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  1. bigrod

    Steve Earle fab

    Kindest regards Julian 

  2. No one else seems to post here. Sub forum Bloody predictive text bollocks 😠
  3. Don't use any solution with IPA in it to clean a stylus. IPA is a solvent and can dissolve the glue holding the diamond on.
  4. They often don't even see it if they set their search parameters by distance
  5. Records Vinyls is a term used by teenagers who know no better.
  6. Great idea, Whiskey Tube to passive pre-amp (not mine)
  7. It all depends on what presentation you like. I would never consider a Whest in any system.I would own. The Allnic 1500 is excellent but the best value for money in that class is the Aurosound Vida, absolutely stunning phono stage. But then I think LCR is the way to go.
  8. It is a waste of time and money worrying about cables. If your life is that screwed spend the money on counseling.
  9. Tel

    Best Record Labels ?

    MSFL Music on Vinyl
  10. I use dBpoweramp to rip all my CDs and it defaults to FLAC 5. In all the tutorials I have read and forum threads about the best settings to use no one has ever mentioned changing this (and I never have).
  11. Flac is just the same as zipping a data file. It takes up less space, but when you open it everything is there. Sound quality wise there is no difference between a full fat file and and Flac. I have a 3TB drive which is 80% full of Flac files I hate to think what that would be in WAV or other similar full fat formats Do not get confused with what Flac is and what compressed files like MP3 are. The word compressed has two different meanings in that sense.
  12. You won't be missing out on anything. Unless the entire system is balanced or the cable runs are far beyond anything normally used in a domestic situation there is no benefit.
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