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  1. Thanks Carl. Bit of background on the change: My main listening room is a bit of an awkward one which is the main factor. I live in a ground floor flat with a basement conversion so the main rig lives downstairs so I don't have to worry about sound transmission to upstairs. The room has a bay at the back and a door in the front right corner. Big fish eye view of an old layout below. The room is about 4m across by 6m down into the bay behind the listening position. Due to the door it isn't possible to pull the speakers out into the room and due to the door and bay getting sufficient bass traps in is difficult without making the room look ridiculous. The PMCs had to sit with about 20-25cm behind them and the lower boxing-in part which gave about 40cm to the front wall which led to upper bass/mid suckout which I wasn’t able to fix with expensive rectangles of foam. DSP was used to flatten out the lower bass response. Having said that it did sound fantastic but it always sat there in my mind that the PMCs needed more space to do their best. Due to the suckout certain recordings which have most of their bass energy higher up would end up sounding really bright but stuff with more lower down basslines would sound well balanced. The D&Ds are designed to sit right up against the wall so they're currently sat with the stands flush up the boxing in which leaves the rear about 20cm from the front wall, cardiod response has solved the midbass/mid suckout and given a pretty even flat response which only needed a small bit of dsp to knock a couple of modes down. The presentation of the D&Ds vs PMCs is pretty different with the D&Ds being more laid back and more forgiving. PMCs in the right setting and adjusting for personal taste are much better speakers IMO but they are much more room dependant. I've got the PMC/Bryston setup in my living room which means I can get >50cm behind them firing across the room and they sound superb. Not sure my upstairs neighbours would agree! Just to steer this slightly back and not derail my own for sale thread. The bryston brought the PMCs to life. I had bel canto ref1000 monos powering them before as a stop gap and the bryston brought huge improvements over that pairing across the whole spectrum. Neutral, natural etc with bass to die for. Never made it past warm in use so I suspect it will be fine in an enclosed rack with space above unless it’s going to be used in a setup where its full power is required.
  2. Agree with mr beds. Anything that is 75ohm impedance will do the job perfectly. Even if not on a short run your probably losing nothing.
  3. Next up in the main system clear out is this reference level pre-amp from bryston. Comes complete with the MPS-2 power supply and BR-2 remote. I bought this used from Unilet in 2018, invoice will be supplied also. These particular ones were built in 2012. Original boxes, packaging and power connection lead included. In very good condition with no marks that I can find. Current RRP on these is £6,600 with the power supply and remote so save a load at £2500 + delivery. Collection/demo in Sheffield welcome when rules allow. 2 Balanced XLR inputs 5 Single ended RCA inputs Fully discrete Class A analog circuitry XLR and RCA Output Tape Loop Steel cabinet shielding to reduce EMI Gold plated switch, contacts, and connectors Outboard MPS-2 SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 17” (or 19”) x 2.25” x 11” 43.18cm x 5.7cm x 28cm Weight: 12.4 lb. (5.62Kg) Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- .05dB THD: <0.0015% at 3 volts out Noise -100dB (Ref. 500mV RCA 20-20kHz) -103dB (Ref. 1 volt XLR 20-20kHz) Reviews: Soundstage Review complete with destruction testing of the remote by running it over. Technical Review and Measurement Absolute Sound What Caravan? - I've seen mention in other reviews that the BP-26 is their reference pre-amplifier.
  4. Next up for grabs as part of the main system replacement with Dutch & Dutch 8Cs in is this truly awesome Bryston 14BSST. Never thought this would be up for sale but I can't justify having the amount of money tied up in a second system that I currently sit with. It was used to power my PMC fact 12s which will also be up for sale soon. In this job it barely broke a sweat. There is a small scratch on the top plate and a few marks on bottom the front plate that are visible up close but not from any distance. This was a 120V version which was converted by PMC (Bryston's distributor in the UK). The invoice for this along with the original sale invoice from 2006 will be provided. As such it should still have 5 years left on the Bryston transferable warranty. As mentioned in the previous for sale thread the serial of this is after the improved output stage was implemented. I bought this here on the wam for £2500 and would like to offer it back at that - original for sale thread below. Collection/demo in Sheffield possible when allowed. Postage on top of asking and likely to be around £150 due to the weight, in excess of this I'll cover the difference. Original box, packing, power lead and manual provided. This is a hell of a lot of amplifier for the money and will power just about anything wonderfully. Specs: · Power output: 600w per channel into 8 ohms and 900w per channel into 4 ohms · Gain select and sensitivity: 29db – 2.5vin= 600W @ 8 ohms (unbalanced); 29db – 2.5vin= 600W @ 8 ohms (Balanced +6db position); and 23db – 2.5vin= 600W @ 8 ohms (Balanced reg position) · Input impedance: 50k single ended and 20k balanced · Distortion IM or THD+noise: <0.005% 20hz to 20khz at 600 watts into 8 ohms ; <0.007% 20Hz to 20Khz at 900w into 4 ohms; · Noise (measured with input shorted – 20 Hz to 20 kHz): >110db below rated output 29db gain (-75dBu); >113db below rated output 23db gain (-78dBu); · Slew rate >60 volts per microsecond; · Power bandwidth <1 Hz to over 100 kHz) · Damping factor: >300 at 20Hz, ref. 8 ohms · Dimensions (19” w/ handles): 48.3cm (w), 17.8cm (h), 49 cm (d) · Weight: approx. 36.4kg Not sure why the top looks like this in this photo - it's black in real life!
  5. Having completely failed at my last clear-out and ending up with more gear instead this is back up for sale along with a lot more gear to be listed soon. It drives my Art Deco 8s plenty well but I guess I'm more of a solid state guy as it lacks the boom tiss factor for me, or to use more audiophile lingo the sound is a bit too warm for my liking. 2x15W stated output and makes a truly fantastic headphone amplifier. It's in very good condition bar the few small dings shown in the pictures below. I've previously had this listed stating it's a 120V, never occurred to me it's from japan so it's actually the 100V version. It comes with a 300VA airlink stepdown transformer (amp states 82W power requirement). Comes with enough valves for any tube roller. Having gone back to the GE and original sovteks from the new sovteks it's sounding quite fantastic... - Sovtek EL84 Matched Quad / Sovtek ECC83/12AX7WC (Bought new from Watford valves - less than 100hrs on them) This is as close to the current valves supplied by Leben as I could get. The valves below came with the amp when I bought it so I've no indication of hours or current operational performance other than they sound fine to me and produce sound. I'm also no valve expert so my identifications should be taken with a pinch of salt! - GE JAN-5751 USA - most of writing has come off but to me look like These. My personal faves. Have on occasion detected a bit of crackle during no playback so these might be getting on abit. - Amperex ECC83/12AX7 Holland with the bugle boy logo. - Sovtek EL84 x 4- These are the originals I believe. I think these sound better than the replacement Sovteks I bought. - Baldwin USA EL84/6BQ5 black plate x4 I'm not sure if the box it comes in is the original but fits well and will be double boxed again for added protection. Internal foam etc I doubt are original. Collection from Sheffield would be preferred when/if this is ever allowed but I can ship with valves removed and packaged separately and very securely. £1200 + delivery or I would consider a swap or P/X for solid state integrated/power/monos to go with the decos.
  6. Oh and back to the original post and a shameless plug - yes I have jamsters minidsp OpenDRC-Di for sale which is digital in and out.
  7. I'm running something similar with a direct aes feed into Dutch & Dutch 8cs with the volume controlled digitally at source in JRiver. Super simple setup with the only analogue gain stage inside the speaker. Theoretically digital volume should be superior to analogue. In reality I couldn't tell much difference between the aes digital and an analogue feed from the antelope audio platinum. Using digital it does mean than the dac/pre amp can be replaced with a digital interface or a wholly digital unit like a minidsp. Working well for me and is going to lead to a large box clear out
  8. Hi Dom, I didn't buy the mic from jamster with the unit as I already had a umik-1 which I'm hanging onto. Buyer will need to supply a suitable mic.
  9. Not having any joy with being able to send a PM at the minute. I'll take this if it's still available?
  10. Bump for this audio swiss army knife