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  1. No , the 3.3VB needs the VBS power supply i can include the VBS cable (from Coherent) regards Dave
  2. On reflection I think my pricing was too ambitious, reduced to £700
  3. For sale is my Bel Canto DAC 3.3 VB , in perfect condition with silver face plate A great sounding versatile DAC. Updraded from the DAC 3 by Aanvil Audio this is essentially a DAC 3.5 VB without the ST fibre input with original box £1000 plus delivery
  4. For sale is my Belles IA-01 integrated amplifier 180 wpc Upgraded to Gen II status by Coherent No box so socially distanced collection / meet preferred £2000
  5. Hi , yes I have one that’s for sale. It’s the 110 g black counterweight
  6. Congratulations on the new amp, looks amazing
  7. I have a spare P10 I bought on here a few years back, revalued last year with JJ Gold pins from Pure Sound, looking for £300
  8. Stunning speakers Mark , enjoy
  9. Gary speaking for myself i have much appreciated your inputs and yes i realised you are employed by an Audio Note dealer but your advice and experience are valuable inputs and in my view they were not overt sales pitches. Indeed you gave a fair and balanced comparison of the Bel Canto CD2 with Audio Note alternatives which was the information i was looking for.
  10. Thanks Gary Time to start saving! Definitely looks the way to go early next year hopefully