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  1. We could remove it again because it should say courier only. But we’ll let you have this one. You obviously need it.
  2. Easy Sunday morning vibe. Just prepping myself for two cars that need washing plus the re-instatement of the garden furniture as requested by the Mrs. I’ll probably cook too as it’s roast pork and I do it best!
  3. I think Jimmy was the reason Jimmy didn’t get any honours. He took being excluded from the ‘66 first 11 badly and then shortened his career through drink while drowning his sorrows. Who knows how he chose to vent his frustrations during that period of his life. He did blaze a trail for retired players paths into media and presenting and that can’t be denied him. But I am pretty confident that people aren’t snubbed for no reason.
  4. Sky have voluntarily repaid my F1 Season Pass. I am thinking 2020 is a write off. It would be good to be wrong but I am struggling to see how this can be done in the present climate. The logistics are staggering.
  5. My Son in Law went through a similar process as a trainee train driver. His process was to be trained by fellow drivers but actually assessed by a manager, so in that case the managers are ex drivers and qualified assessors.
  6. But if you wished to assist him, you could have detailed the reasons. After all it would have been you assessing those trainee drivers and determining why they failed. During my car, motorcycle and HGV tests it would never have been my examiners manager telling why and how I had failed. Even with the HGV which was not taken privately.
  7. It is your job to know your job, not the managers. His only responsibility is to know what mechanism to use to measure your performance.
  8. If you have a DAC you really like, the Primare NP5 is a decent choice. You can pull files in via DNLA, plug a HDD into its USB input or configure it to stream Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify. The app on an iPad is decent, quite stable. Tagging your stuff properly will enhance your experience.
  9. A little over budget but certainly up there SQ wise is the Teac NT-505. It is powered by Lumin software and has an excellent control app. Alternatively the Cambridge Audio CXN v2 is getting good things said about it.
  10. Unmanaged that I personally have experience of, the Uptone EtherRegen. Expensive, and you are unlikely to find any second hand. Managed would be a variation on the Cisco 2960 theme. They are around on EBay at sensible prices but you need to find a relatively recent one and their popularity in communities such as Naim mean they don’t hang around long. Do a search and see what specific models folks recommend.
  11. What he says applies to all digital transports. What you say is quite specifically about upgrading and limited to a particular brand. So his definition wins. That doesn’t mean you are wrong. I have the best I have heard in my system using a digital transport but there is so much out there which isn’t necessarily better. But pretty much all of it is more convenient.
  12. Adding a switch is beneficial in my experience. But not for reasons of data integrity. And of course a managed version of a cheap SOHO switch will still be poorly made. The point I was making was that the managed aspect of the switch isn’t necessarily what makes it any better.
  13. Makes no sense statistically. If you go out twice your risk is doubled. If you combine a delivery or collection with a shopping run the extra time out increases risk. And because delivery drivers are human, they will be afforded all the protections possible. PPE where necessary, strict guidelines about how to interact and they won’t be there if they have vulnerable family members.