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  1. I bought a Gigabyte Brix for about £90, needed the RAM and SSD which I had anyway, more than powerful enough to run W10 as a server. NUC is just overkill IMO.
  2. Currently running a pair of 14s on the end of a Nait 2 and P9/Apheta, for less than £300 I don't think there's anything remotely as good.
  3. Seems apt after being at the beer festival
  4. New Nicolas jaar LP, Sirens. Came with a white scratch off finish to the artwork and a US quarter in the outer sleeve that was supposed to scratch off some the cover and make its own individual artwork. Mine was so tightly packed the quarter didn't scratch any off...
  5. Matt J

    Le Mans 24-hour

    Poor old Webber, forever the bridesmaid...
  6. Matt J

    Chapeau Wiggo!

    Great effort, pity about the weather but it's still a good marker. Hopefully it will tempt some of the other top TT'ers to have a go now the tit-for-tat records have gone since the rules changed last year, would love to see Martin and Cancellara have a go.
  7. Matt J

    Formula 1 2015

    Montreal is usually a cracker, few laps I caught were a proper snoozefest, shame.
  8. No lag here, plus most people seem to confuse lag with boost threshold, they floor it in 5th at 30mph and go 'OMFG LAGGGGG!!!1111' [video=youtube;qlvMRTQ6-X0]
  9. Not a massive Ferrari fan, but if I had the money I'd be tempted with a 488 now they've thrown in a couple of turbos.
  10. Matt J


    I don't understand Robben, he has one trick and one trick only, and yet he seems to keep pulling it off even though it's blatantly obvious what he's going to do.
  11. Matt J


    Pretty much any of them- Neuer was immense, Pig Sticker brilliant, Muller relentless , Lahm, Kroos, Gotze etc.. All had a better WC than Robben IMO.
  12. Seen a couple in the flesh and quite like them, I guess if I was a billionaire with a big garage I'd throw one into the collection, not sure I'd have one as my one and only toy/daily though* * As though I'm ever likely to have the dilemma.
  13. Matt J


    Probably forgot his steroids, silly