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  1. Like many who have been around for a few years I have a number of DVD’s collected starting from the 90’s onwards. I was quite an avid collector for three or four years until I jumped back into HiFi and video on demand became a thing. More recently I have been gifted blu-Ray discs at Christmas and Birthdays. A while back I put most of my older DVD’s into cases but even they use space. So I decided to archive my discs to storage and put everything into the loft. I did a search on AliExpress where I have an account and found something suitable, the Zidoo Z10 Pro. A UHD capable Android box with a 3.5 inch HDD caddy. I ordered it on the 7th from China, it arrived today. I could have had it a little sooner for £30 or so more purchased locally but I didn’t find that source until I had hit the buy button! Unboxing was pleasant enough, it came double boxed and came with everything required to get up and running with a few notable exceptions. Batteries introduce complication to shipping so no AAA’s for the remote and no CR1220 for the Z10 Pro. Packaging was classy and there is a dual language (Chinese and English) manual to get things started. I am still waiting for the CR1220 and a 5TB 2.5 inch HDD. The 2.5-3.5 adaptor is here and I have already begun ripping a few DVD disks to see what format will best suit circumstances. On power up there is a burst of fan noise but it soon subsides to an acceptable level. I updated it to the latest build and configured it as a Samba share to make it appear on my network. The aim will be to rip then drag and drop the resulting ISO. I paid for WinX DVD Platinum and hopefully that should get me through the bulk of my collection, after which I shall start to archive my Blu-Rays. The end result should be reclaimed space and much better accessibility to my old collection. Historically I did do the older Android streaming boxes but never got on with them and was rarely happy with the results. As I have Netflix, NowTV, Prime and Disney+ subscriptions the urge to stream has gone. And this box isn’t recommended for that anyway, not because it can’t but because you have to do the donkey work with loading and configuring software. Why bother when you can buy a box ready to go for very little. No, the aim here is to have a simple plug and play way to access my old DVD’s and hopefully this will do the job. I’ll keep you all updated.
  2. No he didn’t. His comment was more along the lines that given a choice there would still be those who wouldn’t bother. It read more like a criticism of people who aren’t curious.
  3. It means the grade of cable has no bearing on speed of data transmission, especially in the context of the short runs in a home environment. Data integrity or speed isn’t impacted or changed by choice of cable. Cable performance is determined by speed and length.
  4. If any HiFi company truly cared they would supply ‘improved’ cables if they thought they mattered. PS Audio supply 16amp capable cable with their products. Omission isn’t really proof they don’t care. It may be proof that they want you to supply what they think is best. But most likely it is due to the fact that no cable is legally better than the wrong cable and cheaper to boot.
  5. That is a consequence of delivering to a territory (the EU) with multiple power standards in place, or opting to use an SMPS that can be used anywhere in the world. Delivering with no lead is way greener and allows people to choose what cables they want to use. My guess is if people had a choice driven by there not being leads with gear many more would opt for something better than a standard kettle lead.
  6. OK, I managed to miss that. There is always the option to continue to run the NAS alongside a NUC. Mine is there as the first line backup of music and database which gives me some resilience.
  7. I actually thought the tactic was a gamble but was sound. Had Bottas been more effective and held Max up for only half a lap extra it might have made the difference. But Lewis also yielded quite easily so in hindsight we can’t hold Bottas up to some higher standard. The issue for me was Mercedes found themselves to be passive tactically. RB have the upper hand and I can see them taking the Constructors for sure. I’m not certain Max fully has the measure of Lewis yet so I’m not going to call that in his favour yet but definitely advantage Red Bull.
  8. There are a couple of considerations mentioned by the OP that make this a relatively simple choice. Firstly a NUC running ROCK is the natural home of Roon. It is the simplest and least vulnerable solution. Minimum i3, 8GB ram, OS on a small M2 and music on a 2TB SSD and you have an excellent platform supported fully by Roon. The second point is that unless you get spendy a NAS will seldom meet the minimum requirement of Roon. This is a much less important point but a pretty interesting fact about Qnaps recent Roon related woes was that Roon basically shrugged their shoulders once they recognised the issues were not theirs to fix. The question is however, which NUC do you choose? I would say hunt down a gen 7 or 8 model. These run the same motherboards as the two versions of the Nucleus models. You can expect ROCK to be unconditionally stable on them. I run a 7i7 and I must be close to 100 days since my last hard reboot.
  9. If you posted this at the beginning this thread wouldn’t be more than a page long. Some better, some worse, some no change. System dependent. Take a chance if you are so inclined. If it doesn’t work OK, take a minor hit financially and move on. Take any financial loss as have purchased knowledge. I’m not seeing a down side here.
  10. Where does science say it isn’t possible? The problem is simple. No one is suggesting that mains somehow changes character any more than suggesting zeros and ones change. They don’t. But any connection point to the outside allows things in and out other than 240v at 50hz. That is the scientific basis. What is unscientific is the suggestion that these cables are universally beneficial.
  11. That is a different topic that should really be discussed in its own thread.
  12. There didn’t appear to be a personal attack. If you believe there was report the post and it will be discussed amongst us. I may be wrong, we may have to sanction my colleague but on first reading the only indication of a personal attack is you stating it as if it were fact. But this is a cable thread so making a statement like that is pretty much par for the course.
  13. The best UP Denon made ignoring the flagship player from the same era. After this they used PCM conversion on SACD.
  14. And you’ve owned a few! 😎
  15. There is an alternative which is to build a valve pre and pair it with a ‘faultless’ power amp. That removes the speaker limitation while still offering a flavour of valves.
  16. Can you put the price in this thread. The forum is not a shop window for other sites. Thanks.
  17. He is struggling with the revised car, particularly it’s performance in traffic and the inability to switch on tyres as well as other cars. Clearly the pressure is also on with three people competing for next seasons seats, one more talented than him and the other way cheaper. I imagine that there is also a recognition that if Mercedes do drop him there is nowhere else he can go. That is a lot of pressure.
  18. One possible title defining moment cancelled out by another.
  19. No. My understanding is the fused plug is there to protect individual power cables. So a 13amp fuse at the wall does not protect individual cables further down the line. This is the bit most people miss. The mains fuse protects the cable. It isn’t there to look after the kit. It isn’t something deemed necessary in other territories but in the U.K. it is what we do. Until that changes I wouldn’t put my name or that of the forum to “perfectly okay”.
  20. Audible advantages aside, moving away from BS certified hardware to items which are not certified in the U.K. is entirely at your own risk. It isn’t a criticism of the above, you can do what you like in your own home but I think it prudent we make that clear.
  21. I’ve not dealt with installations using RCBO’s (yet). I’ve yet to come across issues specifically related to the RCD’s used in an installation and certainly using RCD’s in my house have not caused issues I could attribute to them. That said I’ll do some reading. My experience revolves around older homes with wiring in different parts of a house being different ages.
  22. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with homeplugs. In a “data is data” world they certainly don’t do harm unless your home wiring is shot. I use them for all my music and video streaming and they are fine. As long as they are not old there shouldn’t be a problem. If you can bypass them temporarily that should prove if it is them or something else.
  23. I’m interested in the fact we seem to see what he describes as a problem that needs fixing. Let’s remind ourselves that the speakers are still very new, and that he is not a professional reviewer. Any opinion of this sort needs a second opinion. One mans ‘rolled off’ may be another’s dry accurate representation of what cymbals actually sound like. That for me is a healthier approach than trying to shepherd him to a description we might prefer. I’d suggest stability. Keep it as it is for a solid couple of weeks before changing anything in or out. Making changes while various components are still evolving will just confuse matters.
  24. OK, been told off by the Mrs. because of all the bits sitting around. I have the case now and I admit to feeling a bit grubby because I’ve gone full replica. Interestingly it is drilled for the M7 but has a 77 front and a rear labelled correctly for the 77 clone. So I do have some drilling to do. Pics when I have something worth seeing.
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