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  1. OK Tim, what you want to do is the best way to get good sound direct from a PC. Although I’d probably avoid USB in favour of i2S. You can do what you propose with a pretty regular M-ATX based board. You would need to be able to run it from a Linear ATX supply such as the HD-Plex item. Interestingly HD-Plex also work with some of the higher end Audio PC manufacturers. To get close to that you also need discrete audiophile cards for your inputs and outputs. So the Jcat Ethernet card and USB, or as I suggested an i2S card like the Pink Faun item. All can be powered separately thus minimising nois
  2. What do you want to do with an ‘audio’ pc? It’s form and composition will be a function of its use. You can go from a streamer with USB drive plugged into its rear to a Pi with software and functionality of your choice to mini and full sized x86 computers with massive amounts of processing power. You can stick it in a cupboard headless and control it remotely or you can use it in laptop form with everything at your fingertips. So the very first question is what do you need it to do?
  3. Max’s move at the start resulted in a thoroughly entertaining race. Questions I’d ask. Mercedes pace is at what cost? Are they winding the engine up beyond its reliability window? Are they still using the old floor? I thought Sky asked questions and got somewhat ambiguous answers. Why does Bottas get stick? His race, though not perfect, put him where you might expect at the end. We can speculate that Russell might do better but it is still speculation.
  4. A mate got one and restored it during the 90’s. He used to commute between Stoke and Birmingham and some of the times he recorded were quite interesting. His Wife often rode pillion and he was more circumspect with her on the back but said he always knew if he’d leaned over too far or fast because he would get a swift dig in the kidneys when he did! He is still riding bikes, but for New Zealand Police now!
  5. Are there any RD350 LC’s left? I though they had all fulfilled their programming by killing their owners. They didn’t earn the nickname “widow maker” for nothing!
  6. It is a lovely sentiment. And I am really pleased to see him get a chance to drive what was a championship winning car. I did think it was the 2019 car though. Oddly enough I also hope he is really quick. While F1 is done with him it’d be great bragging rights to be able to claim to be “as fast as Lewis but for his machinery” to his grand kids!
  7. They will probably surprise you. They did me.
  8. If he wants to do that he can. I can move/ re-title this one too.
  9. I would second this. This device was a contemporary of the above mentioned ISO stage and considered the pick of the bunch for MM use in its day. But flick a switch and it becomes a very capable MC stage. Not the prettiest of hardware but that’s because the effort went into the electronics inside so it’ll win no awards for aesthetics.
  10. A quick and dirty update because I haven’t done much in the way of final assembly. I have some new HT smoothing caps and all signal caps are now Miflex. I have ordered some case work from AliExpress and was interested to see that they now collect VAT at source subject to the new tax environment here. Sooo... VAT added to the total and paid to China. I presume that will be payable at Customs unless they really are going to impose tax bills on Chinese companies!
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