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  1. I am late in on this so apologies but the Stack Audio Link is RPi compute module based so any Pi based software should work on it. There is a lot to choose from. I considered one of these a while back and had pretty much decided I would have put something else on it. From a build point of view these are pretty much unparalleled and if they can get the software up to a similar standard they will have quite a product.
  2. Any progress here? If yours is an i5 NUC I think I have one very similar. It shouldn’t present any problems so long as it is set up right. When you consider that much less powerful machines are able to stream high definition video, the issue most certainly isn’t lack of processing or GPU power. Options are to hard wire and see if hardware acceleration has been enabled in the Setup config of Plex. I seem to remember Kodi had this option. Also ensure you are gigabit Ethernet end to end.
  3. There are a lot of more obscure compositions where masters no longer exist. In those instances a decent vinyl rip may be the only way to get a digital copy of those works. It is also important to remember that Tidal is a conduit. The vinyl rip is a choice of the record label and Tidal’s responsibility is to ensure what they supply to you is a good facsimile of whatever the record label puts out. As such this track will be a vinyl rip on Tidal, Qobuz, HDTracks, Amazon or any streaming platform you use. But, if they have a deal with whoever has a digital copy, you may get a choice of two. I can think of two artists who sold the rights to their work, and on discovery that a hit no longer got them paid destroyed masters in their possession. Nina Simone and Lee Perry come to mind.
  4. That is the old PCM DAC. Cosmetic difference apart from different indicator lamps on the front is no screws in the Perspex top. And it has the i2S over HDMI input which the older model does not. 🙂
  5. Bump at £550. Great DAC, great price.
  6. Sadly no! I have ended up with kit that can be left on 24/7. My (very good) valve power amp is now rarely used because I tend to listen for about an hour normally and if 30 minutes of that is suboptimal it is a big hit on my hobby. To be frank there is no practical way to run one of these devices with a big 70 watt valve amp on the end of it. That may be different with a less power hungry valve device.
  7. Terry, I am closing this down as the OP is sorted. If you still need something just start another thread.
  8. Power amp for me so far. I can put a pre into the chain if I want, and I may still do that. But I haven’t felt the need to.
  9. We could remove it again because it should say courier only. But we’ll let you have this one. You obviously need it.
  10. Easy Sunday morning vibe. Just prepping myself for two cars that need washing plus the re-instatement of the garden furniture as requested by the Mrs. I’ll probably cook too as it’s roast pork and I do it best!
  11. I think Jimmy was the reason Jimmy didn’t get any honours. He took being excluded from the ‘66 first 11 badly and then shortened his career through drink while drowning his sorrows. Who knows how he chose to vent his frustrations during that period of his life. He did blaze a trail for retired players paths into media and presenting and that can’t be denied him. But I am pretty confident that people aren’t snubbed for no reason.
  12. Sky have voluntarily repaid my F1 Season Pass. I am thinking 2020 is a write off. It would be good to be wrong but I am struggling to see how this can be done in the present climate. The logistics are staggering.