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  1. I have a sheldon tt1 low watt thing that is nice also a Marshall 18w stack reissue both could be for sale if interested as need to reduce now I have a Fuchs that I likes lot darren
  2. I have a teac xr10 for sale at £600 works and serviced when I bought it 2 years ago, only played 1 tape since
  3. I have a tribute step up that is a nice match for hana so, I had the case made by a friend in Corina and copper top and bottom and it was silver wired with nice quality terminals its for sale on audio abattoir for £500 but happy. To negotiate and accept trades for records or anything interesting darren
  4. I don’t hav3 one for sale but can confirm it’s a fab amp when you find one, longer term when I scratch the 211 itch I may sell but that could be a few years yet hilst I looked for mine I gave the Kroll ksa100 a try and that was very nice too cheers darren
  5. hi i would like to take the take five and the 3 little feat please. is the post per album at £4.10 each though? if its post at cost on all 4 then happy to buy them.
  6. are you decent distance away from the k2s? I find 10 foot plus is needed, bigger the better worth moving if you dont have the room great speakers - I love mine
  7. I have this at home at the moment and it’s very nice, sadly the step up ratio is definitely for an io so I lose a bit of flexibility on my volume as a result (my Ikeda cart needs a1:40 ratio and this is a1:100 so good I have ordered a slagle step up designed for my cart. Shipped the trannies On their own will cost £600 plus add in the my metal case at a further £100 plus someone to build it and the lovely case work this is a total bargain rgds darren
  8. For the bad ones you might want to try the wood glue trick, just google it
  9. I was thinking of downsizing a couple of guitars so might have one you like? fender strat for£500 early 90s sunburst in great nick but no case gordon smith gs1 for £300 in natural wood, great playing and sounding guitar this one - 1989 model in staffs if that is handy to try them out cheers darren
  10. even better if in another room - they all make a noise ime
  11. kef 104.2 is a good shout or swap your es for blue ones steve personally i like the clipsh heresy too
  12. enjoyed it too - thanks for coming over Vlad
  13. very welcome vlad - will pm the address and number
  14. Tax sounds dull Rick but the deadline is coming so no worries - enjoy cool if you can make it Bob - could pick up your SUTs as well Been looking at pass labs Aleph 1.2s so threshold would give me some insight into that approach to power amps
  15. this Friday late afternoon onwards - too late notice prolly but lobby on the stove and open house to anyone who fancies coming over anyone with a decent power amp encouraged to bring it as shopping for something that would work well with the K2s
  16. buy something secondhand and try it, if you don't prefer then sell and repeat, lose £50 each time but worth the experience to tach you what is out there
  17. Fab Job Frank - I wish I had the smarts to build a pair of K2s sadly I had to buy a pair but got them for a good price and they are great sounding - I keep wondering about trying valve amps with mine but not sure they will work on my occasional ACDC days
  18. Was there a show, missed it! Ah well, hope it went well fellas
  19. my dp 80 trannys were replaced when I bought it to convert to 240v and its silent so it can be done - the external one I had before was a little noisy rgds Darren
  20. 8 foot ceiling is too low Bob, go big and paint the beams. you moving far?
  21. I like some of the less obvious choices like slow train coming and Bob Dylan and infidels
  22. Decameron, mammoth special is a nice album for some great bass work
  23. talismans are great s[peaks - your amps are not great with them change the amps have a bakeoff before you buy buy second hand its not rocket science!!!!
  24. I have an Esoteric SA10 which was a stereophile class A product and a bit of a giant killer on the SACD front - its in great condition (one owner (me) from new) and just back from Esoteric with a new transport and power board which fixed the issues I had with low volume. looking for £1k so perhaps a bit too cheap but nice cheers darren
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