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  1. I’m quite fussy about who I consider to be a friend or family member. What I don’t really get is people are seemingly trading their protections as a buyer as a favour to the seller! And more than one person on this forum has had goods not turn up and their use of the F and F system has disqualified them from intervention by PayPal. Let’s put this into perspective. A £200 charge at 4% is an additional £8 for which PP will offer you protection. Just pay the extra. Honest sellers don’t lose out and buyers have peace of mind. As for sellers concerned about dishonest buyers? We don’t seem to get anywhere near as many of those here. Courier issues are by far a much more significant problem.
  2. My Dad placed great importance in having a means of playing music, occasionally at party levels while sounding good. In that time he has only ever had two systems. I have spent literally tens of thousands going around in circles, only to discover that my Dads philosophy is where I am now, and I have never been happier. Music from the place of my Dads birth was a catalyst for all of that. I can live with it if it can do Reggae in its many forms justice. So I would argue that my taste in music has guided my way through this hobby, and not the other way around.
  3. My take away from this is that it may well be possible to train bias out of your impressions of a listening session. None of this is fixed. We are the apex species for a reason, our ability to adapt is what gives us that advantage. It can’t be beyond the gift of some of us to be able to train themselves to distinguish genuine differences. And I am fascinated by one aspect of this, which is those that don’t hear what they are ‘supposed to’. Are these the ones who are less prone to that bias?
  4. If I look and read I hear the word. If I look but think about the other word, I hear the other word. I actually find it fascinating 🤓 in a typically nerdy way that your brain can create an expectation like that. Just a little bit of food for thought. 🙂
  5. Discuss.
  6. That would probably require confirmation from Innuos. It predates Roon so you will need to check.
  7. They are still open. The original draught of my post was going to point out that SME shouldn’t really be on that list because they are still there! But the level of support they offer has always been exemplary and I did wonder if the economics of keeping spares for fifty year old models had caught up with them.
  8. In 2015 we spent top dollar on a Samsung SUHD TV. Last month I discovered Disney+ wasn’t going to be deployed on any Samsung later than 2016, and that in 2016 their upgrade program (where you could buy a new box) had ended. They were guilted into producing an upgrade in 2017 but instead of replacing the old box, it simply plugged into one of the HDMI ports. Add to that NowTV is a pile of crap and takes ages and numerous attempts to launch and I find I’m stuck with a fancy UHD screen that will receive no further updates and no new services. Thankfully I have had a reprieve in the form of... an AppleTV 4K! It has all the services I am interested in (Netflix, Prime, NowTV, Disney+ as well as Apple’s TV service) and its picture quality absolutely blows the Samsung’s tuner box out of the water, actually revealing the true capability of the screen for the first time since we bought it. Who knew? And it is much cheaper than the Samsung piggy back box. I’m impressed with a product from that eco system for only the second time (the first being my iPad Pro 1st gen.)
  9. This isn’t a new phenomenon in this hobby. It may be jarring to see popular brands falling foul of our economic situation, but this has been an attritional process going on since the end of the 60’s. For older brands like SME it is a wonder this didn’t come sooner.
  10. Bump and a final reduction to £500 including carriage before selling elsewhere.
  11. Nothing wrong with EAC, it works and can be configured to do pretty much anything the alternatives do. Just not as a default. It’s problem is the open sourcing of the tagging software. My preference is to use EAC for its technical configurability on the ripping front and pay for good tagging software. But that is simply because I like EAC, and if dBpoweramp were where I started it would probably be my preferred option.
  12. No, your HiFi works fine. And if Tidal were generally flaky the noise here and in other stream related forums would be deafening. Your issue is the CCA. I am not sure how to fix it, or even if it can be fixed but that is where your focus should be.
  13. You already use the best configuration. Music on NAS, control on your tablet, playback on a streamer. You could try what you are doing with a third party control app and see if is better than the one provided for your streamer.
  14. I’ve refreshed this page every ten minutes since I woke up this morning! 🤓