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  1. Sold Subject to the usual
  2. I am no expert on Bel Canto but my understanding is that either the owner or the designer has a passion for valves and they built to order both the Set 40 power amp and a pair of Set 80 Monoblock's which use the same chassis but two rather than the single chassis of my Set 40. The amp uses a pair of 211 output valves giving approx. 40 watts a side although I understand at 40watt output they were unreliable and they started to wind down the output to about 35 watts a side. I have owned mine for over 5 years and have never felt to urge or need to change.
  3. Just wondering whether I am the only "valve" Bel Canto user on here. I have gone through the thread and found no mention at all of valves?
  4. He got me hooked into this "pork" addiction too. I reckon he (Maverick that is) is Broster's main pusher!
  5. Andy831

    Richard Dunn

    A very sad loss indeed. RIP
  6. Surprising there is no interest in this excellent phono stage, ok maybe I can sweeten it a bit. So the lot ie all 3 boxes for £475.00 delivered Alternatively if someone already had a phono stage and they wanted a psu I will consider splitting one of the psu and selling it separately. The stage was originally set up by for MM and can be converted to MC but needs a trip back to the maker or the use of a head amp / sut.
  7. Cheers Mate appreciated
  8. I have an NVA phono 2 with a pair of NVA power supplies that have unexpectedly become available and are now up for sale. This 3 box MM phono stage is just about as good as it gets under £1400 and in my opinion is a real giant killer. This particular set is about 18 months old is completely unmarked condition and is available for collection from me in East Lancashire / West Yorkshire for £500 Whilst I prefer collection I would be prepared to box up and courier the items at your cost.
  9. I have a pair of Q Acoustic 3020 sat unused fairly certain I have the original box too. Yours for £95
  10. I have a Glasshouse TVC passive if its of any interest
  11. I have an NVA Phono 2 with two separate power supplies that is a MM stage that is likely to be available after the weekend its 18 month old and cosmetically and electrically perfect not a mark on it. It will be well below your budget leaving cash for a decent head Amp. or SUT.
  12. If its a trade room and you don't want to listen then just walk on by, I doubt anyone will press gang you into going for a listen.
  13. I have bought a Dr Feikert tonearm and cartridge alignment tool so my Pro-ject version is up for grabs if anyone fancies it. It is pretty much as new with very very minor signs of use, comes in its original retail box together with the user manual. Cheapest price I can find it is £95.00 but most are £105, Buy mine for £60 plus P&P or collect from Hebden Bridge. Check your tonearm / cartridge set up is correct with this easy to use tool. (Suitable for Turntables and tonearms other than Pro-ject models)
  14. Andy831

    NVA Phono 2

    I have a Phono 2 which I use with a pair of the dedicated PSU's. When I first put the stage in my system I found it to be accurate and dynamic with a well-projected soundstage, side to side, back to front and top to bottom. Plenty of air around instruments, easy to identify where on the stage individuals were playing. The music had attack when needed, piano was edgy and in your face, kick drums and bass were accurate and controlled, voices were superb particularly with female vocalists. The whole projection was wide, deep, accurate easy to follow with good clarity and resolution, on balance I found it to be an excellent piece of equipment, particularly at its price point. The only downside is as noted above because its a double insulated Class 2 Appliance with an acrylic case it can be a bit fussy about what it sits next too ie it wants to be positioned away from electrical transformers and Wi Fi enabled devices as it tends to collect noise. The manufacturer is well versed in this matter and I feel sure would talk you through it all. Hope that helps Andy
  15. You might be better sticking these on a Railways Forum, lots about in the UK
  16. Add Bel Canto to your list Also Leak, Decware, Bottlehead, Radford, Longdogaudio, Glasshouse, Tron, god the list is probably endless I think you have set yourself a thankless task LOL
  17. I too was a fan of early Lucy Rose, bought that album and eagerly awaited the second which was more electric, more pop and quite disappointing.
  18. Got the Garland Sessions album years ago, thanks for the heads up although being late to the party it cost me £4.99 still cheap for a 2 x 45 slabs of vinyl.
  19. Hi John As far as I know they have acquired the Brimar name and are talking about bringing valve manufacture back to the UK. I bought a quad of 12AX7 from them and they appear well made, arrived a day after ordering in Brimar valve boxes with made in England printed on the box. They sound quite nice too. Andy
  21. Thanks lads, still got the 506.24 but I seldom seem to use it these days. Also the amps have changed a bit too, I use a Glasshouse Tvc with an 845 power amp these days, I think it sounds better, but your both welcome to call in sometime for a listen. Andy