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  1. Haven't been in this thread for a good while! Not too many changes, but I do have a few shots for you all; Main Rig: Naim Supernait with Naim Hi-Cap, Naim CD5, Naim Flat Cap 2 feeding Stageline and CD5, Apple TV into SN DAC, Linn LP12 - Ittok, P77 and Hercules, into Harbeth SHL5 on Something Solid Stands; I refused to sell my Harbeth P3 ESRs after getting the SHL5s and luckily financially i've been able to keep them, to make them almost head phones in this set up: Naim Nait 2, Apple TV into Fiio DAC, into Harbeth P3 ESR. Power amp for the SN and a new cartridge for the LP12 soon. Oh and if I can find a reasonable Rega RP i'll put that in the study on the ESRs.
  2. Bump with more photos and further price drop. One speaker has some chips to two leading edges, one top on the right hand side. And a minor one on the face on the left hand side, difficult to photo. A slight 'score' down the left speaker also. This does not detract from the overall look though in my view. £500.
  3. Top of line for Aiwa, but this is a rehoused Sony, Good quality weighty CD Player, comes with remote and in nice condition. Has digital out. £30
  4. Hello, I am advertising on behalf of a friend but these used to be my speakers anyway. The first reincarnation of the LS3/5a dating from the early 90s, these P3s are in Teak/Cherry, had brand new grilles and badges when I bought them. The cabinets are probably 95% and I can send images of them. Apologies for the attached photo ( this is an old phone picture from when I had them! More to follow. Full working order, sound more like a 3/5a than the ESR does, a truly magical speaker. The last pair on here IIRC were black ash and at £600. These in a more desirable veneer including the new grilles, they really look the part. Looking for £500 + Insured Delivery
  5. Raspberry Pi Model B+ Boxed as new, and it also has a HDMI to DVI lead, USB power cable, Case, Project Board, Wireless Adapter. Bought for a project I never did, I think with all the bits I paid £50. £35 + Post.