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  1. Where does science say it isn’t possible? The problem is simple. No one is suggesting that mains somehow changes character any more than suggesting zeros and ones change. They don’t. But any connection point to the outside allows things in and out other than 240v at 50hz. That is the scientific basis. What is unscientific is the suggestion that these cables are universally beneficial.
  2. That is a different topic that should really be discussed in its own thread.
  3. There didn’t appear to be a personal attack. If you believe there was report the post and it will be discussed amongst us. I may be wrong, we may have to sanction my colleague but on first reading the only indication of a personal attack is you stating it as if it were fact. But this is a cable thread so making a statement like that is pretty much par for the course.
  4. The best UP Denon made ignoring the flagship player from the same era. After this they used PCM conversion on SACD.
  5. And you’ve owned a few! 😎
  6. There is an alternative which is to build a valve pre and pair it with a ‘faultless’ power amp. That removes the speaker limitation while still offering a flavour of valves.
  7. Can you put the price in this thread. The forum is not a shop window for other sites. Thanks.
  8. He is struggling with the revised car, particularly it’s performance in traffic and the inability to switch on tyres as well as other cars. Clearly the pressure is also on with three people competing for next seasons seats, one more talented than him and the other way cheaper. I imagine that there is also a recognition that if Mercedes do drop him there is nowhere else he can go. That is a lot of pressure.
  9. One possible title defining moment cancelled out by another.
  10. No. My understanding is the fused plug is there to protect individual power cables. So a 13amp fuse at the wall does not protect individual cables further down the line. This is the bit most people miss. The mains fuse protects the cable. It isn’t there to look after the kit. It isn’t something deemed necessary in other territories but in the U.K. it is what we do. Until that changes I wouldn’t put my name or that of the forum to “perfectly okay”.
  11. Audible advantages aside, moving away from BS certified hardware to items which are not certified in the U.K. is entirely at your own risk. It isn’t a criticism of the above, you can do what you like in your own home but I think it prudent we make that clear.
  12. I’ve not dealt with installations using RCBO’s (yet). I’ve yet to come across issues specifically related to the RCD’s used in an installation and certainly using RCD’s in my house have not caused issues I could attribute to them. That said I’ll do some reading. My experience revolves around older homes with wiring in different parts of a house being different ages.
  13. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with homeplugs. In a “data is data” world they certainly don’t do harm unless your home wiring is shot. I use them for all my music and video streaming and they are fine. As long as they are not old there shouldn’t be a problem. If you can bypass them temporarily that should prove if it is them or something else.
  14. I’m interested in the fact we seem to see what he describes as a problem that needs fixing. Let’s remind ourselves that the speakers are still very new, and that he is not a professional reviewer. Any opinion of this sort needs a second opinion. One mans ‘rolled off’ may be another’s dry accurate representation of what cymbals actually sound like. That for me is a healthier approach than trying to shepherd him to a description we might prefer. I’d suggest stability. Keep it as it is for a solid couple of weeks before changing anything in or out. Making changes while various components are stil
  15. OK, been told off by the Mrs. because of all the bits sitting around. I have the case now and I admit to feeling a bit grubby because I’ve gone full replica. Interestingly it is drilled for the M7 but has a 77 front and a rear labelled correctly for the 77 clone. So I do have some drilling to do. Pics when I have something worth seeing.
  16. Stupid barely related trivia. The nearest thing I have to a phobia is being under a bridge as a train goes over it. My son in law is a modern day driver with West Midlands Trains. A license to print (or at least earn) lots of money. My best mate is Kenyan born but his great grandfather was a Muslim out of what is now the Pakistani side of the Punjab. He was recruited by the Brits to work on the Kenyan railways running a station. This was obviously back when the Brits moved their subjects around to do the jobs they were ‘suited’ to. And why when my mates parents needed to leave East Africa
  17. Unless patched for a Mac/Linux kernel it is limited to DSD128, and is delivered DOP rather than native regardless of wether the DAC can do more.
  18. The defining factor here is not the computer you use, but the DAC. The RME has a very good USB input and so will offer excellent quality. You could get small improvements by using different processor platforms as an intermediary. The Pi based platforms are mentioned here with good reason. But you end up with additional devices and their power supplies which make the whole thing more unwieldy. It kind of goes against the very simple source/DAC/active speakers principle. Plug, play and off you go. The caveat is of course this is my experience and opinion. If you wanted to experiment with a Pi an
  19. Not strictly true. Class 2 enables plug and play. But Windows devices come with drivers that enable the full capability of the associated device. The result is that while Class 2 operation can actually bottleneck performance, Windows devices have always been able do everything so long as the right drivers were used. You are correct in that Windows have only recently added a generic class2 driver to their OS, but the lack of that was never a problem because of the device specific drivers which come with every sound card and DAC.
  20. You guys like a bit of drama don’t you? Calm it down or we’ll simply lock the thread until you’ve all had your afternoon nap.
  21. The fact that a car with a major MGU failure or totally shot tyres can still win from 20 or 30 laps out is all the evidence you need. But there is a lot of money to be had there, one vantage point cost £17,000 for a seat. I suspect the financial viability of the whole province is dependent of a few days of intense commercial activity of which the GP is a big contributor. In short, you’ll have to prise it out of their cold dead hands!
  22. If it ‘drains vibration’ then it doesn’t isolate, it couples. Interestingly a massive number of solid state devices come with feet that couple (the rubber or foam element of the foot) which is pretty much a standard fitment. Changing that to different materials can change the tuning of the feet. I see the Lyd uses springs (which can be tuned to impact certain frequencies more than others). I guess there is a reason they chose to stick with that transformer and add feet to overcome its weakness. And that isn’t condescension though it may read like that. If a mechanically stable transformer infl
  23. What he is saying is that you do not expose HiFi to the same stresses as you do a nose mounted guidance system in a missile. You don’t even build them with the same components. And differences in construction are not to make them better at room temperature in your house but to ensure they work at -10 Celcius or 105 Celcius anywhere in the World.
  24. I would be more inclined to take existing my boxes (Devon boxes with 10 inch 2558 drivers) and refurb them to a similar standard!
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