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  1. Toto contacted him and asked him to look at his e-mails. He stated that he did not look at e-mails during a race at which point Toto told him he was coming up to see him. How or if that relates to the stewards I’m not sure.
  2. That strikes me as sensible. It all went slightly nuts in the heightened atmosphere following the crash. But I guess the team principles get to do that while others get on with figuring out what needs to be done with the cars left.
  3. The Indonesian film is identified! First twist was to find the Indonesian word for “Killers”. It threw up three titles none of which were correct. Then after some reading I discovered the film was actually an Indonesian/Japanese co-production made by the Mo Brothers. Search word “Kirazu”, (Killers in Japanese) and up pops the title. So 100% of ripped disks identified! My only issue now is I’ve found a couple of disks that rip but are scrambled on playback, and one which simply kicks you out of the Home Theatre app as soon as you try to play it.
  4. Massive, but by no means exhaustive. The biggest problem with streaming services is that you begin to limit yourself to what they offer unless you have an alternative perspective. An eye opener for me recently was realising that despite subscribing to three film streaming services there are a lot of very good films in my DVD collection that aren’t on any of these services. These aren’t obscure hidden gems. My guess is that at any given moment 90% of people are only streaming the most popular 10% of content. Personal ownership of all media is and will remain essential in my view.
  5. What happened was: 1. Lewis’ fault. The penalty was deserved. In the event of two cars arriving at an inevitable coming together the car behind (Lewis) and/or the car furthest off the racing line (again, Lewis) should yield. 2. Necessary, not least for Max’s development. 2nd is better than a DNF, a lesson Max needs to learn. The moral high ground doesn’t win trophies. It was pure unadulterated luck Lewis was undamaged and another 0 points finish for him would have finished his title aspirations. That said, I enjoyed the victory and I am not unhappy that Verstappen now has more to think about when wheel to wheel with Lewis.
  6. 90+ DVD’s, 700gb+ ripped so far. I’ve figured out how to correct DVD’s not properly tagged by Zidoo’s Home Theatre program. All are now correctly identified except one Indonesian language film called Killers. Every English and European language film with that word in the title comes up but not the Indonesian title. I might try a search using Indonesian rather than English at some point but it isn’t really a big deal. Four very recent DVD’s won’t rip due to copyright protection (or rather they do but take many hours as the ripping program tries to correct the issues). And some rips force subtitles which again I suspect is a copy protection thing. But we actually watched a lost gem called The Gift last night. One of those films with an ensemble who are all stars in their own right these days, a decent story arc with a nice twist at the end. So far, very happy with the results.
  7. When I wear one I just get called a pretentious knob! Oh to be a celebrity!😂
  8. Logical if you only have one cable but I’d be inclined to pick a component that would benefit most and use it there.
  9. The point is, the best place for a filter is at the far end of the cable. When you put a cable between the filter and the hardware you risk undoing some of what the filter has achieved. You can ignore the cable if you don’t believe they have any impact but they are still there. This point is made not because I believe in cables. I use what the manufacturer provides. But because it is good practice to place filters physically and electrically as close to the hardware as possible.
  10. It is the input that matters. The input to the hardware you are using the filters for. Normally a filter is applied at the input to a device. If you have to run cables from the filter to your devices it would be understandable if those cables had additional features like shielding or geometrical attributes so no issues are introduced post filtering. All in theory of course.
  11. There’s a first, never seen plagiarist proof humour before! Anyone nicking that would need to be really desperate!
  12. A small update on this. I’ve ripped a few DVD’s and put them on a portable drive for test purposes. The media player found 8 out of 10 automatically, providing wall art. I haven’t tried to manually update unidentified ISO’s yet. I have a good deal more ripped and ready to drop onto the 5TB HDD that arrived yesterday. I will get that formatted today (it needs to be done before it goes into the player) and do a trial run with significantly more rips, some of which are TV series. The RTC battery is fitted. I was able to get it done without breaking the seal on the base so no worries there. The difference? From off it boots up and updates from default to your local time in about a second. With the battery it remembers the settings at power off and updates times in about a second… I can’t see any other differences yet. Amazon are delivering a SATA to USB cable today to enable formatting and file transfer with my main storage drive. I’ll update again soon.
  13. Oh! OK, I’m stumped then!
  14. It is probably the mounting point for a dust buster or similar. They were popular alongside the SME arm and high compliance low mass cartridges.
  15. Like many who have been around for a few years I have a number of DVD’s collected starting from the 90’s onwards. I was quite an avid collector for three or four years until I jumped back into HiFi and video on demand became a thing. More recently I have been gifted blu-Ray discs at Christmas and Birthdays. A while back I put most of my older DVD’s into cases but even they use space. So I decided to archive my discs to storage and put everything into the loft. I did a search on AliExpress where I have an account and found something suitable, the Zidoo Z10 Pro. A UHD capable Android box with a 3.5 inch HDD caddy. I ordered it on the 7th from China, it arrived today. I could have had it a little sooner for £30 or so more purchased locally but I didn’t find that source until I had hit the buy button! Unboxing was pleasant enough, it came double boxed and came with everything required to get up and running with a few notable exceptions. Batteries introduce complication to shipping so no AAA’s for the remote and no CR1220 for the Z10 Pro. Packaging was classy and there is a dual language (Chinese and English) manual to get things started. I am still waiting for the CR1220 and a 5TB 2.5 inch HDD. The 2.5-3.5 adaptor is here and I have already begun ripping a few DVD disks to see what format will best suit circumstances. On power up there is a burst of fan noise but it soon subsides to an acceptable level. I updated it to the latest build and configured it as a Samba share to make it appear on my network. The aim will be to rip then drag and drop the resulting ISO. I paid for WinX DVD Platinum and hopefully that should get me through the bulk of my collection, after which I shall start to archive my Blu-Rays. The end result should be reclaimed space and much better accessibility to my old collection. Historically I did do the older Android streaming boxes but never got on with them and was rarely happy with the results. As I have Netflix, NowTV, Prime and Disney+ subscriptions the urge to stream has gone. And this box isn’t recommended for that anyway, not because it can’t but because you have to do the donkey work with loading and configuring software. Why bother when you can buy a box ready to go for very little. No, the aim here is to have a simple plug and play way to access my old DVD’s and hopefully this will do the job. I’ll keep you all updated.
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