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  1. OK, 24 hours later and it is different again. So it looks as if getting some hours on the device is very important.
  2. Has anyone done this? I thought about it a lot but ultimately it was in danger of becoming another thing sitting on a back burner! And I was asleep at the time!
  3. Cable Monkey

    Done at last

    Hmmm. Building and evolving is pretty much what some of us do. I have to say, I have always had the urge to build, but rarely the motivation to finish. From pulling all the bits I have together from where in the house/garage/storage they are, to finishing something if it doesn’t grab me aurally I have a track record of not finishing what I start. I’m pretty inspired right now though! One build complete from scratch since Christmas and another presently fermenting away in my brain triggering seemingly random purchases from eBay and HiFiCollective over the last few weeks. But next month I might start on my motor bike again. In fact, this might be the year. It’ll be thirty a year in September!🧐
  4. I actually think anyone who makes an honest attempt at reviewing is very brave. It can be quite difficult to put what you hear (and just as importantly, feel) into intelligible words. And the vocabulary used in this hobby can be somewhat interesting too. I am in awe when people do it when the language used is not their first. 😎
  5. It’s not what I expected based on the iFi marketing claims. I’ll give it until after the weekend, a full 200 hours to see how it compares.
  6. It is the EtherRegen with its standard Uptone 7.5 volt brick.
  7. Well so far this isn’t working out. It certainly has an impact but in my use case the impact is negative. It is powering an isolating Ethernet switch.
  8. Beat me to it by seconds Richard.
  9. The issue you have is the words ‘might work’. I would stick to finding well regarded versions of KT88’s or their drop in alternatives the 6550 or possibly KT120. The KT120 draws more heater current so that would require confirmation before trying them. I don’t know about the KT90 so couldn’t comment.
  10. Barnabe’s stuff isn’t hugely popular on the streaming service I use (Tidal). There are half a dozen CD’s and EP’s but he has a pretty comprehensive write up suggesting there is a body of work, perhaps not available readily in the U.K. Gismonti is way more prolific on Tidal so his stuff is out there. I’m guessing you just need to find legit releases. I’m guessing also that unsanctioned copying and bootlegging was as big a problem in Brazil as elsewhere. Finding originals would be hard. Good luck with your search.
  11. Trying things first before moving on to the mission critical device is best practice so you are definitely doing it right. I killed my main server a month ago but my Wife hasn’t noticed. Because saying Alexa, play Frank Sinatra is so much easier than navigating to the shared files on our NAS! But what I am doing is sorting my backups. The NAS will mirror the internal drive on my dedicated Roon server. Then a portable drive will give me full ‘off site’ redundancy. It’ll work swimmingly when complete but there is a bit of work to do to get there.🤓
  12. Things might be about to change. Amazon will deliver an iFi Elite iPower PSU to me sometime in the next couple of hours. It is a SMPS with noise cancelling technology. Tiny in size but able to deliver 4 amps at 12 volts, it might be something of a game changer. I use an SMPS at the very core of my system in the SMPS 600’s that power my NCore NC400 amps and that pretty much demonstrates to me that it is possible to build capable SMPS’s. My mantra is a good PSU is the aim. Being linear doesn’t guarantee it being good, or switched mode bad.
  13. I have no doubt they believe themselves to be in the right on both counts.
  14. What is clear here is that buyer and seller fraud is an issue. Both parties have the right to seek protections. Especially when dealing with people they don’t know and therefore cannot trust.
  15. You find a way to do a deal both are happy with. If you use PayPal gift for transactions you are misusing PayPal and it can and does negatively impact the buyer. If you use PayPal correctly then PayPal protects the buyer, sometimes at the expense of an honest seller. Both buyers and sellers can be fraudsters so you find a way that works for both. Be that face to face or demos (in more normal times). But the protections in PayPal work if the buyer is honest.
  16. I know it doesn’t help in this case but if in doubt add an extra 4% and put it through PayPal as a purchase. Hindsight is a glorious thing but we’ve been here before. Sadly when promoting the addition of the fees and treating it as a purchase we get shouted down by folks who are legit but like ‘gift’ because they believe it blocks buyer fraud and clawback. But the buyer is in the driving seat so do what you feel is best for you. If the seller is unhappy he can refund or ask for another method like bank transfer.
  17. Forget Spotify then. It doesn’t work with Roon! To be honest, though I love Roon you need to commit. It gets more expensive than just the subscription!
  18. Did you send via the gift facility? I think it used to be called friends and family.
  19. Well worth looking at F1, who they are owned by and where they are based. This would be way too polarising for the home audience of Liberty Media. Especially as any form of motor racing is much more heavily supported in the South. They’ll ignore it and let the teams and drivers take a position rather than themselves.
  20. You shouldn’t need to be wired for control I would have thought?
  21. I much prefer to measure rivalry by what happened on the track rather than what we may have thought was happening behind the scenes. Certainly rivalry between team mates can be extremely damaging when there are rival teams with decent machinery. 2007 was a point in case, Alonso didn’t damage Hamilton so much as the entire team. The rivalry between Hunt and Lauda stands out for me. An epic battle fought on the track and not in a post race debriefing. And an individual who dominated his rivals because of his mental strength was Schumacher. He was the full package, dominant on and off track. A proper alpha male (who I hated at the time). I see a little of him in Max now.
  22. OK, after the fun I had with the BB3, I am back on this. It is already looking a bit different with better caps and I have some power supply related plans courtesy of Jim’s Audio. Just waiting for those bits to land from China.
  23. If Max should have won that he would have. The mistake he made is indicative of his relative inexperience compared to Lewis. The sort of mistakes Lewis himself made early on in his career. Max will learn however. I think reliability will play a huge part in who wins this season. It has already played its part in inconveniencing Perez and putting him square last at the start.
  24. The Reference models have always been in that ball park. Not to be confused with the Classic range.
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