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  1. Valteri is not giving away much. He will come on song for FP3.
  2. 12.99 US a month, only recently introduced.
  3. There will be a fair amount of pressure. He will be under the steely gaze of Stoffel Vandoorne who already has an on line “justiceforstoffel” hashtag and I suspect Bottas will not enjoy direct comparison to the man who might replace him in ‘22. As sensible as George’s choice is over Stoffel, there are already a few dissenting voices out there.
  4. Well Gorgeous George Russell has the Mercedes seat for the next race. A safe pair of hands I reckon.
  5. The difficulty with being paired with one of the finest drivers ever to have planted his backside in a race car is that it can be virtually impossible to shine. Whoever sits in that car will do well to get top 5 in my opinion. And my guess is they’ll prioritise Valteri without a moments pause. He has second place in the drivers championship to secure.
  6. Watching it live was challenging because they only showed replays of the incident once they had confirmation he was out of the car and relatively unharmed. So there was a few minutes of no information. Just that lull which can either be followed by the best or worst news. Thankfully it was the former. Interestingly after Max’s comments about what to do with drivers who might have withdrawn from the race after witnessing that, Mercedes announced had the news been bad they would have withdrawn the team.
  7. Well we can expect a different winner next week because Lewis has tested positive for COVID19 and will miss the next race. I’m rooting for Bottas but obviously Red Bull will be sensing an opportunity for their boy(s). It should make for a very interesting weekend.
  8. The evidence is that internal sync prevents the contamination by phase noise from an external source. However there is a perfectly justified case for external synchronisation in an interconnected group of devices such as in a pro-environment or where ADC’s, DACs and even network connected gear exist in the same eco system. So it shouldn’t simply be a case of one configuration over any other.
  9. From experience: It isn’t hard to change the sound of a USB connected device. But my guess is a lot of the work Schitt have done has been to improve that interface and make it less easy to influence. In that instance I would look at users of the DAC in question rather than users of the cable in question because it is the DAC that matters. So see what other DAC users or better still the manufacturer recommends.
  10. Roon has to be internet connected in order to stream from Qobuz or Tidal. There is no option for off line playback. For that you have to use the official Tidal apps.
  11. Roon is more than a means of music playback. If you simply want music playback there will be cheaper options. If you want a laser like focus on playback quality then again there are alternative options including the above mentioned HQPlayer. But it is always worth a look at Roon, and with the new monthly payment option that doesn’t tie you in for a year it is more palatable option. But to try to address the question why would you need Roon? Try it and you’ll know one way or the other.
  12. It is of course the named reviewers rating. Roon simply buys in the service.
  13. Hi Jules. The five previous pages are quite old. In fact if any Mac users want to write a new guide we can pin it, unpin this one and let it wander into the light! It may well be that anything you need to know is here but not being a Mac user, I wouldn’t know! My gut tells me that 5 metres is on the long side for a USB cable, and as you alluded to yourself the possible remedy is to spend on an expensive cable to minimise degradation. My experience says shortest cable possible with considerations for noise and heat. But obviously your setup needs to fit in your home and that isn’t always easy. But given a choice I would look at the Mini/remote solution.