges, or is it mostly a size factor? A s/h Virgo is the same price as a new Tempo!
  4. I believe they're both hard disk players only. This is just curiosity btw, you don't need to ask why I don't just use a NAS or PC instead, or say they should both be the same!
  5. I've seen a number of people here comment on Melco units they've owned but there don't seem to be so many Aurender owners. Has anyone compared any of the Melco units to Aurender? Also within the Melco line, everyone goes for the basic N1A - has anyone compared it to the N1ZH or N1ZS?
  6. Oh cool, hadn't seen that section of the forum before (haven't visited for a while). Great review. Have you heard any Lampizators around that price point to compare it to, or say, a Metrum Pavane?
  7. I read some very positive reviews of this DAC when it came out (think it was made by ex-Wadia guys IIRC) but have never heard anyone mention it in DAC-related threads. At £2100, has anyone heard it to compare with other similarly priced DACs? It'd be interesting to hear some real-world thoughts.
  8. How does it compare to your Meitner?
  9. They look fantastic. I saw a pair listed for many months for about £4.3k which I thought was a bit of a bargain. Alas I have not the space or the money for the required amps for them, but I did dream! I have the Elite SE which I enjoy - though I don't think my lounge is big enough to move up to the Momentum or Ultimatum range alas. It seems like ML are popular amps to drive Neats with as well as Naim. Does anyone know how the ML No.383 integrated would compare with an equivalent Naim offering (I don't know what that would be) in terms of sound presentation?
  10. Hi Jerry, have you been getting my PMs?
  11. Wow that's cool. I was on the verge of chucking it in with this forum due to hating the new interface and massive ads - but that's a pretty nifty feature that makes me wonder what other upgrades there are under the skin. Did you get my last reply on PM btw?
  12. Can you repost those links? For some reason they link back to the blog post. All other Spotify links work for some reason. Thanks!
  13. Thanks. I do like it although I find it can sound a little bright (I've tested and it's not all down to my room). I don't know if the MFS uses a softer tweeter. Might have to investigate. I was debating about the Momentum 4i but as far as I can see, it just provides a lot more bass which I don't need. Don't think the tweeter design is different to the SE's.
  14. Would a Supernait 2 be enough for them? Am considering getting a pair myself.