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  1. Thanks whizzy. I hope so. I took a punt on one on ebay without doing my research so I'm in a fair bit deeper than I thought with getting a replacement cartridge as I didn't realise they used completely bespoke ones . Managed to trade in the broken one for a rebuild bonded elliptical and waiting for that to turn up. Cleaned 40 years of nicotine off it today and it looks fantastic. New veneer going on when I know it's working. Quite nervous. Belloire - pm coming your way.
  2. As per the title I'm looking for a phono stage for under £100. Going to be used with a beogram 1700 I'm bringing back to life. What ya got?
  3. Hi there. No it doesn't support Dirac unfortunately.
  4. Bump £225 delivered. Not being used due to my speakers doing the correction internally so barely used since purchase.
  5. Bump and price drop to £1900 given others up for grabs.
  6. Thanks Carl. Bit of background on the change: My main listening room is a bit of an awkward one which is the main factor. I live in a ground floor flat with a basement conversion so the main rig lives downstairs so I don't have to worry about sound transmission to upstairs. The room has a bay at the back and a door in the front right corner. Big fish eye view of an old layout below. The room is about 4m across by 6m down into the bay behind the listening position. Due to the door it isn't possible to pull the speakers out into the room and due to the door and bay getting sufficient b
  7. Agree with mr beds. Anything that is 75ohm impedance will do the job perfectly. Even if not on a short run your probably losing nothing.
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