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    Gyro SE
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    Technoarm/AT33PTG ll
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    Roon + 808v6
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    In the speakers
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    In the speakers.
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    Meridian 808v6
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    In the speakers
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    Meridian DSP5200SE
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    Shure SRH1840
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Pictures at an Exhibition is ace, and Firebird is possibly my favourite.
  2. My son has Zu speakers. I know someone, past or present, on the ‘Wam has (had) Zu because he first heard them at Scalford.
  3. I’m still using one of the original ZP90 zone players. It started life in my hi-fi system as a means of getting ripped CDs and Tidal into the system, now it’s in the rear room as a Roon endpoint feeding the optical input on the TV’s soundbar. Always worked, and still sounds OK.
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