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  1. Thanks Turn it up! If this doesn't go my temptation to swap out the event opals for a big pair of ARTs running from this is also building so somebody please buy it to save me from myself.
  2. Sale feel through due to logistical issues. Still looking for a new home.
  3. Thanks for the good words . Definitely well built and even under high load they get to the cooler side of warm. I have a serious offer awaiting payment so hopefully winging their way to a new home soon.
  4. Kudos to them! Maybe we need a forum section devoted to sources of the alcoholic kind. Definitely gets more interest than a pair of excellent speakers around here!
  5. Well bradfield have started a delivery service in these critical times, an essential service in my eyes. 72 bottles for 100quid. Not sure if they deliver out as far as almost Manchester but worth a try!
  6. They are bi-wireable through some decent quality gold posts. Photo with one pint of sheffield's finest beer for scale.
  7. The bag of sugar has definitely widened the sweet spot. The wine improved all aspects of the sound.
  8. I should also mention its a quite small organic banana.
  9. Unfortunately due to the lack of available produce at my local tesco there was no halloumi or carrots. However, attached is a photo with a 1kg bag of sugar, a banana for scale and the last remaining bottle of red in the house. I can add beer bottle pictures when my delivery from bradfield brewery arrives later but they may be blurry, or sideways, or a different pair of speakers by that point.
  10. Yep these are the mk1 versions. Very nice bits of kit and the small size means you can generally hide them near the speaker. Review here http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/eone2/1000.html
  11. Bump and obviously demo/collection not possible currently. Delivery included in asking now. I could think of many worse speakers to be in lockdown with. Few that do soundstage width better than these.
  12. Bump and obviously demo/collection not possible currently. Delivery included.