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  1. The SPDIF device is a Primare NP5. This is all going on in a second system. My networked DAC in my main system is untouched and sounded glorious as recently as this morning!
  2. I will be experimenting with a Pi with i2S HAT this weekend. It will be pitted against a commercial SPDIF equipped box and, if it does a good enough job will replace it. I will make comparisons with USB on the Pi as well as a sanity check. I can test with Topping and PS Audio devices.
  3. If I wanted to carry on with Roon in your circumstances I’d move it off the NAS and on to a dedicated core. My original draft contained lots of justifications but frankly the NAS builds are a third party project that got adopted by three manufacturers and thus found their way on to a lot of under specified machines. Roon does a lot of processing and doesn’t like sharing resources so a dedicated core is always the best option. eBay, Lenovo ThinkCentre M93, i5 (gen3) 8gb, 500gb HDD (swap to SSD) £135 refurbed. Will run ROCK. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  4. I’ve been a fan of DVD players, or more accurately Universal Disk players for a while. They can be excellent but there are trade offs. 1. Universal players by definition play multiple formats and need to cycle through the various formats until it can read the disk. Hence being slow to play CD’s. They will often look for DVD, DVD-A and SACD before CD. 2. These machines are invariably clocked for 48k while the most common audio formats are part of the 41k family. 3. Mixing audio and video capability can be problematic, especially when poorly thought through. One player I owned improved when it’s SCART board was disconnected. The original Japanese/US design had no SCART so wasn’t affected. Streamers have all but rendered Universal players redundant for audio. But a streamer is still a transport, even if it has no moving parts. No transport results in no sound!
  5. I think he did come in next lap but he was losing so much time Lewis made the 25 second deficit up very quickly. We also don’t know if Lando was being kept informed about the delta between the two tyres. I can’t imagine he chose to stay out in the knowledge Max and others were sure to catch him. But back to the original point, if he did choose to stay out I think the lesson has been learned.
  6. RB will be looking to put Max on the podium from the back of the field. This is probably a race they mentally ceded to Mercedes anyway so it is an ideal moment to take the penalties and still end up third or fourth where they would probably have been anyway. And it allows Max to be Max without the risk of others refusing to get out of the way.
  7. At around 25000 miles per year I’m at the lower end of the miles my colleagues do. I don’t know if folks drive more, on my visits it is more like “more of you drive” if you get the distinction. But fuel and pollution improvements have been driven by legislation here and that means even where we have “clean air zones” where more polluting cars and trucks attract fees to enter, most sub ten year old vehicles are exempt.
  8. It depends on its age. A car less than ten years old is probably OK. Older and then replace (and scrap the old one) is best policy.
  9. Ahh. The illusion that we the masses can have some control. We don’t. The few hundred I speak of are not politicians or political leaders anywhere except maybe China. The people I speak of is that tiny minority that controls 80% of the worlds wealth. We will go green when they are ready. But first they need to reverse 100 years worth of investment elsewhere. That takes time and that is the reason for delay.
  10. The problem though is there is no logic to the bottom up model. Especially when the model is an inverted pyramid. You don’t need to convince 7 billion people. Only the few hundred that actually run the planet. This should be a trickle down process, not trickle up! If you revolutionise energy generation the rest follows. Coal/oil/gas fired electricity is still the mainstay of the globes power generation and nothing moves until that changes. The rest is window dressing. In my opinion. That doesn’t mean I don’t do my bit. I do and would do more if allowed.
  11. The problem there is you attribute those qualities to hardware. It is the software that makes the Squeezebox special. And there is software that will do all the things you speak of.
  12. It depends. If they are made for 230/240 they shouldn’t. But an awful lot of Chinese gear is made for the Chinese market and run at a nominal 220v. That means the 240v and above commonplace in the U.K. is higher than they were ever intended to run at. That doesn’t account for the simple issue of quality, but that really shouldn’t be an issue in China because they know as much about the dark art of transformer manufacture as we do.
  13. That statement followed by that long rambling post, and you call me the pedant. Really?
  14. Pedantic quibbling. Hmmm. U.K. mains voltage has never changed. It was 240v +/- 6%. EU harmonisation resulted in our tolerance changing to 230v +10% -6%. That gave the same upper voltage tolerance but a lower one to accommodate the EU voltage. In short the upper limit has never changed and if you have a CE rated device that does not work correctly at 253v it is defective. That isn’t quibbling, it is actually the law. That is something you can’t insist isn’t so so I’d advise not suggesting otherwise.
  15. 253v isn’t high. It is within the tolerance quoted for delivered mains voltage in the U.K.
  16. Another update! As a Roon user I got a message from Roon that a couple of boxes had received Roon Ready accreditation. Amongst them was the Zidoo Z10 pro so I set about testing it. I got silence playing an MQA encoded track via HDMI but abandoned the process as it was rapidly approaching Emerdale time so I had to don my gimp mask and remain still and silent for the duration. This morning I made a few adjustments and got glorious sound out of my DAC connected via USB to the Z10 Pro. It also outputs optical and coaxial SPDiF so works exceptionally well as a bridge for Roon. It also displays on my TV via HDMI and has (limited) control through the remote. The silence on my earlier attempt was due to my TV only going up to 48k and I was sending it the first MQA unfold at 88k. So all fixable. SQ is pretty good too so even happier than I was before!
  17. No no no. I love the Chinese and their goods. I’ve just purchased a Pi HAT from there for half of what a French company is selling it for, and I would still have just hit buy but said company have introduced a post Brexit €160 minimum order threshold to the U.K. So God love the Chinese and their plans for World domination. Once they figured out that economic control trumped military control there was no stopping them and I embrace it wholeheartedly! I even regret the fact my Huawei phone just died (after a soaking in a canal while in my pocket). Had to buy one of them crappy Japanese jobbies. I doubt it’ll last the year!
  18. I’m always reluctant to pile on when someone is reported to say something along the lines Mick was supposed to have said. My Dad was the best Mini Metro dashboard fitter that ever walked into Austin Rover Longbridge but I’d guess there are plenty who might choose to dispute that! So a kid worships his Dad! Fine by me. My guess is Alonso’s wife believes he is the best ever. Give the lad a pass, there must be some real soul eating conflict going on in his soul right now. Race Analysis: Honours even between Max and Lewis, maybe a slight advantage to Max for preserving a lead (by whatever means necessary) when it looked like they were going to have a bad weekend. The McLaren boys proved that being in contention is the best policy to pick up if the top teams have a bad day. Constructors, advantage Mercedes. Valteri drove a blinder until he ran out of tyres and Checo screwed up by not giving that place back up, gifting Bottas third. Rookie error. But then that ruthless streak is why he is driving a ‘Bull. Just that he is doing it to the wrong drivers.
  19. I actually think what Jussi might take issue with is you presuming to speak on his behalf.
  20. The whole point of HQPlayer is to select the filters that you like the most. You could even emulate the filters 2.0 uses. But it gives you choices and that to me is tailoring sound.
  21. The vast majority of Roon users have no complaints. If you are appreciative of the sort of changes Innuos makes then it may be for you. Equally you could simply mate Roon to a product like HQPlayer and tailor the sound to your tastes. Or use Moode or Audirvana both of which are supposedly superior sounding. You are of course discovering the pitfalls of being tied to hardware. But if the results suit then PS Audio demonstrated that successive updates drew lots of praise from users as the sound improved.
  22. You say that with such conviction. But placebo isn’t just about the drug. It is about the circumstances in which the drug is delivered as well as the sort of person the drug is delivered to. So you are wrong about that. And perhaps many other things too if based on a faulty premise.
  23. Hi Res has commercial viability. As has RedBook and lossy recordings. People are people. If you were to break down sales of recordings by resolution then lowest would be biggest sales by numbers. But some want lossless. Others will pay for hi res. It is trivially easy to make all three available and allow us to choose. And choice is key. But I guess John Darko got us and many others talking and clicking on his site generating revenue. Mission accomplished.
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