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  1. "Taste" Free Trades Hall Manchester about 1970, my first live gig, Rory's playing was wonderful that night!
  2. Andy831

    One Track

    October Project Because I just love Mary Fahl.
  3. Bowerbirds and Horse feathers please Richard (I also replied on AOS) Let me know how you would like paying Cheers Andy
  4. Andrew The 256 / 315 x 19mm columns tend to be quite thin on the ground. A solution I came up with on an old Q4 rack I had was to screw two sets of columns together so 2no 140mm becomes a 280mm it never appeared to create a stability issue with the double column although I always made sure the double was used to space the bottom two shelves of the rack. Not sure Quadraspire would subscribe to it as an acceptable solution LOL. Just a thought and could be a quick fix as liongate appears to have plenty of 140's available. Andy
  5. Andrew it might be worth noting whether you want 19mm dia or 32mm dia
  6. Not sure if you are a member on PFM, but I know Chops54 has a Beard amp in his stash, maybe a polite ask if it's for sale might work?
  7. Tom I think I may have 3 in light oak, not sure I would be happy to post them though, where are you in the UK? Also not sure about condition I would need to check carefully. I also have 3 light oak smaller QAVM DM me if you want to chat Andy
  8. A5 and B4 usually indicate the 5th stamper for side A and the 4th stamper for side B ie not first press as these would be A1/ B1.
  9. Still got a pair of Western Electrics here, contact me if you want to discuss
  10. Thanks Si Double quick time delivery and cartridge exactly as described. Andy
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