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  1. Roughting Linn waterfall by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 16-35 f4L, 6s @ f22, ISO100 raw. PP in ACR.
  2. We'll be there first 2 weeks of September.
  3. Just got the BluRay on ebay for £5 + pp Looking forward to it.
  4. Duddo 5-stones Duddo Stone circle by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 +16-35 f4L, 121s @ f16, ISO200 raw. PP in ACR & NikSFX
  5. Thanks for the recommendations so far, I'll definitely be looking into them.
  6. Just finished listening/watching 'David Gilmour live at Pompeii' and found it an aural and visual feast. Both sound and image quality were excellent and the overall effect of both was fabulous. Anyone recommend any other DVD/BluRay that has the same qualities, it doesn't matter if it's a live recording (as was ..Live at Pompeii) or studio album (The Wall) or whatever, as long as it fulfills the criteria. I realise that the choice of artist will be subjective, but SQ and IQ are pretty well objective. I'm using the digital out of a 65" LG OLED, into a 2 channel Meridian system.
  7. Was always being played at HiFi shows in the late 80s. I got my LP from a HiFi friend who bought it then couldn't stand it! I think it's mega!!