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  1. Sold Subject to the usual
  2. I am no expert on Bel Canto but my understanding is that either the owner or the designer has a passion for valves and they built to order both the Set 40 power amp and a pair of Set 80 Monoblock's which use the same chassis but two rather than the single chassis of my Set 40. The amp uses a pair of 211 output valves giving approx. 40 watts a side although I understand at 40watt output they were unreliable and they started to wind down the output to about 35 watts a side. I have owned mine for over 5 years and have never felt to urge or need to change.
  3. Just wondering whether I am the only "valve" Bel Canto user on here. I have gone through the thread and found no mention at all of valves?
  4. He got me hooked into this "pork" addiction too. I reckon he (Maverick that is) is Broster's main pusher!
  5. Andy831

    Richard Dunn

    A very sad loss indeed. RIP
  6. Surprising there is no interest in this excellent phono stage, ok maybe I can sweeten it a bit. So the lot ie all 3 boxes for £475.00 delivered Alternatively if someone already had a phono stage and they wanted a psu I will consider splitting one of the psu and selling it separately. The stage was originally set up by for MM and can be converted to MC but needs a trip back to the maker or the use of a head amp / sut.
  7. Cheers Mate appreciated
  8. I have an NVA phono 2 with a pair of NVA power supplies that have unexpectedly become available and are now up for sale. This 3 box MM phono stage is just about as good as it gets under £1400 and in my opinion is a real giant killer. This particular set is about 18 months old is completely unmarked condition and is available for collection from me in East Lancashire / West Yorkshire for £500 Whilst I prefer collection I would be prepared to box up and courier the items at your cost.
  9. I have a pair of Q Acoustic 3020 sat unused fairly certain I have the original box too. Yours for £95
  10. I have a Glasshouse TVC passive if its of any interest
  11. I have an NVA Phono 2 with two separate power supplies that is a MM stage that is likely to be available after the weekend its 18 month old and cosmetically and electrically perfect not a mark on it. It will be well below your budget leaving cash for a decent head Amp. or SUT.
  12. If its a trade room and you don't want to listen then just walk on by, I doubt anyone will press gang you into going for a listen.