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    sme 20/3a
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    smev + lyra kleos
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    whest ps 30rdt se
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    vitus scd 025
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    vitus sia 025
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    kudos titans
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  1. Please could you tell me how old the tuner is and are you the original owner ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info on the price of the one sold at Guilford audio
  3. Thanks for that, I have been in touch with the seller and it is about 12 years old but he says it has had little use and is not too keen to ship.........I will see how it goes, I was looking for something newer if possible
  4. go on treat yourself..............
  5. now on ebay but much cheaper here
  6. For sale is my beautiful gloss black Roksan TMS 3 turntable fitted with Roksan Artemis 2 arm and Reference power supply. I have owned it from new and bought in Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 . I have all the accessories that it was originally supplied with including all the tools, boxes, manuals etc. Condition is excellent, the usual polishing/dusting marks on the lid. The fascia on the ref supply is originally supplied as silver but I additionally purchased a black fascia (£100 !) ......to match my gear Photos can be sent for serious enquiries and it can be inspected/demoed if desired by arrangement Collection strongly preferred (South Cumbria) but as above, I have all the transit boxes Good buy at £4000 collected Please PM if interested Thanks Ray ............................................NOW SOLD
  7. Wanted TW Acustic Raven AC, SME 30, Avid, Brinkmann ????. Please let me know if you have and are selling any of these turntables. Thanks Ray